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way overrated. the game is incomplete. #2
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and i was thinking about getting #1
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0 importance #11
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konami can shove it up their dick hole. If there is more to the story then this game is a bigger mess than i had originally thought. #11
I like the ending but there was no substance behind it because everything leading up to it had no importance to the overall plot of the series.

Was the main purpose of the game to throw you this curveball? If so then that is just extremely poor execution. #4
i genuinely have NO idea. i understand different opinions, tastes and whatnot but how this game is getting so many 10's is beyond my comprehension. #3.1
yes a lot of effort was put in but it was still a game that wasn't finished. i can see that this game caused the huge rift between konami and kojima because kojima wanted more time, and konami wasn't having any of it.

its unfortunate because the game suffered mightily #1.1.1
mgs5 story is by far the weakest in the series #3.4
this game has been very underwhelming so far and i'm pretty deep into it. #2
on consoles, i am not impressed with the visuals. a lot of flat textures, weird shadows in the distance, and obvious polygon shapes that are not smoothed out. weren't the visuals better in ground zeros? #3
these fools brings shame upon the video game community #27
Valid Points. I think it would be better to have it than not have it at all and see how it works out. Mics would definitely have to be manditory.

Or at least make an in game search option so you don't have to go through PSN to make a party or send friend invites #1.2.1
Never played Origins but that's how I rank them as well. #2.1
You have to drive it to GCPD....wouldn't call that forced. There is really one mission where you pretty much need it the entire way and that was the Arkham Knights HQ, when you had to bring it underground, then fight his hole digging monster truck...which was definitely the most annoying fight in the game.

The Batmobile was sprinkled in here and there. If you did side missions then it was used more, but I wouldn't call it forced if it's used in side missions. #11.2
Actually it wasn't forced. Only a handful of main missions required you to use it. #11.1
Lazy is such and overused word by gamers who are too lazy themselves to give an in depth opinion. #1.2
interesting #3
another useless feature #10
because Nolan north must be in everything #3
here comes the haters #3
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