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Bethesda needs to close ID since all of the original talent have left the studio

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I believe R* could do some great things with the screen on the gamepad

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Nintendo should be trying to approach R* about supporting their platforms

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I really 2K finds some way to get back the NFL license or even build up a team to make a boxing game

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I'm worried because the game comes out next month and still no actual gameplay

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Those plans were put in place by Mattrick who is no longer apart of the company..He tried to sell the public a product without options and now Phil the new guy in charge is dealing with fixing all the wrongs.

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The casual crowd have moved on and it's doubtful that major studios were going to do anything serious with Kinect

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Kinect wasn't going to become the future of gaming because now people are hyped about VR and soon enough another piece of hardware will take away the VR hype

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It was smart for them to remove Kinect and have it being optional..I thought they would keep it in the box and just drop the price but that would be too much bleeding for the company...$499 the price wasn't affordable for many people and MS had to cut back on that price by anymeans.

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Does every game need to be native 1080p/60fps to be enjoyable?i have seen many people upset over low rez and frames but why aren't more worried about if the game will actually be fun in terms of gameplay and story.

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It's good because it allows for the console to be bought for 100 dollars less.

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So you think MS should have just sat back and took that beating from PS4 every month? the price drop needed to happen to help save the X1 from terrible sales worldwide.

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It might have been too much bleeding for MS to drop the price of the console and keep Kinect in the box..

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This was a very smart move by Phil and MS.

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Phil seems to be going back on everything that Mattrick set in place that made certain gamers upset

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Nintendo needs to offer more variety when it comes to software along with with an online network that's on the same level as psn and xbl

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^^^"I have to thank Microsoft, without them I don't know if this game would have happened. I'd rather this be out there as an Xbox exclusive for people to enjoy than not at all."

This is the perfect attitude that gamers should have instead of being jelly and wanting software that's exclusive to other machines to fail

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I'm happy that the co creators of S.T.A.L.K.E.R are having the much deserved success

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MS shouldn't enter the traditional handheld market in my opinion..They should just stick with releasing smart phones and tablets that are strong enough to play video games..Nintendo are the only ones who could be successful in the traditional handheld market because they have the right brand of first party titles.

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"D4 was announced for Xbox One and at E3 it was demoed with Kinect controls. Siliconera met with Swery65 at Tokyo Game Show and he said while he designed D4 with Kinect in mind he realizes some people are unable to use it in their house or are shy, so he also added a controller option"