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Kick to the face bulletstorm style.

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As long as the lead platform for any future games is the PS3 we're good.

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Crazy is good... nothing wrong with being a little crazy.

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Wait so he doesn't like PSN? What a surprise! haha

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"The one thing that Forza has which previous GTs have been lacking is soul"

Games have souls now? haha ridiculous comments people make these days. The one thing Forza has that GT doesn't is a SOUL. lmao

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to bad I no longer have my copy xD

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damn that sucks.

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I'll put money on it that the PSP + Win M 7 won't sell anywhere near iPhone numbers let alone become the iPhone killer. And I sincerely doubt that Sony would go with Windows for their PSP over say Android.

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The game looks glorious.

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It's a perfectly valid question and more people should be talking about this issue.

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correction... for PS3 users yes, xbox users no. :P

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That's horrible!
"its sales in the previous week, which totalled just 2,060 units."

"However, it is important to put the numbers is perspective. Even with sales north of 17k the Xbox 360 was still unable to outsell the PS3 (19,578), PSP (23,257) and even the struggling Wii (19,115)."

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Those textures look beautiful and the gameplay amazing. Graphics seem to be on par with UC2 and we still have a few months to go can't wait to see what the end result will look like.

link cred to RyuStrife
HD version

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large hands? more like fat hands/fingers. lol

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And EA, Sega wants to start imposing their little tax on the used game market. lol Keep it up guys you're doing great so far.

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Win7 rapes OS X? LOL It's a shitty little carbon copy of OS X genius. Lets be truthful here the only reason why you use Windohs because it's the only thing you can afford.

Can one look stupid as hell? haha So you own an iPod and an iPad and that makes you the authority on Apple? Stupid as hell I believe you said.

IT'S BEEN PROVEN THAT WINDOUS ROCKS OS X! lol Because some black dude on youtube said so? No because it's ...

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So you've never used a Mac, OSX or anything other Apple product other than your iPod yet you can say without a doubt that the rest of their product line is pure garbage? Are you serious? Can you even afford to buy one of their desktops/laptops?

OS X is the most advanced and most secure consumer OS in the world. Their hardware cannot be matched by any other computer hardware company out there. The nonsense that comes out of peoples mouths is just laughable.


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@ Jdoki

From the article.

"As a reminder, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return your undamaged iPhone to any Apple Retail Store or the online Apple Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund."

So what the problem?

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The beta is amazing! Anyone that says different is lying to you.

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That's not going to happen anytime soon. And they give no indication as to why that is even tho every PS3 user wants this feature.

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