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It wouldn't make logical sense for EA to limit a franchise with fans across multi platforms to one machine

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I like how MS are doing a live conference along with fan events

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4A games are masters when it comes to building quality software under issues

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It's because publishers are trying to build hype and give people a reason to upgrade..E3 and other gaming events wouldn't have much to offer the public without any kind of early reveals of software that's coming to PS4/XB1/Wii U/PC.

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I hope they fix the technical issues of the games before releasing them on current consoles

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The console will face droughts because of the lack of 3rd party support or in the case of the person owning multi machines

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Wii U is a solid console for fans of Nintendo first party software..

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MS needs to fund the development of software instead of paying for the title to be exclusive to Xbox One for a couple months.

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I doubt the rumored 3rd party exclusive exist..It's a waste of time in my opinion for companies to throw cash at timed software deals.

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NBA 2K14 is the prime example of everything wrong with VC/Micro..I'm not surprised that [Strauss Zelnick] supports a greedy & wrong practice that brings in more profit for his company.

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It's time for people to upgrade from 2gb GPUs

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I really doubt those are the exclusives that MS have planned for E3

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AMD needs to stop taking shortcuts and start being focused on better driver support instead of pointing fingers at Nvidia

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The program is dangerous because it gives Nintendo full control over the content that's being released..I'm against companies taking cuts from user created videos which are just promotion.

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How do Battlefield players feel about the franchise being spun off into different titles?

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The consoles will continue to co exist like they have been for all these years

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Rod needs to make sure Gears for Xbox One takes place in a brand new universe because the original trilogy wraps up the story of Fenix and the locust

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There are plenty of 3rd party titles on both consoles that will keep owners happy until exclusives are announced..I buy most of my 3rd party software on PC while consoles are used for exclusives but that's not the case for the majority of console owners..I'm happy that all 3 brands will offer some strong competition for the customers dollar.

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I could have sworn everyone on the net already knew about the huge possibility of GTA V coming to current gen/PC

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I don't think certain people care about the story and gameplay when it comes to Watch Dogs since all of that is overlooked in favor of graphics talk

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