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I remember once upon a time when the 360 was in full swing how Microsoft hated Sony what change this gen #14
have more content than most game REALLY! if you believe that then something seriously wrong with you guy #23.1.2
well said I'm thinking the same thing FOX
the loot system sucks your playing for a year and cant get a dam jade rabbit and some one comes in 5 minutes and got one and youre suppose to feel good about that
that game sucks #1.15
If umbrella company was real I would stay clear of that company like a hundred miles
Well maybe company in this the real world is just has bad that we don't know about lol #2
This the thing I can't stand with you guys oh ,niche title what does Nichie has to do with a game being good oh if the game isn't halo gears and Forza it can't be good and when a game sells a lot on the ps4 and its Xbox counterpart didn't sell well I don't hear anything about Nichie all I hear oh just because a game is mainstream that doesn't mean it's good, boy you fanboys really know how to move the goal post #4.9.1
You got it but don't be so hard on the writer he's just trying to get some hits lol #4.2
These guys Are the real type of English lol #2
Yeah this guy said wish one should he buy better yet he secretly trying to convise ppl to buy Xbox if you listen to what he's saying yet onother clickbait article #1.3
I stop when they say oculus is 300 who ever write this is beyond a clown oculus is 599
Psvr Sony did not give anyone any price has far has I can tell click bait at its best #1.12
Oh snap I totally forget about tomorrow children
And deep down thanks for reminding me guy bub up lol #20.1
Oh look a wolf in sheep ! I mean a troll in human skin lol nice try guy very nice try lol #15.2
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Cry me a river you move the goal post and now you're crying you said only indie game and blood born is on ps4 that's the reason Everyone is checking you're statements so in your eyes only blood born is aaa game #14.5.2
When dos Bethesda ever do better #2.2.1
You and me both brother #2
Wow 1990 the ninja turtle era #1
Well what is ten years to an immortal really
I remember 99 nights even though it was a Xbox game and lost odyssey boy what happened to those games #2
witcher is a good game but I still think blood born is better
That's just my opinion #1.1
I love Zelda one of my all time fave with wild arms final fantasy xenogear and suikoden
Some of my most memorable moment when I was a kid #6
I agree ps4is the better console this year #27.1
Lol you guys really make me laught until dawn is a indie oh ok lol
Guess you people see what you want to see #14.3
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