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UT2k4 being ported to the new engine with mod support would be solid

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There isn't an audience for COD on Wii U

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It's going to be a new version of Wii U

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I'm holding back my excitement until actual gameplay is released

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I wouldn't buy any of the overpriced hardware that Alienware offers

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That is most likely an announcement saved for E3

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This rumour is hard to believe based on the leaked image along with no mention of the game being available on last gen hardware

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That would be really expensive for MS to pay publishers for the right of 360 owners to download and keep the game...That's why GwG on X1 needs to be like PS+ with rentals of new software every month.

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I'm not really a fan of Mass Effect 2&3 due to gameplay changes and story issues

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I hope Nintendo will learn from all these mistakes and come back stronger on the next release of consoles

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I doubt people will care about the game not being 1080/60fps if DC turns out to be a solid racer

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I hope the pre load option is available for every release going forward..I'll go 100% digital on current gen consoles.

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Nintendo fans have nothing to worry about since they will still be able to play games like Mario and etc regardless of Wii U sales..It's Nintendo themselves who have to sit back and figure out a new strategy to be successful in the home console market..

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I feel like Nintendo doesn't want to compete with Sony and MS at E3..

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Watch Dogs just needs to be a quality title of its own

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Nintendo have just gave E3 to Sony and Microsoft again

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I'm not expecting any real changes in terms of gameplay and animations

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Nintendo needs to fix their home console market before they even think about trying to expand elsewhere

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I don't expect everyone to be blown away or fall in love with Destiny..We all have to remember each gamer taste is different from what you may deem as quality.

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MS would be smart to include this into the Xbl Gold membership without any extra fee

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