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Yeah, the rumors in this article were both totally believable and from reputable sources.

There's really nothing ridiculous about an E3 reveal or a late 2012 release date or the brand of graphics card.

I think the title was about getting hits for an article that was nothing but boring rehashed information. (I fell for it.)

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In this case, "three different controllers" means "three different styles of controllers." Or, in other words, you can use a gamepad, a pro controller and a Wii remote at the same time.

The system supports at least five players simultaneously. NSMB U, Madden, and Zombie U all have confirmed five player local multiplayer. Others might have too.

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Rare hasn't provided MS the kind of returns that they were hoping for.

MS was hoping to use them to help build brand identity by creating/continuing successful franchises. They thought Rare could do for the Xbox what they did for the N64.

But it never really worked out. The old franchises--Perfect Dark, Banjo--haven't generated spectacular sales, and none of their attempts at new ones caught on either.

Since MS has found their marque...

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Assuming it's closer to $30 than $60, I'm definitely looking forward to this.

I miss old school, N64 style living room death matches.

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I hate July. There is no news worth reporting, so we get five or six articles a day that try to spin a meaningless "we're not going to tell you yet" PR non-answer into a story.

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How did this get approved without a title change? Totally misleading.

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This article is a mess.

The initial premise was interesting: that Nintendo was making a mistake by trying to capitalize on the Wii's success instead of attempting a more complete brand reinvention.

But then it inexplicably shifted gears to the tired old "core gamers won't buy it because of a lack of third party support" argument.

That would be annoying in and of itself, but it's made worse by the fact that it doesn't...

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WoW above Orcarina of Time?


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This is what I thought.

But the batman images are different, so I don't know what conclusions can be drawn.

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You can't really call a strategy that kept Wiis sold out for two years following its release a "mistake."

A mistake would be something like releasing the 3DS with a $250 price tag and then botching the advertising campaign.

You could say that Nintendo showed a troubling level of complacency at E3, especially for a company that is struggling in a way that it wasn't a couple of years ago, but you really can't say they're repeating a mi...

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The Wii U supports at least five players simultaneously, one with a Wii U controller and four with Wii Remotes.

There has been a lot of rumors that it will also support two Wii U controllers simultaneously, but I don't think they've been confirmed yet.

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This is basically how I feel.

It's sad that the author doesn't provide any justification for his picks, but I think all of them are defensible.

I also would have gone with SMB3 over the original SMB, because the third game really perfected the elements established by the first. The level design was way better too.

All of these games--except possibly Mario Galaxy--have been hugely influential. It's a little early to know which game...

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I think Hutchinson's point wasn't so much that you couldn't set an Assassin's Creed game in these setting, as it was that WWII, Egypt and Ancient Japan have been done to death by previous games.

Maybe we haven't had this type of game in those settings before, but there are a lot of places and times that video games haven't touched at all, and it would cool to be able to experience them.

I know the Revolutionary War setting has me a lot...

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The "better" was implied by the context if you read his full statement.

Even though this info is still really ambiguous, at least the source is named and he is truly working on a Wii U title. Much better than questionable statement from people who may or may not exist and who may or may not actually be developing games using the hardware.

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I have to agree with you.

Maybe if this were being reported by a reputable site, or at least well known one, or if this info didn't directly contradict other rumors published by legit site.

But this really seems like a third tier site trying to get hits off fabricated (or sensationalized) rumors. The fact that they provide so little info about their sources doesn't help.

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Sorry, double post

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I loved both Mario Galaxy games, but I agree that it's a good idea to move on.

One of the smartest aspects of the main Mario series is the way that it is reimagined for every console generation. Wouldn't want that to change.

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Some patents are speculative. They are intended to secure ownership of a hypothetical concept, and ultimately may never show up in an actual game.

Last we heard the controllers touch screen didn't support multitouch, so I wonder how they can emulate a keyboard, which would usually involve using at least two fingers simultaneously.

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One entry per page is acceptable if you have 10 or so entries and lots of content on each page, but not when you have 50 entries and only a (poorly written) sentence or two to say about each of them.

What an embarrassment.

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I have to admit, I would totally play Downton Abbey Kart Racing.

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