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mmmnmn smell that' man is the salt thick in here or what..look at all those salty tear drop eye lol,, first thing first every time MS opens their big mouth saying how there upgrading xbox and the gap is shrinking between xbox and ps4 i even see one corporate bs saying in the future Xbox will be more powerful than ps4 and these same people who is in this topic right now jumping saying yay ,now there crying that graphics doesn't matter the same people lastweek that was saying yay t... #1.37
I would like to see megaman x complete collection come to ps4 that would make me one happy camper #1
You called them xrobot program by ms I said it and ill said it again xbox fans are the worst and I mean that.
I hate microsoft but there is a reason and im not hiding it like some ppl who claimed they own a ps4'
Ms said they build xbox to f_ck sony plus lots of other things dat I cant get in to, its not a fanboy thing its a deeper issue with me ill never like microsoft the xbox is a good system but because its own by those unscrupulous bastatds no #6.1.2
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Only xbox fanbots believe that trust me #3
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Wow ms really on a buying sprix they even buy emmy to let ut look like xbox is high tech sad #2.15
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Lol you can almost taste the salt in this guys voice please dont cry I know you wish it was falls but come back to reality yes ps4 is a success I know it burns you up inside and the sad part is almose every xbox fans think the way you do you guys are a sad bunch #2.1
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If ps3is obsolete then xbox360 is ancient because ps3 manage to outsell the 360every months worlwide #1.7
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Ps4 allday everyday and twice on Sundays lol #39
My most disappointed games would be 5assasins creed that broken game was a shame for ubisoft
4would be halo master chief collection
3 would be thief
2would be watch dog
1would be #10
I only find one thing with driveclub that I want to know does it have replay when I win in style I would love to watch how I drive plus I would love to see that kind of replay visuals in the rain I try to find it but I never see the optiin to replay a rase you just run anyone know #1.13
Damn ps4 sold more than wiiu and xbone combine lol now thats a good old fashion thrashing #1.9
Lol I know this game was all hype #12
Troll article everygame is multiplat except for knack and killzone which ever magazine this idiot edit for they should fire him and I'm staying clear of that magazine or game site #7
wow the invincible x is down ,that cant be right now can it #9
same can be said about blind xbox followers

1 back in ps3 era when PlayStation having more gameses exclusive than 360 everyone played it off like its nothing now the same ppl that was saying we don't need a lot of games then, all we need it halo gears and forsa, now these same pot calling the kettle black preaching from left to right how much more exclusive the x1 has

2 when it use to take ps3 a long time to download games you could hear them from a mile... #8
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they're not going to talk about parity policy if it happens you wont know about it #5.1.1
Yes yes oh god yes give res evil 1 and this and 4 and ill be in heaven res evil 2 needs to be registered has well
Capcom you bitch when are you guys goibg to give us a megamanx remaster I mean all from 1 to 9 #8
People cry over tge simplest things #23.1
Messiah do you even have a ps4? Anytime you hear clown mention forda to drive club they font have the game never plan on.buying the game all yhey wsnt to do is hate on.the gsme if forsa is has good a. Game has you daid you wouldn't be here criticizing dclub #2.9
Indeed I say 10 years of hard labor for first offense #4.1.1
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