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Nvidia are on board with DX12 and won't support Mantle because it's from a rival[AMD]

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Why should Nintendo scrap a machine that fans are enjoying?

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I couldn't back the project because it felt like a scam in my opinion based on the footage/screens

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The tweets from that account don't seem to be legit

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The guy is speaking in the terms of business and what areas bring in the most profit..

Why are people skipping over this part?

"““Xbox isn’t that far from [the core],” Nadella said. “We can do a few more things than the core. But the point is, you’ve got to have a culture to do it.”

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This type of program would need a system in place that protects gamers if the development of the title falls apart

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It's an excuse that's been used by many devs/publishers when speaking on Wii U delays

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I can't really trust a person being paid to promote a product to be 100% truthful

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That is a very arrogant thing for SMS to say

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Namco will complain about low sales and act like the game being delayed had zero impact

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It's going to be the same game with better textures and etc

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Why are people acting like this isn't just business?Sony paid for the timed content just like anyone other brand could have done..I'm expecting MS and Sony to continue buying up timed dlc this whole gen.

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Why are publishers killing their chance of being successful on Wii U?

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Ubisoft killed the sales of Watch Dogs on Wii U soon as they delayed it..Yves will come out and complain about how bad WD sold on Wii U without even questioning his own judgement to release it later on the platform.

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Wii U becoming popular doesn't equal into owners rushing out to buy Ubisoft titles though..These third party companies need to build some type of fan base on the console if they want sales.

Ubi and others have the wrong way of thinking in my opinion...They need to build a fan base instead of being stuck on more Wii U sales equal more of our software selling tons..

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Ubisoft aren't doing themselves any good by delaying Wii U versions of games

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Charla gave an answer on this topic on the 8th

"And remember when Microsoft said that the Xbox One retail console would eventually double as a dev kit? Charla said on this topic, "We have said that anyone will be able to use retail Xbox Ones to develop games. We're not there yet, so we need to send custom dev kits."

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How?it was the journalist fault for running a story without making sure everything was 100% confirmed.

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What makes the Wii U dead?the console still offers software for the fans and its making Nintendo profit.

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I doubt VR will take off on the mainstream market due to price and limited support from huge publishers

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