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SOAD is a 360 fangirl ignore his posts.

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They don't give a shit??? I think they're confusing MS corporate philosophy with Sony's.

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Serial Killer... only on Xbox.

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I needs my software... quick!

Updates I needs them... QUICK!!

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Has MS ever made a product that wasn't shitty.

I thought people would have learned by now to avoid any product with MS logo on it but I guess not.

Enjoy your Xbox/Kinect. XD

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So no one had a cam on hand to take pics showing all this "awesome demand". More bullshit from MS. FUUU

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the min they start charging for online access is the min I burn/break/fling out the window my COD games.

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360 exclusive that like some kind of oxymoron?

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*points finger at Sony* Witch!

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It doesn't offend me at all and I was joking.

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eewww! whatever gets you off I guess. lol

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how sad that this is a reality for xbox users but you get what you pay for.


Everybody knows that a disc player shouldn't scratch the hell out of your discs.. right?

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pay to play...huh no thanks.

bittorrent + ps3 media server. /problem

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I'm literally angry with rage! lol

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Whoa ...they're really working hard over there. Good job people keep it up!

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Thanks for letting us know what phone you plan to buy don't forget to update us on when you decided to go from briefs to boxers. Thanx.

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So much fun. Glad I bought it. Good job hello games!

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Broke even on day one! Sold 50K in just the first week = 750,000

They don't need no stinking Live to make profit, PSN is all they need.


who said this was a PSN exclusive?

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Will be picking this up along with KZ3, Black Ops, Bulletstorm(reviews first). I have not yet reached my FPS limit so bring it on!

PS3 baby!

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"Goozex provides a unique trading platform for video games and movies. Members trade their products for Goozex Points, and then use their Points to get other products from other Goozex users. Members pay only a $1 transaction fee for each item they receive (in addition to shipping costs)."

Goozex points? I prefer cash thank you very much which is why for right now I'm using Amazon's sellers marketplace.

This app is very different from Gooze...

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