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Both are great but I am sticking with XBOX ONE

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Calling the woman from Game of Thrones a Mutt. really. sexist jerk

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I hope there is another one made. AMAZING game

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Alan Wake was pretty scary too.. I was on edge the whole time

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I am just excited for ME3 experience.

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I completely agree. I have been wondering about Jade Empire 2 since 2008. I thought IGN confirmed then that Bioware working on Jade Empire 2. Here's the link

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Mass Effect 2 would be my vote as well. Though there were a lot of great games

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It does take balance in life. Games like many other things offer many the ability to escape from reality and sometimes real problems. I am glad whatever was going on with this person, he was able find other ways to cope and strengthen his real world relationships

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I agree. It was a good game especially for a launch title. It is 5 years but back then, alot of people were impressed with it technically and graphically

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I completely agree

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Sweet, but feel kinda bad for the players whose names getting used anyway and they not getting paid

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I loved that game. It is one of my favorite games this generation. I agree with you about the women's clothes, but I have that complain about most games.

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Mass effect is definitely game of the year IMO. Red Dead was incredible, relied on too many racial and gender stereotypes. I mean in Mexico it was ridiculous. The level of sophistication of the relationship, the conversation and the fact it is the first to fully integrate past actions from a previous game put it on another level.

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I agree. I have enjoyed Fable 1 and 2. Fable 3 should be much of the same. I am also looking forward to Fallout : New Vegas.

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If Hulu offers most tv shows, then I am ditching cable. Between HUlu and Netflix I actually would have most shows and movies I watch covered

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Its getting better and better.

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This looks good. I ready to see what it can for myself.

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I don't see how the direction of the game is affected by whether its multiplatform. If you didn't like FFXIII (which I did). Blame the developer design decisions not a console. I doubt that this game would be liked better if its exclusive or not, if the game isn't good.

I will say that there have been differences in multiplatform console versions b4 Like better graphic, lighting, etc. So adding a 360 version would not make it worse.

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I agree wholeheartedly with you. It is an excellent game.

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I also would like to say that with most systems and tech, it takes a while before the best software is released on any system. It is also common that many of the flaws and bugs are discovered and fixed until after wide scale release.I am not surprised most of the games looked basic, I kinda of expected that.

I will say I think it does at least approach MS goal of turning the 360 into an entertainment hub and there is massive potential. the Kineanimals game showed the basic th...

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