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Submitted an article w/video showing the improvements made since the beta. They've fixed everything that was of issue and that was the point of the beta. It was never meant to be a demo or preview it was a beta.


I'm sick of COD and it's style of gameplay I need a break from that lightweight, commando pro bullshit. I...

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Dupe video mines the real thing.

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No they did not?! That's hilarious.

No Halo Reach's graphics are not better than GT5

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That's what you get for trying to spoil it for yourselves. lol

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there's no spoilers in the article.

*points and laughs* HA-HA

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How does it feel Xbox fanboys? Huh. How does it feel to know that the Bungie devs are a bunch of Apple fanboys? :D And now that they're going multiplat, the Mac will get some of that new IP goodness.

Bungie & Apple together again.

I bleed six colors!

Oh and you're comparing a two games one which was demoed on a Power Mac and the other on console? Not really fair is it.

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Isn't it obvious..he enjoys doing both. lol

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Miura center cap is fucking insane!! I just jizzed all over my keyboard. Dude all these exclusive games coming out for the PS3 are just fucking ridiculous!

If you've bought a PS3 by now then you're missing out!

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I'm gonna hold off and see what friends and the community have to say about it before I buy.

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Here you go.

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Nore revenue for Sony when all those consoles get banned.

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No freeloaders allowed. Support the PS3 or GTFO.

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MP looks amazing and a hell of a lot better than MW2.

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Like gamers will go along with the government. All this is doing is gaining more exposure of MoH. Thanks Liam Fox!

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No they haven't. Shut the f***k up about it already.

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No shit.

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They're in karma hell right now.

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Oh no! You mean I can't use this thing when I go to the beach?

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