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It's important for developers to own the world and characters they create

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I'm excited because of how the game will be built

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Wii U not being sold at any lost makes it easier for Nintendo to ride out this gen..Nintendo already knows Wii U won't break any records when it comes to units sold but at least the company won't be bleeding.

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I 100% agree with UT being built by Epic and the community

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Konami is just a shell of what they used to be

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I hope this gen of consoles doesn't become the HD remake era

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I don't believe much of the rumored E3 content to be 100% legit

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Destiny could be the biggest new franchise long as Bungie delivers on their end..There is a lot of pressure on Bungie due to Destiny being the studios first brand new world outside of Halo.

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I'm focused on Project Beast being revealed

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Xbox one needs a price drop to 399 with the Kinect

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Destiny is built with an online focus and that's how it should stay in my opinion..Bungie needs to stick to their original vision of building a huge online community and universe that offers solo or co op play all connected in one world.

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Sony only option is to open up the check book

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only 6 million Wii U units sold?that's not really good for a console that launched with no competition plus a year head start.

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Nintendo better start making some major changes

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Call of Duty is still popular with the average gamer outside of N4G and other forums

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I 100% agree with the choice of KD

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Nordic Games are the ones who bought Darksiders from THQ..It's very doubtful to expect an announcement on that franchise from Deep Silver.

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I hope 4A reveals something new along side Metro:Redux

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"We’re also planning a number of fan-centric events both before and after Xbox: Game On for those fans that are in LA and for those who are watching around the world. "

That's a smart way to do things have a live E3 conference along with planned fan events

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Do you have a link to that article?

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