I want the old N4G back.
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this game didnt do it for me. it's not bad, but kingdom building is just too tedious. i felt like everything was a step back from story to combat.

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Just cancel it. Save it from the bastardization that will become of it

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both are extremely underwhelming

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Just got to kingdom building so I still have a ways to go, however, I'm not feeling it as much asthe first game. Combat and story was a lot better.

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Hard getting into this. The combat so far is boring and cumbersome. Hopefully it gets better when it gets challenging

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This is breaking news

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Stop making games

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Blue, green, pink. Did he not notice the colors when accessing the weapon wheel? It should open around the character you want but it's not as confusing as he makes it sound.

And the combat system isn't flawed. It is still fun. There are some issues with the enemies programming. After some hits they lay on the ground frozen.

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One of the worst things they did to the game was including rain that affects climbing

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The days when Xbox had good exclusives AND jrpgs

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DS2 was a big step back. Righted again with BB and DS3

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I wish they remastered ME1. It is the best game in the series by far despite its technical flaws both visually and gameplay wise. Some refinement and polish would do wonders for that game.

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just remaster mass effect 1. that's all i want :(

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clams have feelings, too

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my body is reggie

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Darn. I wanted a Mass Effect 1 remaster. You know, the best and deepest game in the series.

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Even a 9 is overrated. 8.5 is reasonable to me. Personally I give it a 7 or 7.5

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Highly overrated

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3m is all?

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