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"sweet steam just take my money"


I will avenge you faith and lily! #3
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Cant wait for steam early access #7
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Another sale item to wait for. 40 bucks for a game i have a feeling will end up in the bargin bin in so quickly. While i like he idea you watch its gonna bomb in sales from people expecting to much. #8
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Sigh I though this was july oh well just gotta wait #2
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It looks like horrible boogers the way it flows from his face. I watch the video on the cell so it could just be the quality. Kind of makes me want to resub but at this point id be so far behind gear wise. #3
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Hopefully we get steam works for this on pc. I just hope everyone gets extra costumes this time. I dont need 20 narutos #6
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It sucks when you pretty much own everything thats usually on sale. its those rare gems that I look forward to that might become a hit or a miss #12
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Eh not really impressed this looks like a more enhanced sticker system. I guess if unlocks as play the character or its all unlocked at the start because i never like collecting. #4
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honestly this good, while it sucks to an extent that its not vita exclusive anymore the series needs a wider range access. I remember the titles coming out on ps3 and not selling that well but to niche that enjoy the genre. It was never ported to 360 so next best place is pc to get more people to buy. I still will get it on vita when it comes out and wait for it to be on a steam sale afterwards. #2
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I assume he means if you do everything. I have the feeling the main story will be at max 25 hours. That's being generous mind you. #15
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Its probably demographic thing. I love playing the female leads but i bet you this turns in a pr stunt all pr is good pr if you swing it right #4
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Great more skylander like figures. Im glad that you can use them on more then one game. Like a memory card. Honestly if the figures look cool maybe but overall not a selling point for me. #4
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Key word is presumably worldwide, believe it when i see it. till then i have the fan translation #19
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This become the preferred version. Just you wait #3
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I'd basically go after the classic market with this move to us. I mean when vita was first announced and released in japan I was pretty sure we would't get it over here but now that's coming I keep thinking to myself I already have a vita, I already have a ps3. I keep thinking who this marketed towards. I know one person that I know will get it to play p4g but thats it. Its an inexpensive classic machine with support for vita. How much support on vita don't know but we shall s... #7
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No, Seriously if they do this just no. How about instead announce that Final fantasy collection that was released in japan exclusively for ps3 but instead on ps4 and xb1. Then include the 3 lightings as well. #10
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I'm playing through it at the moment. Its like eterian odyssey and persona 1 combined. Walking is probably the most annoying part of it so far. The movement is first person but while that doesn't bother me its the stiff feel of the movement controls that bother me. Only 5 hours in though. #3
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I loved this game,almost 100% it on 360 only issue i had was i missed some ghost story items and when i went back to get them they were no where to be found even with the video guide i was using. I wasn't sure if it was missable or what but I will assume at this point it was. Some of the collect ables like the memories for his wife were so annoying to find. I was missing like 3 at the end but just couldn't find it. I just know that those that had the premium addition had an easier tim... #5
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I enjoyed the first one but never bought due to my experince with blaza blu. I know i will get this version for sure #4
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I can agree with this list better then igns. If I remember they had super mario galaxy at number 1. Seriously!. This lists number one is true value in my opinion #1
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