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and this is the conclusion I came to

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I love how you have to pay to watch to watch ads....are you fucking kidding me Hulu

uTorrent + PS3 Media Server FTWIN

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PS3 Media Server + uTorrent.

2011 for xbox...lol

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Short answer "yes"

Remove your quotations please, thank you.

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They resolved the freezing issue with the latest patch. What part of beta don't you understand? Its going to have issues.

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"At least you didn't write "Best Game EVAR!! lOLOLlol" like so many idiots are wont to do.
--> -___-;; <---- "


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my autistic friend just bought a million...no, no a billion xboxsese!

the xbox is on it's last legs. it just got wifi, harddrive, HDMI but still doesn't have blu-ray. pfft!

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Seriously tho the focus here should be the games and not some stupid wireless card.

I thought Blu-ray, HDMI and 3D games would have been enough but I guess not... xbox users you can't seriously buy into this shite!

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MW1 are you fucking kidding me? Dude stop trolling.

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I hated the controls of BFBC2 and in MoH the controls felt somewhat similar. Then I discovered the sensitivity settings, MoH now feels responsive and quick on it's feet.

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Best day evar!

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How is this different from MW2 & MS?

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Downloading as we speak! :D Time to kicks some ass!

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Amazing the amount of detail in there. Can't wait.

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That kind of reaction is common when people checkout PS3 games for the first time. The Verizon dude just came over to do some repairs and I was playing some UC2 on my brand new LED 1080p 47" tv and the first words out of his mouth were "holy shit!"


Nothing special just a typical day for a PS3 user.

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Because LCD emit light, dimming is less of a problem.

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OMG only available on PS3. :P

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Will PSP2 get users to stop using their phones? No? So then people will continue to buy apps/games for the iPhone.

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what a f**king b*tch.

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