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Nintendo should offer more variety in terms of software but that is doubtful with the current leadership..I'm sure fans of Ninty software will be happy with the E3 announcements.

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I hope his health gets better soon

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It's rare to find real journalist in this age of fighting over clicks/web traffic

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EA were full of shit when they ported over the 360/PS3 version to PC last year

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EA needs to fix many of the faults on gameplay&presentation along with making the career mode actually fun to play..It seems like majority of fans only care about UT now days and everything else is just an after thought.

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Why not?you could hook your rig up to the TV and use Microsoft & Sony controllers.

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It's time for people to realize just because deals are signed for software to be exclusive on console that doesn't mean the title can't release on PC

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That doesn't rule out a PC version of the title just because MS funded the development on console..

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The Japanese market is more toward on the go gaming now days

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Nvidia are beating AMD to the punch again by having all major publishers support Gameworks

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NFL 2K returning would make me so excited but its very doubtful

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Ubisoft won't have anyone to blame but themselves for bad sales of WD on Wii U

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I would love for huge publishers to take risk and bring us different software in terms of gameplay/art direction/story/characters..Th at won't happen because the majority of customers are happy with sequels along with copy&paste..

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I hope 4A announces one of the new projects at E3 next week

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It's because usb 3.0 drives are way faster

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"Crytek UK's Homefront: The Revolution isn’t a reboot, but it is taking the series in a decidedly different gameplay direction."

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I hope Crytek have hired some decent writers along with developers tha understand the meaning of fun gameplay

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The Order 1886 could be a solid cover shooter for PS4 like Gears of Wars was on 360

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Nvidia were even nice enough to drop down the price on the Gtx 760 4gb models

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Ubisoft are supposed to be working on a patch to fix performance issues

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