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PS5 in fall of 2019 is my guess.

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One of the best PS4 games I ever played!

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Biggest load of horse shit I ever read!

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Was not a masterpiece! There's a reason why it didn't do well it's because the game was shit! Yes I played it and hated it.

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It's a super early build for fuck sakes!!! Everyone is judging the game off the beta when the beta isn't even what the final game will be! 90% of the complaints have already been acknowledged.

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I did play it and it was garbage! Could have been a last gen game and it wasn't even close to being as good as the other ME games.

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No! No it is not! WHat kind of idiot wrote this article!

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There's never too much power!!!

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I actually like QTE!

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Maybe not right away but probably a few months after release I will. I'm still working on getting a 4k tv

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Of course they can run the game at 1080p 60fps. They just need to rework they're game engine that's been the same since destiny 1. I'm sorry but that game isn't that technically demanding for the pro and oneX . The bottle neck is the game engine not the consoles.

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This whole Sony and bungie deal is absolutely bad for gaming and I wish they would stop. This coming from a PS4 guy.

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Clearly if this happens than we know Sony struck a deal with bungie to keep Xbox from being the better version.

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This is bioware Edmonton not bioware Montreal who made andromeda. Bioware made the first 3 ME games and passed it off to bioware Montreal who fucked it all up for them. There's a big article on the whole story.

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Do your research! This is not the ME andromeda team at all this is bioware Edmonton a completely different dev team.

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No xboxonex creators already said it could handle s game like destiny 2 with no problems! It's a bungie decision not a hardware issue.

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That's way too much for a console! I'm also from Canada and can't see it doing well here at all with that price.

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Yikes!! That's 670$ Canadian. Good luck selling those here.

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