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yea it's a shame that a 3rd of their conference was leaked already and then throw in the most likely Gears/Halo/Forza, you already have 2/3rd conference gone. They really needed something amazing to show outside of those and they didn't

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Geez, 250 wins in a row is Crazy.

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Already have 180k fight money from story mode and a few survival completed. I'm ready to start spending some fight money

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Yea when it launched, late last night, it was pretty bad but now I've been able to complete all the character stories with no problem. So kudos to them for improving

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shame, the game is very janky

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eh, I thought the story was meh

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lol, I saw that controller at gamestop for $25 new. I was thinking about picking it up

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I really wish they would make Mario RPG 2.

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Sadly it did, it was Dragons Song and it was awful. But I agree that it should receive another game for the current gen.

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They'll probably reassess and go heavy on Mobile

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well if Siliconera and Bogard is to believe, and so far has been accurate so far, then the rest of the characters are:

New Character - Laura
New Character - Zen

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Only EU beta so far. NA, ASIA, and global beta dates coming later.

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Finally, they should've announced what console port from the beginning.

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- Spring 2016 FFXV
- Fall/Winter 2016 KH3
- 2017 FF7 for 20th anniversary

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Every Kickstarter project does this. It get's most of the funding from the beginning and towards the end of the campaign.

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for me it was Sony >> MS >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>> Nintendo

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Adam Boyes talks about Shenmue 3 with Giantbomb and offers a little insight on how Sony is involved.

They start talking about it around the 51:20 min mark

If I had to guess, I say that Sony is marketing and the muscle behind the development but Yu Suzuki is the publisher. So whatever goals kickstarter hits, that is what will be in the game. Sony h...

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I believe the first beta is from July 23-28. And I'm sure they'll be more than one

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Amazing art but Yea, I can't get into boss rush only games. Same reason why I couldn't into Titan Souls

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4 player split screen co-op plz

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