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I'll be alright with the purchase long as the publisher allows Fromsoft to be themselves.

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I doubt Nintendo would allow an american to run the company

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I'm excited for what E3 will offer us gamers

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100% agree,because us gamers benefit from Sony/Nintendo/MS doing battle..The big 3 console brands know they have to offer quality software and features all due to being in competition for the consumers dollar.

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Nintendo should be at E3 and every other event trying to promote Wii U

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I like having the choice of options when buying hardware..Why am i happy that competition exist?because that forces companies to fight hard to earn the consumers dollar..I want Sony/Nintendo/MS to co exist and continue to battle in terms of features & content.

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I won't be surprised if other publishers go down this quick cash grab route..MGS:GZ sets a brand new terrible trend for the whole gaming industry in my opinion.

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Konami wanted to make some quick cash asap

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It's good that workers at rival brands aren't blind by loyalty and are willing to buy other machines

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Are you the same Mantis who creates Dark Souls videos on YT?i also enjoy your videos.

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I'm a big fan of this content creators Dark Souls videos on YT

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PS4 would be the best choice due to having better support in terms of software

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I hope MS uses some of that profit to build up the Xbox brand in terms of software

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Nintendo doesn't offer enough variety for my taste..

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That's awesome for developers who are apart of the [email protected] program

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The Wii U isn't the best option for me since i'm not really a fan of the software that's being released

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It's hard for me to even get excited after Resident Evil 6

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Nintendo doesn't have the online features/ software lineup to appeal to the "modern gamer" like a PS4/X1 would.

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MS needs to cut the price of the console because $500 is just too expensive for many folks..

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I 100% understand that entertainers don't want to sign themselves away for cheap...

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