sweet steam just take my money


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they release a complete editin and it costs over 2 grand XD

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I can even imagine that cause Im still waiting for amd and blizzard to find out why the crashing error with lastest drivers is occuring and I'm not rolling back to play.

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I'll buy if it does come out but part of me remembers some this art from when they were doing hunicam before they switched to the other art style or am I going crazy? Anyway hopefully we get more news soon

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Or Idk continue the story after fusion. I'm tired of prequels and calls for remake lets continue our favorite hunters story!

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Orginally this game was gonna be free to play then they apprently talked with nexon and decided they try charging for it. I bet it will go f2p again eventually! just give it time

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I never even received an email alert when it became available for pre-order.

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Send out the take down notices another project gotten news again.

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Looks why better then before.

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Remaster the old persona for pc and tap into that market...

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More vita persona is always welcome. I will always hold a spot of hope for a pc persona release on steam. Some day maybe

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This happened last year with rainbow mika seriously if they are gonna bitch put in in the rules what they are allowed to do and what not

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Are you kidding me. I hope some rips the music now cause this some serious bs

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I really hate how it say standing by, I hope we can turn that off. I'm gonna have to decide which system to get this for but at least its finally coming.

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I gotta give it a shot!

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You mean a logo!

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No hints just confirmations. So i will play the waiting game!

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and then everything gets shut down and so the saga continues

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I'd love if they did this and brought to steam. But I know thats a huge pipe dream.

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The whole story mode was posted online today. It was pretty good. I'm interested to see how well it retains users after a month.

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Yes I would if the console had there damn download system in check. Download a 40 gig game on console takes forever, download 40 giga game on steam takes like 2 hours.

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