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Your a blind idiot!

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Good! All they come up with is underpowered shit consoles and remakes of MARIO kart MARIO and Zelda

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I would never buy a Nintendo console! Flop after flop recycled games. Underpowered outdated tech.

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Nintendo is garbage! Recycled games for the last 25 years.

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Like hell it doesn't!!! They never learn! Why the hell do you think they never get 3rd part aaa titles!

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Jesus!!! They never learn do they!! Always a generation behind! Morons!

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No it sucks!! Joel was bad ass now we get to play as s little pussy!!

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Because of the damn price tag!!!! Myself and and all my gaming friends have a hard time buying a game for 80$ yes! In Canada a game is 80$ which is absolutely rediculous!!!!

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Obviously 4K is pushing consoles! I was fine with 1080p but nope now we have to have 4K and in 2022 it's 8k apparently.

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I was an Xbox player who went to PS4 but I'm going back to Xbox when the Scorpio comes out. I feel Xbox has more to offer all though PS4 has been good I just feel the Xbox brand is better.

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I tried it and didn't like it! Very bland and boring!

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Oh oh I know! Don't buy it it's garbage!

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Wow! This game looks like shit!

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The game never looked good to me! Visuals were PS3 looking as well.

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I'm gonna have to say the Dreamcast was my favourite with the Xbox 360 a close 2nd.

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I usually pass on all cod games but this one actually has my attention!

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I bet Sony comes back with the neo being 6 t flops or more just to be ahead of Microsoft In terms of power. That's why they haven't officially revealed it yet.

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Nathan fillion

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I always get the more powerful system so if it's weaker I'll be moving to Xbox. Sorry Sony.

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Yes yes it does!!

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