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I agree with this I remember getting this game for n64 it was one of the best game if not the best game ever #4
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This is the thing I cant understand why are so many pc master race here if youre so rich why do you guys love hanging arround pesant so much
In real life I dont see donal thrump
Are the Rockefeller hanging in any gheto telling the pesant yes look at me im rich you suck so why are you guys constantly here oh.. ehat with all that graphics and tech you cant find anything to play lol #1.1.8
Yeah I love war lock #6
Good good hahahahaha #1.15
nothing to play oh dc universe strider warframe just drip a new update thats crazy with the new loki prime plus a new warfrane update is coming again plus destiny beta planet side is coming warthunder is so much fun only xbots like you cant find anything to play because really you dont have a ps4 youre just trolling
Go back to youre boaring titan fall oh and I played it on my computer not impress #3.3
if we're going to talk about credible games sunset overdrive could be crap for all we know its not out yet if your going talk about games beter to say halo or gears of war wont be on ps4 #1.6
this is the thing that grind my gears last gen these same people, yes the same people was saying oh why pay more for ps3 when Xbox perform better than ps3 now all of a sudden resolution doesn't matter lol please the hypocrisy of Microshaft and their spokes man writing all these crappy articles trying to convince people graphics and resolution doesn't matter.

Stop trying to con people you conn man just accept it the ps4 is much more capable console this time around t... #1.8
Brazil is my team but I'm glad argentina didn't win diago maridana was so unprofessional,he went on youtube dancing laughing at pele when brazil got beat 7 to 1 by Germany serv them right #9
L j hit the nail on the head I love warframe and that a indie game I play warframe with my friends way more than any game on ps4 its so much fun with youre friends #1.3.4
nice go go power station go go power station you mighty morphing power station #3
you should listen to the man cuz hes right
i have a Wii u so I'll take Nintendo out this convo
because Mario cart 8 is amazing and the new Zelda looks crazy #1.1.4
including you lol #1.2.4
shhhh stop the blasphemy ps4 have no games is a tall tail i tell ya... lol please #2.1
Why people ckick these click bait I dont know #6
Ps4 where the gamer hang out #3
Oh great another fanboy piece #7
Nintebdo will always be number one when it comes to fantasy and finding the kid in us sony is a different company its like putting Apple's and oranges together sony gos for weird and out of the box game journey shadow of the colosus puxel junk monster
While nintendo hit you with fantasy like zelda kirby mario metroids etc
Both are great in their own way love both #5
Try again solder try harder this time that one isn't believable lol please Iwas on titan fall and it took me almost 35 min to get a game going if people was playing has you said how is taking that long ill tell you whats going on every one is bsck playing call of duty no one is playing titan fall #1.7.1
Neonridr guess you must be psychic to tell what ps fans are thinking that was a sarcastic joke just like yours .

Crechee its easy to change tune now i remember the same people ((for instance you guys)) was saying otherwise when the shoe was on the other foot For instance the first Xbox
all i could hear in my head every day from them was graphics nothing else matters not game play not story graphics lol now everyone is saying otherwise wow how quickly arguments chan... #2.1.6
HIAWA23 said MS is one of the most successful companies out with Billions in cash reserves, so it seems lauphable when someone says this company can't multitask. More internet hyperbole...

Name one other product Microsoft does that was successful other that windows go ahead ill wait on you
and don't say the Xbox there still waiting on that to be successful you have lots of investors that are saying they should give up on it its a failure #2.2
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