I want the old N4G back.
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Even though this isnt really a big deal, but because it's Nintendo and they seem to do everything half assed and backwards it just goes along with that narrative.

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Nothing will ever replace the traditional way to play a game.

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I bet all those that bought a VR now have dust settled on them. More useless hardware like the Move, Kinect, New 3DS, etc...

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they never take a step forward lol

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That game should've been out on ps4 already. Once sears left I knew the game would have a rough go.

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Such a shame. Sony's flagship online game has been reduced to a distant memory. It deserved better. I have given up all hope that we will get Socom game. It is over folks.

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I did not care foreform X at all

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y u beat me to it

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I knew you could do it

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I don't have Iphone but I played it on my GFs phone and I thought it was really fun. Why the hate? Because its 10$?

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It's very tough going back to play ME1. Mechanically, it just isn't polished and technically, its glitchy. Playing it when it first came out you could over look those faults because games weren't as polished around that time so you didn't really know better.

I wish Bioware would remaster it and touch up the combat because it really is a great game with lots to offer.

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eh. very disappointing game. it improved a lot of the mechanics because ME1 had plenty of issues, but overall gameplay in ME1 was so much better from actually exploring planets, lots of customizable options, and the rpg elements were great. i liked the characters ME2 introduced but ME1 had a much deeper, and engaging story.

i thought ME2 was a step back.

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Ahem me1 ahem

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No Enchanted Arms? I thought that game was great

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this is still going on?

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Sucked in immediately after playing the demo. Highly anticipated now.

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havent really played any games but DS3 was pretty good. much better than 2

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I am very excited about this game

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Turn base is outdated bruh! They need to be like SE and make anything action based


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