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I don't care if they talk about neo but I hope that spec they send out is a con so Microsoft can build around a con and then come November the real specs

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your getting alot of diss i guess the other platform guys really hate us for having ps4 lol

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Pay no attention to postal dawn he was drunk when he played uncharted so he wouldn't know a good mechanic if it hit him on his head lol

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dont forget drive club, that game came out of no where and for a console game it even make PC car games blush with incredible graphics

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another click bait to get people to his site he even admits it lol boy in america people will do anything for money no hanor in this country

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yeah IGN lil deceitful trick give a high level game a unfair review then rack up the hits and then change it in the future so they can reap the profits lol and ppl still don't catch on yet

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anyone who give this master piece anything other than a 10 or a 9.5 are just trolling looking for hits and we the gamers must stop giving them the satisfaction when they do something like that you should only hear toads and crickets on their web site

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Well said same thing I said brother

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I agree i've bin watching this woman tearing down video games for months now she's not a very good reviewer

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Yep another attention seeking ho who think is opinion count for something I garantee you he's going to say gears of war is the shit even though that game bin the same since gears 2 lol the hypocrisy in gaming knows no bound

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Shots fired lol

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I see what you did there very good lol

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Yes sir well done ps4

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Not at all my good man right now I'm playing the hell out of ff 14 lol

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that sound more like quantum break he was dissing to me

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I'm getting one I hope VR is the next step so they can focus on great things link wha t see in sword art online in the future

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Dam rigs looks bad ass

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Well said brother I can't wait to take this bad boy out for a spin in my ps4 lol

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Exactly I remember ppl was saying uncharted was the ps3gears of war why are ppl always doing this let the game stand on Thier own instead of giving them unfair hype and when it doesn't live up they say the game sucks

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Lol yo odderz it's really funny, you remember when everyone believe the 7 core has some kind of secret sauce lol those were the days lol

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