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Barbies adventure
Goat simulator
Tetris remix

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Oh relax people! This isn’t bioware Montreal that made the shit andromeda game this is bioware Edmonton the ones behind mass effect 1,2,3

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The game sucks! I already traded it in!

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It’s one of my favourite PS4 games I only wish they would make a sequel!

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I just think she’s bitter because EA fucked her over with Star Wars and now she has to start over. Should have just stayed with naughty dog.

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Quitting this game was the best thing I’ve done in gaming!

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Please don’t be free to play!

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Well we won’t be seeing new consoles for quite sometime now so the one x will have the graphical spotlight for awhile. I’m guessing a PS5 in 2020 and a new Xbox 2021

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I think Sony has the best looking 2018 when it comes to games but I’m hoping xbox has some hidden gems revealed at E3. I have the one x and PS4 so I can’t go wrong either way.

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I bought a One x and play all 3rd party games on it and of course gears and halo but I also have a PS4 that I play they’re first party titles so I have the best of both worlds. I’m sure I’ll pick up the PS5 as well when it releases in a few years.

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Bioware Edmonton won’t let EA fuck with there game im not worried about it at all.

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The game awards were absolutely horrible this year and the fact that Horizon didn’t win anything is mind boggling.

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Oh relax! Microsoft has a bunch of new studios in the works right now making new Exclusives so don’t get your panties in a knot and go play mario kart and donkey kong

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Yup it’s true everyone loves to hate on EA but whenever anyone else does something like loot boxes it’s fine! Destiny is far worse for loot box stuff and nobody says anything.

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Got mine last week! Great system now it’s time for Microsoft to make a comeback with some new exclusives.

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Bullshit!! Uncharted and the last of us sold extremely well and they were linear so quit lying to yourself morons!

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I absolutely loved that game! I would buy a sequel for sure!

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I’m not buying one because Sony is going to release a monster called PS5 within the next 2 Year’s I’ll pick one up if the price comes down a bit.

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Ya right!! You can't even get it because it's sold out everywhere! I'm sure it will be just fine!

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Oh fuck it's probably something so stupid that nobody gives a rats ass about!!

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