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Now all they need is a new ad campaign, better online and to stop copying other companies and they'll be good to go.

I remember when Sony used to be inventive, I used to have a blast with my PS1 and PS2. Now its copy and paste and resell games we've already bought.

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Great game exclusively on the Xbox 360 console! One of the best games this generation.

Too bad the Xbox 360 doesn't have any games right?

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Ughhh, this is Japanamation and it belongs on the PS3, that crowd seems to love this weird crap.

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Sony games are never a risk, they are all amazing products and everyone here at N4G lines up to buy them "day one!".

Sony games are always inventive and they never ripoff anyone or anything like that. No risk whatsoever because Sony is the only company catering to an invisible group called hardcore gamer's.

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Gimme an F, gimme a L, gimme a O, gimme a P. Whats that spell? FLOP.

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Sony- "Lets see if they are dumb enough to buy HD collections and PS1 titles again and again and again"

The Sony crowd "Day one!"

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People keep saying Nintendo is in a bad spot, but the 3DS and even the DS are both doing pretty good. The Wii is the king of this generation and the Wii U is going to launch over a year before any competition.

I'd say by the time we see a Xbox 720 or PS4, the Wii U will have sold close to 20 million units.

Nintendo will also drop the price of the Wii to $99, which will make it an impulse buy for sure. I mean there is a huge back catalog of Wii games and...

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Day one !

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Sony sure are masters of packaging their games over and over again. Didn't they release a double pack of R1 and R2 before R3 came out?

SMH, whats next the Resistance PSP game remastered for the PS3? sheesh.

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I'd be surprised if they announced it, seems like the last one didn't really sell very well. I know they bundled it a lot as well.

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Your not wrong, I mean Starhawk does have an astounding 47k so far and its less than 3 weeks till launch. Also, I've yet to see a single commercial for the game.

Sometimes I think Sony forgets to advertise or promote their exclusives at all.

I always laugh when I see people here claim "Day one buy!" on Sony games and then it usually sells pretty poorly.

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That has nothing to do with this, they could still offer it digitally to those who have a HDD. I honestly don't know a single person without some sort of HDD for their Xbox 360.

I'm kind of glad they don't offer everything on day one. My biggest fear was digital only or a bigger swap to digital, which is what Sony seems to be doing. Glad Microsoft isn't going that way.

We all saw what happened to the PSPGO.

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These companies must not realize that they will be the ones losing money if they lock used games. I admit I bought Crysis 2 used, 2011 was a year with so many great titles I just couldn't buy another shooter new.

Long story short, I loved the game and buying the game used has me convinced to buy Crysis 3 new and on day one.

Used items can work in your favor if you let it.

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Look at all the hate, these are ads that play before a show and its very similar to what Youtube and pretty much every other company does.

How aren't 75% of these people banned for trolling or have their comments removed for trolling? N4G is such a sick place, so full of insecure PS3 fanboys.

Maybe they should go play all those "exclusives" they brag about and leave the 360 articles alone. Shesh...

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You realize a lot of the things you listed have better applications on Xbox Live right?

The Facebook app is streamlined to run on Xbox Live and never crashes.

Twitter is also streamlined, I admit I don't use Twitter or Facebook often on Xbox Live, but it does work well.

Youtube is a whole different story, the Xbox Live app for Youtube is brilliant, full screen and HD and never crashes, you can log in under your account and it makes it a m...

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It cannot be achieved with a microphone. Look into the functionality on a game like Endwar and a standard headset, they don't work well at all.

Kinect has built in voice recognition and developers are taking advantage of it. Should someone buy a Kinect just for voice commands on ME3, Skyrim and Halo? Probably not, but if you like those things and are interested in some of the better Kinect games like Dance Central, Kinect Sports, The Gunstringer, Child Of Eden, Haunt, Ris...

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Rage was a game that had stunning console graphics, blistering 60fps and had a mediocre story. So I didn't really like it.

I still go back and play great games of yesteryear that have pretty bad graphics, so I'm not all hung up on those.

When I have my buddies over we still break out the N64 and play some Goldeneye split screen!

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I actually preferred Arkham Asylum over Arkham City. AC was a bit too short and didn't really present the difficulty as AA did.

Also, the Joker isn't even in the majority of the game, we instead get spammed with pretty much every villain from the Batman universe.

I might get the DLC when it comes out, but I was never into the online challenge modes to begin with, but story DLC is always something I like to check out.

I wouldn't p...

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Surprised he didn't list the 120fps we were promised as well as the two HDMI ports connected to two monitors that we were also promised.

As far as the bunk thing with Sony showing tech that the Wii used 3 years beforehand, uhhh..do you really think Nintendo said "Hey lets release motion based controllers with our new console" in 2006 and then released it? Or do you think Nintendo used R&D like they've stated in the past? They were actually going to use m...

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Really looking forward to Fable Hero's and Ghost Recon. Everyone at Pax said Fable Hero's was amazing and a lot of fun, not sure why it gets such hate here, they always release an arcade Fable game before a retail launch, it was Pub Games for Fable 3, which I didn't like. At least this is something interesting.

Ghost Recon is pretty fun from what I've played of the beta, looking forward to Gunsmith with my Kinect.

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