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gun game god damnit! #8
it's been dead. now it is a zombie. #5
big time! #1.1.1
I've died and gone to.....hell #1.22
if this returns to its rpg roots then you can count me in #6
eh. how about adding gun game instead #1
just turn the bightness all the way up on your tv. sheamus and paige unlocked! #1
GTA is long overdue for a North Korean protagonist. #1.14
Dumb idea for a movie anyway #8
As much as i enjoyed 13 i despised 13-2 and skipped 13-3. This trend of rereleasing last gen games is silly to me and the people who buy them are suckers #57
my gf is gorgeous. not gonna lie #7.1.1
Who cares. She's gross #7
You know what. Maybe its a good thing if they don't remake it. Do you trust this moronic company anymore? I don't #10
And that was SE in a nut shell and why they suck #5
They should either decide to make it or decide to stop talking about it. Pick one douche bags #16
I did not see this coming!!! #2
RDR is the best R* game #26
the spinner was dumb #2
How about doing something different instead of copying. #5
already up to a third patch? lol
don't know if that's good or bad #2
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