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Outside of halo and cod, the rest didn't fit. #25
i dont see why not. he could just reflect on his final days with konami, slap it into a game, and im sure that would garner the same effect. #3
this reminds me too much of KH, right down to the music. #22
psn went down, but wouldn't swallow. #10
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Twilight Princess was a phenomenal game and this HD version seems to be a great improvement. #2
Silent Night.

Every December 25th, Santa kills.

A Hideo Kojima game. #3
Sony: We are terribly sorry. The announcement to reveal the release date has been delayed until next year. #8
Very disappointed in this game. Not story driven like the last game, weird design choices (like completing side quests before you can start a main mission), voice acting is poor while the dialog is very basic, soundtrack is not effective and environments are not memorable.

Gameplay is good. Skells add something new. #2
Socom II is the best multiplayer game EVAR #1
Everyone else should speak. I'm fine with leaving him mute though. #4
Read the parentheses under "overall" #2.1
Indeed. Especially if you're going for a no hit run. #5.1
Might be an unpopular opinion but RE4 isn't that great and was the beginning of the end for RE as we knew it. #5
esports is the dumbest name #8

Depending on the outfit, she IS a half naked 13 year old. I don't know what you're really trying to say.

You aren't sexualizing your child when you go to the beach. That's just normal beach attire. If a kid is in a thong and accentuating their cleavage then that would be sexualizing.

Plus there are plenty of 13 year old that dress skanky in real life and it's equally as disgusting so I don't want to see it in... #1.11.2
In the case of Xenoblade X, I think it's disgusting to have a 13 year old with clothing options that make her barely clothed. I cannot equip her with anything too revealing. It's too gross. #1.11
i'll see my way out. #14.1.1
1,000,000 sales/ 60$ per game= 17,000 copies sold. Meh, pretty poor. #14
They recycle the same plot format. Out in the wilderness, find a "safe" place, "safe" place isn't so safe anymore, back out in the wilderness, rinse and repeat. It also has a lot of boring filler that never adds anything of substance.

And you would think with all the money they're raking in they would up the production but they still have some crappy special effects.

I don't see why this show has a large following (like Call o... #10.1.2
Walking Dead is the Call of Duty of shows. #10
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