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idiots need to remember that games are made for recreational purposes not buying a game and see how much fault it has, if the game give you some kind of enjoyment kudos to you the game did its job of bringing some fun and enjoyable to you . but now a days all people care about is 1080p and mechanics this the game doesn't do that..

Why games of to fallow a certain pastern to be a game? art is art its the feeling not oh it has to look like this are play like that to be a g... #2.2.4
you know what that's why i say xbox fanboys are the biggest hypocrites on the planet you remember the article about how Xbox share picture res was better than ps4 and they all went nuts over how the picture was better than JPEG because ms use ping i couldn't even see the difference but if you hear how the Xbox fans react like a soccer game in England now every time they downplay how it doesn't matter but it matter for a damn still image though lol really guys really lol #1.2.7
So your logic is for noney you would do anything?
Ok lets say this trend doesn't stop and it started to put major company out of business and the gaming community crash tell me how you're going to make money has a game journalist
Oh please explain that one. see this is cancer thats destroying gaming serten company come on tge gaming seen abd bring their dirty hobits that attracts scumbags and gaming is on a downward spiral #2.1.2
when i was saying xbox has the most blind fanboys out of any console pp use to say im trolling ok look at the facts Ive bin saying it for the longest time even big men who suppose to be unbiased are like fanboy kids look at all the so called gaming media and journalist who review games i rest my case the cancer in the gaming industry is ????? who do thing lol #1.11
right you are my man some company makes ridiculous pr brag about how much games they got how there going to kill the competition at e3 and how their clouds going to kill the compitition, and there secret sauce and bla bla blah but other company don't say a word their work just speak for it self

if you notice when apple advertising a new product they talk about what the device does are something same thing with Google notice when Microsoft copying someone's idea ar... #1.1.1
Lets give the order a low score and the idiots will come runing and give us thr clicks we so desperately need. dont you guys get it its a click bait, a horrible one at that #1.14
I cant see the difference but fanboys will cry on every edge they can get #1.10
know what i know that guy k the frog he did the same thing to a girl i know he deleted her hawk moon and some good exotic weapons they should ban the idiot permanently #1.17
most realistic and fair review ive seen so far #1.3
he wont pm you are answer you why cuz he have no reason, he have a fat check already from you know who, has fair and has balance has possible yeah right, any down low hater can say those words people need to know this 90% of the gaming industry so called journalist or trolls whose mad about Xbox being second to playstatoion they just cant deal with it so they try to hurt Sony the only way they can by game reviewing and give good games a bad score remember last of us and polygon yeah right l... #1.3.2
wait how come none of the xbox trolls are her but they all ran to that post that give the game a 7.5 saying how 7.5 is not a great start pathetic #1.6
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Boy the more sony dominate the more I see salty xbox bias underbed journalism. when I say xbox socall journalist and fanboys are the worst the cancer in the gaming industry ppl think im a troll,
Well maybe I am, but the like this is because of ms and their dirty tactics and there cheap paid off journalist and fans I fight against them with lightning swords last gen when they was just hating on ps3 for no good reason when u go up against a demon like ms and there fans it chan... #1.12
Ps4 all fay every day #29
Er wrong holyda vis sells like crazy down there aboutmore than regular hunda and kawadaki bike same thing goes for a lot of things ppl just hate microsoft its not about being on American product #10.1
1legrnd of zelda ocarina of time (n64)
2final fantasy x11 (psx)
3wild arms (psx)
5breath of fire (psx)
5shenmu Sega (dreamcast)
6jaded empire (xbox) #1.2
Noyhing youre saying makes any sense.for the love of god and gaming man take off youre blind fanboy glasses, gears stole so many shit from other games thats its not even funy from res evil 4 to killswitch to many other games and youre saying thats you even know what yhe word revolutionary means #6.2.2
Don't know if u speak japanese or not but I do I love going to the store in japan and hear the store clerk say sorry no english sub when they hear me say back to them in Japanese thanks but I don't need it the shock is always priceless I don't know I speak flowent japanese I mean I speak better japanese thsn englisg and eglish is my first language weird sometime on the phone people think im a native Japanese person #17.2.2
look! its raining salt dam its good sea salt too looks like i can use it to cook with later thanks man for all the salt you produce ill bag it up and sell it later for some cash to buy even more games for my ps4 lol #1.2.8
what what what i just came back from the shadow realm i was talking to ziekfried and the other demons drinking and laughing at humans now i hear this sweat Sony sweat you're not bad for a human company lol sign NosferatuZodd arch demon #1.4
mmmnmn smell that' man is the salt thick in here or what..look at all those salty tear drop eye lol,, first thing first every time MS opens their big mouth saying how there upgrading xbox and the gap is shrinking between xbox and ps4 i even see one corporate bs saying in the future Xbox will be more powerful than ps4 and these same people who is in this topic right now jumping saying yay ,now there crying that graphics doesn't matter the same people lastweek that was saying yay t... #1.37
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