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you had to pay that mother fer! #5.1
55% in 8 years. only another 7 1/2 years left! #7
Arkham City? lol #31
thats only about 2 more years! yay #9
those polygon babes bro! super hot.

MGS has always 'sexified' their female characters but never to this extent or overly exaggerated. She is basically walking around like shes ready for playboy photo shoot. It's stupid, pointless, and doesn't fit the theme. #5.3.1
her design is so out of place. im gonna guess she is not really a she. probably a reason why she can't talk because 'it' would probably sound like a dude. #5
they also had the evil within as that name. i think its called psychobreak or something in japan #4
MP is overused anyway #10
2k football :( #1
might be in my top 20 #1.6
It's time for Animaniacs? #4
Not my favorite. Plenty of good games but a lot of BS too. Gen 7 would probably be ranked towards the bottom if I made a list. #21
Red Dead Revenge! #10
a poor mans trevor #1.6
i thought it was A B C D E F G #1.1.4
lol ouch. i dont know why they bothered. the 360 failed, and im sure this will too. #2.2.2
ah thanks. #2.1.1
If there was a game to get a remastered version it's RDR and not GTAV #12
Looks fun #1
I didn't know XB1 even released in Japan lol #2
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