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Ybarra also plays games on the PC so he will defend the platform which is awesome

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60 bucks for a game that came out in 2012?

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EA continues to expand their monopoly in the football market

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EA expands it's huge monopoly in the football gaming market

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Wii U is a console for the hardcore Nintendo fans and it's dealing with issues due to not having software that would appeal to gamers outside of that crowd

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It was a smart move because the fall is packed with tons of games and Evolve might have been overlooked

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I feel that Cap should have rebuilt the game for current gen hardware instead of giving us a rescale with higher rez and etc

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343 never said anything like that because in the video he claims the statement came from his inside source

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I guess bundles aren't good anymore because they have console brands looking desperate

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There are tons of bundles for each console available/coming

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When was the first price cut?399 isn't a price cut that is just a kinect-less unit.

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It's not just Iwata but the whole Nintendo could use a big shake up

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There aren't any female NFL players

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There are some folks who believe the old battle system was much better while you enjoy the modern one.It's all opinion on what makes a game great in the eyes of the next person.

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All imported goods in China are expensive to the average citizen

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Nordic Games have the Darksider rights

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It's apart of the games being offered as service that many pubs and etc have been talking about

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What about giving people the option to decide for themselves?

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I hope this type of service becomes available on every platform with more publishers on board

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It's bad enough that Ubi games already run like garbage on PC

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