I want the old N4G back.
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I bet that is a shot at Konami. MSGV was a colossal disappointment and unfinished

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Still a lot of missing features, stats dont work, survival is still a waste of time, everything in the shop is over priced, rage quitters still aren't punished and overall inconsistencies with online connectivity.

It's getting better, slowly but not where it should be.

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Uncharted 3 wasn't great either and she was behind it. I don't think that's quite it.

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Wave Race 64. Best water evarrr

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SoT was awesome. Who says turn based combat is dead?

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ME1 reigns supreme

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It's about a girl who likes a boy

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Ancient Egypt is a fascinating civilization. Don't understand why devs dont take advantage it of

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They will surely sell out soon enough

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I feel like sony has been killing it the last few years

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Dumbest thing I'll probably read today. Congrats.

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I don't get the fascination with big maps. Majority of that space is not going to be filled and it'll end up being one big uninteresting space.

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I think this pretty much will confirm a similar option for FFVIIR

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Very lame

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It looks beautiful but i can't help but notice how empty the world is.

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Tomb Raider at it's core was still TR, a platforming third person shooter.
I dont get the GoW4 comment. It was still GoW

Capcom doesn't even know what made Resident Evil anymore. RE4-6 they scaled down horror (progressively) and injected more action. RE7 seems to be doing the opposite by scaling down the action and pumping in the horror. Why is it so hard for Capcom to find a balance between the two? I really don't get comments like "gameplay is st...

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It was so obvious this was COD. The demo was solid all things considered

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first person resident evil....ugh.

i guess i would rather have it go back to its horror roots than be a generic 3ps.
but, if the whole game is to walk around like its outlast or something then this is not resident evil. walking with a flash light is not resident evil

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I asked for this

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