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Pretty good deal. Might be the lowest price you'll find all year. #1
You and me both. If they brought it and the first Dark Souls to PS4, I'd be a happy man. Something about those games just keeps bringing me back, but it would be nice to have them all on one system.

And yeah - I hope someone can confirm the tweet. #1.1
There's quite a few unanswered questions, but it looks like Sony is trying to do with its Android products as well. I'd far rather prefer an app rather than a browser based experience, but any type of BC with my 360 would be appreciated. But to answer your question:

"The implications here are huge for Microsoft as it removes the console from the equation to tap into the gaming market. Also, by off-loading the processing power needed to run these games, it means t... #1.1
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Travel to London: $19.99

Buy Australia: $49.99 #1
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Ouch. Always a good way to gain traction with a system - promise less games. And this comes after the Vita's best sale's month in a long time. #1
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Here's the thing - I don't expect it to be as detail filled as The Witcher might be, especially considering the episodic nature of MGS V.

But it's reasonable to expect that the game will be rich and zany, even if that takes a shape we might not expect. It's interesting that we crave that kind of interaction, but Kojima has a reputation for giving us methods of interaction that are logical and hilarious.

Just can't wait to experience it.... #1.1.1
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I have missed the box so much.

But... this game needs to come out soon. I love the gameplay, but you can tell it's cross-gen for sure. #1
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Wow. I just hope it's as detailed as it is expansive, because that is absolutely massive.

In Kojima we trust. #1
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That's the kicker - by itself, the top set is just $99. You'll get your value from there if you want it just for top-set purposes.

But the controller is an additional $39.99 - that is where Amazon will make money. I can't imagine the controller components cost that much initially, so, combining purchases on the game store and the initial purchase of the controller, you're looking at quite the back-end profit. #1.2
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In Yuna's, I mean, your dreams man. #1.1.1
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My only wish is that it manages to stay relevant, without a constant need to refresh.

Otherwise - #1.1
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Great review. Challenging, unique, and fun - Destructiod nails it. #1
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All about brand awareness man. Kojima wants everyone to see how great the game will be by letting us play Ground Zeroes.

And then, just when you want to play the entire game - you're forced into next-gen. It's brilliant. Kojima, Sony, and MS laugh their way to the bank.

It's okay though. Regardless of when you make the move, it's guaranteed to be an incredible experience. And worth the move. #1.1
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Yep. He's like artillery - keep throwing enough shots out there, and you're bound to hit something.

He's right on here though. #1.2
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I think that's exactly what his comment did.

On-topic - the music is certainly different. I'll need to listen to the whole OST though. #3.1.1
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Final Fantasy? With kegs and hot dogs?

..... #1.1
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You know, if this is done correctly - it will be fantastic. Some of the Dynasty Warrior games haven't been that good, but none of them have had Nintendo's guiding hand.

No way the big N lets Tecmo Koei mismanage their biggest name. #1.1
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.. you would want a vampire woman to suck your blood so that her cup size would increase?

Hey, if that's what you're into. #1.1
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This makes me sick - it's really unfortunate. The customers should have gotten the right item initially, which is why the impetus is on companies to perform efficiently and effectively so these kind of situations are avoided.

However - anyone who receives the bundle shouldn't be treated that way. Customers should never have to face intimidation tactics like this one, just as companies shouldn't resort to empty threats that only further harm whatever good will they... #1.1.3
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My thoughts about it - not a great list at all, to be honest. Missing Link Between Worlds, Mario 3D World, and Fire Emblem Awakening. Still, nice to see Pikmin. #1
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