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Hey im asking do you have a ps4/xbox
Just asking #5
edonus it doesn't take much to know you're an idiot and that ps4 has no game talk is played out and flawed name one new exclusive on the xbox that came out in the last month or so I'm waiting please take your time if anyone under ms kool aid its you #1.1.9
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take this from a Sony fan the last of us is good no its great but (zelda ocarina of time) is the greatest game ever don't care what anyone says that is the nu 1 game of all time to me #1.4
lol i concur it was scary has hell i stop after that ghost woman slam the bathroom door on me lol #1.1.10
when these click bait try to get hits we should just dont respond to it and let it die then real stories will get a chance to shine #1.6
Sweet I love it
Blim zod teleport back into the shadows #1.1.11
Gamescome will be epic
Blim zod teleport into the shadows #10
Not gonna happen kid
Blim((zod telleport back into the shadows #3
Ill be getting this for ps4 just to let capcom know we hate that new gears of war version of res evil 5 we need the old game back with the puzzle and the scare..blim ((zod telleport back in to the shadows)) #3
Lol I wonder what the xbone fans going to say now,all who was saying ps4 have no game well half the xbox exclusives are multiplat now ha hahahahahaha #2.7
I'm Z'od the immortal I've bin around for over 10,000years now I've seen everything.. oh and i understand everything they say in Japanese good thing i can speak the language #1.3
You dont have a ps4 stop Lying manly control the only controls youre holding is a troll under the bridge #5.3.1
Lol I wonder where is trufan and the rest of the ms defence force at #12
nah it already does dat lets just enjoy this master piece #2
Every list I've seen ps4 out number xbone in games and yet these idiots writing this garbage. Lol
Some people are really sheeple
Etc 214 line up
Mlb the show
Little big planet
Lost of us

Halo master chief collection
Sunset overdrive #8
Sweet I want a good Japanese game #2
I agree with this I remember getting this game for n64 it was one of the best game if not the best game ever #4
This is the thing I cant understand why are so many pc master race here if youre so rich why do you guys love hanging arround pesant so much
In real life I dont see donal thrump
Are the Rockefeller hanging in any gheto telling the pesant yes look at me im rich you suck so why are you guys constantly here oh.. ehat with all that graphics and tech you cant find anything to play lol #1.1.8
Yeah I love war lock #6
Good good hahahahaha #1.15
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