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I just kept retrying the PSN site from my PC redeemed after a couple of tries. Then on the PS4 tried opening the store and after another few tries got in. People should try this better than retyping the code on the PS4 I feel. #13
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Yeah and Infamous Second Son did it brilliantly. More games should have it. #1.3
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Well this sucks. I was hoping that this wouldn't be the case with the remastered version too for some reason. I'd buy it through the US store but I'm sure the download size will be massive. #15
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I don't get how this is a bad deal. I've heard only great things about it plus it has all the DLC included and the obvious bump in resolution and FPS. Also this looks like it was aimed towards the people who didn't own a 360. If you're patient then get after a price drop. It's simple really. #14
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On consoles I don't expect it. Plus these consoles can't do that so that's where the PC comes into play for multiplat titles. Exclusives from Sony have always been excellent irrespective of resolution and fps. #11.3
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You mean Activision. Unfortunately the part about raping us with useless DLC will be happening. #6.3
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This is so annoying. Announcing a DLC way before the actual game is released. We don't even have a confirmed release date yet! #5
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Well maybe a little. I just hope the gameplay will make the wait worth it. Recent articles previewing it made it sound pretty average. Really hope they're wrong. #11
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Said nobody. Ever. #1.8
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This year end looks pretty interesting though but I really hoped that Arkham Knight would release this year. That's a huge disappointment. The Last of Us should keep me busy during the summer I hope, since I haven't played it. #5
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This patch made it even worse on my PC. I'm not lying about this by the way. #11
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He didn't start a fight he just claimed that the console versions will be apparently equivalent to the PC version on high ultra setting. The frostbite dev had no reason to comment on this claim did he? When a "completed" game like BF4 launched with more bugs than an alpha version of Bungie's Destiny it's just sad. This doesn't mean I'm defending Ubisoft in any way because this claim is highly disappointing to PC owners. That's a completely different issue tho... #16.1.1
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Wow this guy has some nerve trash talking like this. I was really hyped for BF4 and when it launched it had SO many damn bugs pretty damn frustrating. He should concentrate on his games then proceed to give his opinions on other games. #16
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Nope it wasn't. But hey that's your opinion. #5.1
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Second Son's visuals really did blow my mind. But that's about it. The gameplay was fun but the city itself felt so dull after completing the story. Watch Dogs on the other hand obviously does not have that visual fidelity but it has way more re-playability and longevity. #27
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This isn't really mocking. Also now they I reminded me there wasn't a GoT episode this week :( #8
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Two main things are the textures and the lighting that made the E3 2012 version stand out. The final game looks probably 60% of the demo which is definitely a bit disappointing. #19
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Wow a lot of exciting things on May 27. Watch Dogs, a new episode of Wolf Among Us and this. More news is always welcome. #18
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This game is THE reason I bought a PS4. I don't care about everyone bitching about resolutions and framrate on different consoles, in the end the game should be fun. Which is what ND do brilliantly. Can't wait! #22
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Okay 10 different trailers is a bit exaggerated. But there are people who want to know more about it so more trailers aren't too bad. The downgrade we shall see when see actual PC footage on ultra then compare it to E3 2012 because obviously that was demoed on a PC. Obviously even the next gen consoles won't even compare to a high end PC. The only thing I'm hoping is it's well optimized for PC though. #10.1
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