I want the old N4G back.
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Nadine wasn't even a villain. She was a worthless character

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Uc3 is weak

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i see potential but it needs a lot of work. i felt my inputs weren;t responsive and the combat feels awkward.

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who the hell?

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why stop there? lets have people fucking while gaming.

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looks like an attention seeker to me and dresses like a tramp. simple math.

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this is news?

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Twilight Princess was delayed multiple times to make way for the Wii and look how that turned out!

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Bloodborne by FAR. Combat I found to be more engaging. DaS3 goes back to the roots but I fell in love with the fast pace of BB. General gameplay was also better and so far more challenging.

Environments are much gorgeous looking as well as the Victorian setting. I prefer it over the fantasy like setting of the previous games.

MP also seems to be better in BB. Messages got rated frequently and I was invaded quite a bit. I do get summoned rather quick in D...

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More often than not the beta is essentially the same game

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what exactly was he apologizing for? and why?

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I fell for this with the New 3DS. It added an extra button and improved the hardware BUT there were no exclusive games really. I traded it in some time later because it wasn't worth it. I'm sure the PS4 1/2 will have that same effect. Is it totally worth it? Probably not going to be....

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I guess it's because it's off topic

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bring back the old n4g.

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This is horrible. Use to be user content friendly but now its completely off the first page. The layout is awful too and very cumbersome.

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A game should NEVER lack so much content whether it's free or not.

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Kojima and Konami royally fuhked up MGSVs swan song. Hayter, you were better off not being apart of it.

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Wait, it's Tee-dis? I always pronounced it Ty-dus. >_>

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RE0-CV were great times.
4 was ok but started the down hill spiral giving birth to the trash like 5, 6 and non canon Operation Raccoon City.

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