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Not having a good day?

Xbox: Avatar and Harry Potter

PS3: Medal of Honor, MoH Front Line, Crysis 2, Mass Effect 2 w/DLC, KZ3 & jetpacks in MP lol,Mortal Kombat in 3D.

Core gamers your choice is clear.

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Excited about new IP ◉Fap Fap Fap◉

@the only lol

The PS4 isn't slated to come out for another 5 years isn't it?

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So with this this news and all the great exclusive games coming out for the PS3 how many Xbox users are considering the switch to the PS3 or adding it to your setup?


UC1 & 2
Mass Effect
Killzone 2 & 3
Dead space 2 SE
Heavy Rain
Gow 3
The last guardian
demons souls
Socom 4
Time crisis raizing <...

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It's going to bomb hard.

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MS has been on a steady decline for the last past ten years. You can thank Steve Jobs for that. :)

I bleed six colors.

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Oh he's a horrible driver.

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No doubt.

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Kyle Barker is Kratos! XD Never would have guessed it.

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Who the fuck is ICE-T???


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why else? well...

could it be the ease of use of their software?

could it be because it's so much fun to use?

could it be because OSX isn't affected by the billion or so viruses out there like it is for WinDohs... and all the other evil wares.

Inferior? Ha! Apple is on track to becoming the highest valued company in the U.S. pretty good accomplishment for a company with nothing but inferior products don't you thin...

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By the hairs on your balls MS has you. They're going to charge a premium

owner of PS3 w/500GB HD


You're right about that, vote with your wallets people.

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gross dude we didn't need to know what you were doing.

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Game looks good but GOTY good? Well...

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look at how dark the ps3 version is. guess if things are that dark you don't have to worry about textures/colors. fuck that I'm not buying that shit.

360 version looks awful but at least you can see the fucking game unlike PS3.

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"gamers are going to spending their money elsewhere"

Really? Am I? Gee thanks for telling me where I'm going to spend my dough.

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look at all the negative trash coming out against MoH now. So sick of this bullshit.

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