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I believe MS shouldn't be the only company within the gaming industry trying to reach out with E3 passes..I hope many others step up and contact NeoGaf about some free passes.

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That's crazy because NeoGaf were allowed to attend E3 many times before

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It's journalist fault for taking every piece of so called leaked info and creating an article..

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The people inside of the company are the ones to blame for leaked info being released

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I'm going to give my impressions from the video

the game speed seems to be too fast

punches/kicks seem not to do any real damage because the fighter just walks through them

dislike the animations

the commentary sounds dull

the exchanges look very unrealistic

EA UFC seems to lean more towards being an arcade MMA fighter instead of sim

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All i want to see is gaming related announcements without any special entertainers

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MS needs to build up Rare by hiring new talent instead of keeping the same Kinect focused group around

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Nintendo needs to remain in the console market because the company offers things that are different compared to Sony and MS..I'm all in favor of competition between the 3 console brands and would hate to wake up one day and have one brand rule in some type of monopoly.

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It's all on par with the performance battle from last gen that Lens of Truth/DF played a huge role in.

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Direct X has been the standard for developers for the longest and i doubt OGL will change that

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Why aren't there more article asking the question about if WD will be fun in terms of gameplay and story?a pretty looking game means nothing if the game is lackluster everywhere else.

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"All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27"

I wonder why reviews are held back until launch day?

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The list is fake but it's full of titles that are already expected to be at E3

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It's most likely going to be GTA V

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I want the big 3 to come out with loaded guns @ E3 because we all benefit from competition

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I hope HD remakes won't become the norm for current gen machines

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They have to promote the heck out of Watch Dogs and make sure it's very successful

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Nintendo just needs to produce a nice variety of fresh software and fix their online network

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The original Crysis is the only quality title from Crytek in my opinion

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Phil didn't have full control because he had to follow the orders of Mattrick and his vision for Xbox

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