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David Jones is also the original creator of GTA

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Well, this official R* trailer says it's multi.

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It's coming to PC and both current gen consoles

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They both were lackluster E3's in terms of content being offered that wasn't already expected.

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It's not exclusive it was just announced at the Sony conference

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It's crazy that Ubisoft a publisher once sold on Wii U are saying this

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EA didn't lose E3 but their conference wasn't that good in my opinion

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I want Madden to offer authentic NFL gameplay because i'm not going to buy the game just because of improved visuals

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I don't wanna hear about numbers at any conference this year instead the focus should be on content

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journalism is broken because many sites only care about being first to break news/site traffic...IGN being one of the biggest sites around have the option to get in direct contact with publishers and etc to confirm info...It's sad when being first becomes more important than reporting 100% facts.

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Intel won't push for 8 cores on the mainstream level until it's really needed..

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I hope posters aren't going to say nasty hurtful things about this woman just because of the lawsuit situation

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Here is what a PC/PS4/X1/Wii U fanboy meeting would look like

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The world of mainstream gaming journalism is going to crap because of everyone trying to be first with news/fishing for hits..What happened to checking out the source before the story is published?

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I like how Phil speaks from the gamer side of things..The dude is pure class even gives respect to his competition.

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I feel it's time for publishers & developers to stop trying to hype up the visuals while on stage..There have been times where certain folks stuck by what was shown on stage and claimed that's how the visuals would look in the final build of the game.

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It's because the BF brand fanbase is huge and EA wants Hardline to be successful

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I just wanna see new quality franchises on stage without all the cheesy mainstream pop garbage

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What about the gameplay though?

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I hope this means that GoG will now offer current titles

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