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Titanfall AI isn't dumb, because it is designed to act like that.

The point is, grunts in Titanfall serves to add to immersion, not to replace a player. It is meant to make the big maps appear more frantic without you getting shot every corner you turn and for new players to feel like they are contributing to the game.

This has been explained extensively by Respawn.

If you want smart AI, then look at For...

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I find it interesting that the same people that is rejoycing for Playstation NOW, is questioning this cloud demonstration!

Let's look at the facts:

a) PS Now requires more downstream bandwidth and is latency sensitive in both upstream and downstream

b) Xbox Live Compute in this demonstration requires minimal downstream bandwidth, and is latency sensitive in both upstream and downstream.

So why is everyone questioning Xbox...

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MSG4 was so homoerotic it was ridiculous. Staring at Snakes @ss all the time make me feel gay.

I have nothing against gay people, and have friends that are, but man I did not enjoy staring at Snakes @ss.

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Yup, what is up with Miranda not even making the list. Can't take this serious!

That said, DAT @SS!!!

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A Sonybot complaining about Xbots. All I have to say is, take a look at the past articles written by the author of this article and it is clear!

The bubble count says it all.

I couldn't agree more with Septic:

"Sony fans on here are bullies. Full stop. They don't love their console of choice, they just love to hate yours. Simple as that. And this mentality kind of works its way all the way to the upper echel...

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It is not just the game, but the target audience. Nintendo aims for young, and the older crowd (i.e. the large screen). The same group of people that do not have or likely know how to use smart phones.

The other groups already has a smart phone, and that occupies most of their time so why spend money carrying another device.

Of course there are some that will do, but as a group we won't!

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As a huge fan of Bruce Lee, I don't know if Bruce Lee would actually join the UFC despite him joining other competitions.

Late in his life, he was a staunch believer in no rules fights i.e. realist. UFC has rules and therefore is not "real" fighting.

I wonder if EA had to get the rights from Bruce Lee Foundation. Probably!

Anyhow, this is sick! I kind of want the game now, even though the game isn't my cup of tea.

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Its like a crappy story!

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That is like saying your power went out, or that you encountered a bug in a game therefore consoles cannot work.

It happens, but it works 99% of the time and that is good enough!

Point being, stop submitting click bait pointless articles of pure [email protected]! Did you just have a discussion about another commenter about this?

If you want your site taken seriously, then let it grow up and stop contributing to n4g's proble...

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It is surprising how much constant good news there is for Xbox One.

There isn't a week that goes by without multiple good new things for the Xbox One. The X1 is moving forward at a breakneck pace. It is quite impressive really how fast it all moves and frankly, I haven't seen another console manufacturer being even close to compete on the software front.

Really enjoying the Xbox One!

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This was probably recorded months ago, maybe even well before the release of the actual system.

There is good reason to believe neither Sony nor MS supplying the boxes and stuff would allow one to be chosen over the other.

It had to be neutral, and imagine the fangirls outrage!

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#1. Millions of people bought the Xbox One. Gazillion people bought the PS2 over the original Xbox despite Xbox being more powerful at the time.

I choose the Xbox One too, and been happily playing Titanfall.

#2. I have my pride, and do not want my girlfriend to buy me consoles and take advantage of her willingness and care for me.

I wouldn't accept it, and when my girlfriend bought me a Xbox 360 (years ago), I returned and gave her the mo...

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That is easy, if your internet connection goes out, then it reverts to a default implementation that is significantly less hardware intensive.

Essentially you get the sh1tty cloudless version. Problemo solved!


"If you don't have enough bandwidth then you won't be achieving anything close to these results"

FYI: Xbox Cloud Compute is likely not "bandwidth" sensitive, but rather "latency&q...

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Sh1t is just got real!

Todays demo was real sh1t and proved all the naysayers about the power of the cloud. We have already seen light based rendering in the cloud, and now we got physics computed in the cloud.

Can't wait to see more of this. No console can match up to the power of the cloud!


No, Xbox Boss is just saying he needs to prove beyond doubt so the naysayers (or fangirls) can no longer keep moving the g...

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Yeah, that trust is often called blind fanboyism!

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"And I wonder what happens when you lose connection?"

The same thing that happens when you loose power, or when your console is defective or when you loose connection in an online match.

They all have dependencies, but how often do you loose connection?

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This is good to combat fangirls:

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I liked Sessler. One of my favorite reviewers that isn't afraid to go against the hype!

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I find it almost amusing that people keep saying that Xbox One needs to turn things around, when highest rated exclusive AAA current generation game is released, stellar launch game lineup compared to competition and continued releases, major updates have been occurring on OS with rapid releases of new features AND dedicated servers like promised.

There is no turning around, just more momentum coming with Phil Spencer at the helm.

From the competition, all I ...

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Regret paying $60 for Ghost then another $10 to upgrade. SHould have waited until it was $25. Oh, well there was nothing else at the time and the campaign was good as usual.

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