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Sweet now I can pick this up and cool
The zelda hunger thats burning the bottom of my stomach from the other day #3
I see what you did there, very good sarcasm lol.. but youre right ppl need to stop listen to these same ass clowns who hype the game up to unrealistic measures and when it didn't live up to their almost mythical expectations they say the game suck,the game is an exilent game I cant stop playing it yeah its not ground breaking but it has one fundamental thing,its fun doesn't thats what makes a game good.

I notice now a days if a game doesn't cure cancer or have som... #1.1
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Lol well said brother I love to see the torment on those snobs faces I remember last gen when I was fighting xbox fanboys 2flameing swords in my hand zodd style karma is a bitch #3.5
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yep and when you look at games like blood born and pt and the order and no mans sky that list is only going to get longer #2.3
Very interesting read #1
dude i so envy you right now i speak Japanese but i cant read it yet im learning, i know ny way of learning is unorthodox lol #1.6
aconnellan i never hear you guys crying when all those Xbox first of t dlc from call of duty last gen but now everyone's crying about how there shouldn't be any console preference lol funny #1.1.8
ok you guys keep telling youre selves that if it makes you sleep better at night if that's the case why upgrade to a new console,, you guys should be playing the first xbox and the ps2 and the gamecube then #7
real boob real vagina i can see it now this is how the world end every man have a sex droid in their basement no one have any kids any more poof we go out of existence #1.2.3
GTAV will be the next big thing you just wait #1.1
wow Japanese ladies are some of the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth #6
it doesn't sadden me one bit after what Microsoft did to me with windows me and Xbox live im on a one man war with them to me its not about being a fanboy its bigger than that Microsoft is too damn shady #1.10
I keep hearing how dumb and bias N4G is and how its sony fanboy heaven but read these comment made by other website and listen to the post the fanboy war is more intense here than on N4G

this guy
PS domination is the best thing for the industry,Just look at the PS1,PS2 era.So many games then came the 360 which was in the lead last gen and it was one of the wors gen ever



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... #1.12
oh my god HoldanZA has seen the light i cant believe this welcome brother lets us drink and celebrate you spoke the truth #2.2

you just push America back 600years into the dark ages with that ridiculous rant you just did. If i were you i would go to the basement of my house and put a paperbag over my head for the rest of the year.. IPhone is the biggest selling phones in japan guest what? its an American company, if you build good things people will buy it but if you build crap no one want how do you expect to sell that's Microsoft problem, they think dashing money at stuff makes i... #1.1.20
Damn look at all the fanboys coming in here telling everyone how they got a ps4 and a xbox one and there getting it for there xbox one really that guy above me claimed the demo ran better with better graphics on xbone really see this is the problem with xbox fangirls cuz there not men im playststion gamer and im not going.tell ppl yeah I have an xbox but im going to buy it on ps4 at least I have some honor dam even nintendo fanboys have honor xbox fanboys are liars every last one #25
Mmnn very good read but no one will read this because its not a click bait post #1
there are no strength in xbox only weaknesses #4.3.3
one thing i know forv sure ill never buy this game again crazy commercial crappy game fool me one time no 2 #1.1
me too almost feel bad almost lol #3.2
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