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darksiders 3 just got leaked now.....

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its a very interesting and good review.. I played the game on PC and i do also feel the same that tv show integration was unnecessary.

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only time will tell.. but for now i hope we get a good polished game at launch.

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I think the is reviewer high. who gives craps about what this morons review.

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I think they will fix this issues with a patch. will have to wait for a week and see i suppose. just bought the game on PC and i hope it will not get disappointed.

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just bought the game on PC hope its runs good on my GTX 970.. NO nvdia gameworks disappointing.

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the game just ran fine on my rig
i7 3820, 16GB ram and Gtx 970 i got average 50-60 fps on 1080p i barely got glitches after the 1.2 patch..

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Xbone is cancer of 8th gen gaming..

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Quantum break sorry I think bloodborne will be goty

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agreed...none of these games makes me wanna buy a xbone

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the xbone is piece of shit they are sill beating that dead horse halo crap every year and as for their future lineups
-fable legend the worst fable game i have seen so far
-project spark a mindcraft ripoff
-gears of war - epic ended the story in GOW3 so reason for a sequel whatsoever
-crackdown 1 & 2 were a mediocre games and so will be this 2015 one..

so please stop taunting others for your mediocrity

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they are all fall 2015 titles..

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ps4 putting xbox one on shame on both sales wise and graphics wise.. here you have it Half A Year With The Xbox One....!

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I hope now they learn their lesson, and release their games on mutiplatforms(PC,XB1,PS4) in future... the article says xbone is responsible for this mess.. so no ryse 2 for the xboners from crytek it seems ..

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lol, u are everywhere..

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ps3 selling better than xbone.. this is hilarious ..

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greatness awaits..
- Guerrilla Games Open World RPG IP.
- Quantic Dream IP.
- Media Molecule IP.
- SONY Santa Monica IP.
- SONY Japan Studio IP
- SONY Bend Studio IP
- SONY London Studio IP
- SONY San Diego IP
and now CAPCOM Unannounced Exclusive IP and more to come..
PS4 will dominate the console market like PS2 and PS1 did..

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most of those games were multiplatforms and these games will look better and perform better on ps4..
so whats your point?

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this is impressive. XB360 got a year head start but still Sony managed to equal it.
now imagine the figures if they were released at the same time.... ;)

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