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Please by all means enlist into the Army.... run and gun as much as you can so you can get that K/D up as high as possible. Good luck but you won't need it cause you've been playing COD.

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I'm sure it will be absolutely fascinating and have nothing to do with games. I kid, I kid!

The pressure is on MS you better bring it girlfriend! *snap* *snap*

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man I'm going to love rollin' on XTC and watching LBP in 3D on my 47" LED 1080p 3D TV. lol!

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I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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Wow... cross-game chat how exciting! Way to keep focus there Megaman. Yes the PS3 pwns the 360 in hardware ....and also triple A titles. What else matters to a gamer? ...nada


'console exlusives'

PS3 OWNS 360 (Part 1) - Current & Upcoming Exclusive Titles (+ PC & Wii Included!!)

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Why the heck aren't publishers going after their slice of the pie?

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Another game made for little kids even tho it has an 'M' rating.

If they're just video games and couldn't possibly affect an individual in any negative way then why hold back on the gore?

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So they're comparing an almost white landscape with very little shadows, colors, structures to something that's totally the opposite of that. Yeah that seems fucking fair.

Rage's colors are over saturated and textures look exaggerated to produce a more dramatic effect. The better candidate for this little contest would be UC2. And without question UC2 makes Rage look like an indie game.

They're not even the same style of design so why are they...

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Yea they're going for that realism in MoH.

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Kudo looks like a total f'ing douchebag. He's a grown man that dresses like a country hick that new to the big city and doesn't know how to dress or act. Grow the fuck up already.

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That's the kind of talk a gamer wants to hear Sony! Forget about the competition and just work on new titles and bring us the best gameplay possible and you'll earn our loyalty and respect.

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His name is Kudo? lol

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Look at this footage and you tell me if it's tasteless. I'm feeling the hype building for this game!


How is that applicable in MoH case? You have one group working specifically on SP and another working on MP.

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"Sony has revealed that it's thinking about implementing it too, for its first-party titles."

Did you even understand the article Stevey? Not for every game but only for their first-party titles.


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Exactlly. They just want to bitch at Sony, nothing more.

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Who here didn't see the ending of Halo Reach(ing)? Yeah...

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Well when they're charging you for online access it's kind of hard to justify any additional new fees.

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Game looks really nice will check it out.

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No open betas are good it's just the average gamer is a fucking moron. I'm a lazy moron ...huge difference. lol

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