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Wii U is already cheap plus another price drop would eat into Nintendo profits

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Then people would have complained that MS focused too much on PC games...

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I'm looking forward to the game because its being made by two talented studios

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The dude reminded me of a politician on stage

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I really doubt the 8xx series will be that much cheaper at launch

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What?Respawn aren't loyal to any console brand..

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I gotta give props to Nintendo for that conference

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Did you admire all of that TV & app talk from Microsoft last year?

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Does it bother you that FF14 might come to Xbox One?like you said it's the publishers choice and it seems as though they want to port it over.

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I would have liked for Sony to invest some of that strong first party support along with having exclusives from top 3rd party

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It's bad in my opinion because people spent a lot of money on the Vita just for it to turn into an add on

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I hope its not the same ugly looking & glitch feast game from last year

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These so called insiders are going down real quick

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It's because OGL is just one huge mess that developers are having problems with

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Can the game whole game be played like Origin?because the tactical approach just seems like a little cheap snap feature in DA:I based on released vids.

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The game does look rough in its current state but that could change as development continues

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Microsoft needs to find the right studio to handle the classic franchises like Banjo or even build up Rare with better talent

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That's why fans should head over to the Xbox feedback site and leave a list of software and features they wanna see

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I wasn't impressed by any of the gameplay shown for COD& BF

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NFL 2K being revealed would make me a very happy man

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