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Sorry it's not the two man tag team gameplay you're used to playing.

Halo's gameplay is good I agree and it should be considering they've been working on the same gameplay for over ten years now. If you look at any Halo MP video it's the same crap over and over again.

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Careful I got a waring about possible phishing site.

videos don't show shit and are really short.

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You seem a bit ok good buddy? Any time you want to talk and or just vent your frustrations you feel free to send me a PM and I'll let you cry on my virtual shoulder.

The other thread got trolled and people weren't able to see my awesome comment.

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"pay $50/year for the best online gaming experience on a console (proven by the statistics made publicly available), $60 won't be any worse for you."

Man you're a fanboy. I don't know about you but I didn't get my PS3 for PSN or PSN+ I got it for the games. Games remember what those are right?

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Oh snap Patrick just clowned Live users. muahahaha

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Just keeps getting better and better for us PS3 fans doesn't it.

Xbox 360: No new games just new fees.

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2458d ago you're really bad at this trolling thing.

reported for trolling.

Thank you to all the trolls for telling us all just how much this awesome game is fucking with you. lol

Envy... isn't it terrific.

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The more people talk about it the more free press MoH will get.

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Well since I've always planned on getting MoH this reverse phycology bullshit isn't working on me but thanks for trying.

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Our help? Go fuck yourselves you thieving bastards.

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final Cole He looks like a pedophile. lol

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This video

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Higher quality version. Day 1 for buy.

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You make me ashamed to be Colombian.

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Thanks for the link.

@OT This game looks dope! Will hold me over until MoH COD:BO

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Change that to "Trading Microsoft Points For Pictures of Teen Girls" and now you've got something. lol

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It's a new move game where you have to rock in a rocking chair and knit all at the same time. The graphics/textures of this game will blow away anything on any console including the PeeCee.

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"Got some extremely sneaky knife attacks (or an axe if you’re a member of the enemy team)."

Oh shit!

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