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wow Microsoft henchmen is at work in this on, no matter what they do they cant catch up to Sony so they'll do anything to try and slow ps4 down with false information dirty tactics i know they are behind a lot of things ,they use their money to cheat sabotage this going to be the dirtiest console war ever you just watch when Microsoft and their defense force are desperate everything is fair game in their eyes i don't know how people can support this corporation #6
then why didnt the bugs stop them from giving ubisoft assassin creed unity 9.5 out of 10 #4.1
okay if you say so bub #12.1
This list sucks only person on that list that needs to be there is that witch chic #4
Wow ps4is kicking major ass 4mil in a single quarter sweet #2
lol ubisoft you really F##K up big time this is the worst fail launch in the history of gaming i cant believe anything could beat drive club but ubi your now worst than EA #1
Cool #1
Ptobably more 72 developers and some have more than one games developing on the ps4 #8
Ubisoft is full of it I tell you #5
Me Thr33 #2
I cant believe this
Microsoft is so good at software and networking how is this pssoible only playstation things like this should happen to not MS sarcasm #1.2
well because Microsoft,EA,Activision want gaming to be like that and they'll do anything to get it , lie cheat pay off everyone look at some of the misleading news they have out right now for example "Microsoft Xbox one is about to sell 10million console soon have you ever heard of shit like this youre predicting you're going to sell before it happen lol Sony should do the same thing too by saying hey we about to hit 20 million soon if that how easy it is to con people and the f... #1.1.3
easy Xbox friends list still giving problems is bin what almost a year now i hear no on talking about that sometimes you of to wonder why these bias game journalist its like they're grabbing at straws #1.3.5
Damn chinese and japanese girls look the best in cosplay outfits she so cute #1
Very nice #2
The witness is still exclusive to playstation nothing changes #16.1
jeqen but that clown above me yes you Return sanity where did you get xbox sold 90 million #1.2.1
damn dude get a girlfriend man get out the basement and go make some friends trust me you'll love it #1.6
Thankful for zone of enders best mech game ever made #2
Yes it does #3
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