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umbasa #12
I think RDR is the best R* game. #9
don't know the last game I played that I gave a reaaaaaaaaaaaally low score. #2
if the only way to obtain a partner (same or opposite) is through virtual reality space then that just so unfortunate and sad. I understand the anxieties behind it all but this is NOT the answer either and will only further enhance those anxiety.

you don't even need to go out and be social anymore to obtain a date or just a basic conversation with a girl. there are plenty of websites that pits you with a ton of other people who have the same exact problem as you. you are... #3.3.1
technically it kinda is #1.1
I get your point but it is really apples and oranges.

If you need Oculus to be given the illusion of being with a girl then that is just disturbing.
That takes entertainment to an extremely creepy, unhealthy and sad place.

Like some of these Japanese games where you can rip off girls clothes and "touch" their melons. Is that really satisfying? #3.1.1
Go out and get a real girl #3
death to smoochie #8
Nfl 2k16 :) #7
Socom 2 hd :( #6
Close. pork chops #1.1.1
Konami. I got two words for ya!........... #1

LA Noire was as generic as they come.
TLoU has a nice pace and character development, but it's plot was very basic at its core. #2.1.2
Turned off by the problems I've read about. No thanks #10
This is pathetic #1.3
This happens all the time. I guess it's time to accept it #8
Not a horror game but mkay #17
I'm making 7k a month selling your bot mother online. It's true! #1.7.1

Movies dont cost $60. #1.8
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