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After playing an hour of the beta on the PS4, I have to say it looks absolutely stunning. Yes there are drops but not to the extent of it hindering the gameplay. The sound effects, animations and music are amazingly done. DICE did a pretty good job.

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Sites like Gamespot and Polygon have lost their credibility long ago. The user reviews on Metacritic and even Steam are extremely positive. That being said it is a fantastic game and holds it's own perfectly well.

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Then I'm sorry to say you've been playing MGS wrong.

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I definitely disagree with this guy. I bought both MGS and Mad Max and they're so different. When I get bored of sneaking around I blow shit up in Mad Max and it's refreshing. It is a pretty great game and it'll keep me occupied for quite some time.

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Well I sure hope they release fixes quick. The game itself is so much fun such a shame it turned out like this. Also the download was 35GB not 55 which is odd because the requirements stated for ultra said 55GB before launch.

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On consoles this game deserves it. It has almost everything a Batman fan could want. PC is a completely different story.

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This is a pretty decent patch I'm sure there'll be bigger patches in the future. But with the addition of AO and the rain effects, the PC version is almost on par with the PS4 version. Also the re-downloading the game when verifying happened to me, I'm glad they fixed that.

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Understatement. It looks fantastic. I hope all those delays were worth it.

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Osama stop trolling. Geez.

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Eh Titanfall wasn't as great as everyone thought it would be. Fun for a short time after that there isn't anything that makes me really want to play again.

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Apart from the obvious ones, I really hope they reveal a new Splinter Cell. It's been a while.

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Great another article comparing two completely different games. Both of them cater to different people too, but as much as I love Witcher 3, Rocksteady are going to hit out of the park with this one.

Also either way us gamers win, getting these brilliant games in a single year.

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Like you said it's M rated and there's reason for that. Apart from the nudity, this game has plenty of gore so I'm pretty sure that isn't okay too right? Also the past Witcher games have always had adult content, this shouldn't be too surprising.

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Why is it sad? Plenty of movies have sex scenes and people watch them. Are movies a taboo now?

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Yep now it's getting ridiculous.

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Not really. For people like me who owned a 360 last gen and lost out on this, I will buy it Day 1 for sure.

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Do people still give a shit if a game gets GOTY?

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Other companies should really step up their game. This is how to do a great PC port. Especially a certain a company starting with the letter U.

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Is UFC for PS4 worth it at that price?

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