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immorals thanks for telling the truthpeople like you are one in a million on xbox #1.2
yeah really good considering they was force to drop the xbox to bargin bin level and give away like 50 games with the console very nice indeed if ps4 did that they would of sold 30 million by now lol

Foehamer no he's not he's here to gloat over sales numbers the xbox fanboys are so proud. they are the same one who was saying don't watch the sales numbers watch the game lol #1.9
where are all the xbox fanboys lol when something good is going on there in their cave when some have a lil negative they come out like roaches lol just like the uncharted they oh my its a downgrade lol they will all see when naughty dog is finish with that game its naughty dog we're talking about it seems they forgot #6
yeah so microsuck should just do it and Sony just take it if someone killed your child and they got the death penalty you're going to honestly tell the judge 2wrongs don't make a right Microsoft fanboy much #1.1.84
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lol plus giving away 10 games to make people buy their system then jump for joy when they win November like they did without cheating lol #1.6
well said #1.2.1
dude he is a troll other than the message system what issues he talking about oh please tell me #2.1.3
Ok flames can u show some facts to back that up? or youre just going off youre fanboy fox not facts lol

Anyway if playstation drop their prices to bargain bin level like what microsft did it would be flying off shelf faster than it already are so I dobt what youre celibrating ms just move the goal necause tgey were losing that bad #1.8.1
Lol bias much japans nintendo home ground and moble phones domain that is a great accomplishment plus japan
Has 130million ppl you called that small #1.1.2
Wow xbox now in the bargain bin lol ms
Really desperate #5
we grew up on play station and Nintendo #1.2
yawn #3
you said it its like cake and milk #1.1
yeah right not with activision at their helm #4.1
wow Microsoft henchmen is at work in this on, no matter what they do they cant catch up to Sony so they'll do anything to try and slow ps4 down with false information dirty tactics i know they are behind a lot of things ,they use their money to cheat sabotage this going to be the dirtiest console war ever you just watch when Microsoft and their defense force are desperate everything is fair game in their eyes i don't know how people can support this corporation #6
then why didnt the bugs stop them from giving ubisoft assassin creed unity 9.5 out of 10 #4.1
okay if you say so bub #12.1
This list sucks only person on that list that needs to be there is that witch chic #4
Wow ps4is kicking major ass 4mil in a single quarter sweet #2
lol ubisoft you really F##K up big time this is the worst fail launch in the history of gaming i cant believe anything could beat drive club but ubi your now worst than EA #1
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