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Lol dont worry the xbone defence force will come up with another lame excuse like wait when the moon colony release date drops and the bone start to sell there ps4 is finish lol #4.1
Dr jones you sir are an idiot if you yhink cut scene devalue games #2
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first y'all complaining about wheres the game now Sony is bringing by the pile and y'all still find shit to cry about gamers are such spoiled brats these days #1.3.1
really we check your history ,you never had a playstation in the first place why ppl do this you think doing that is going to stop PlayStation sales #13.3
Sweet #1
What let me get this straight you see sex objects true all that armor the lady is wearing lol dude you need to get laid and mean asap if you look at a worm you'll see sex objects #12.4
Why only give us half give us the whole list #1
Lol they think ppl going to buy Windows phone for that android and iphone lick the market Microsoft sorty but youre aren't going no where #5
Wow a whole day dann bbbut I thought xbox live was invincible and if it go's down Microsoft have a second back up and if that failed the go to their third #15
Sometime I wonder if capcom executives are idiots they have the perfect time to bring this legendary title back and this is what they do.
A board game really? You know how long I want a good megaman game and this is what I get sometime I really wonder boy #4
bias fanboys are going to be biast fanboys i have this game yes its not the best driving game ever but its very fun and the game play is solid i give drive club a 7.5 out of 10 honest review #1.7
everyone knows im a playstation gamer, but this is whats destroying the industry.. fanboys who live in their mothers basement and hate on games like the brat they are .. This game in my opinion should get a 8.5 out of 10 not no 1 thats just ridiculous... I see the same thing with destiny and drive club that's why i don't go off of rating anymore i watch youtube and if i like what i see i buy the game, rating sucks now a days all we have is fanboys taking out their hate on companies an... #1.10
This guy needs to stop sucking on ms beef and get a kife cuz he's the worst analyst in the universe all he does is pat ms on the back no wonder that game developer cant remember is name make him look stupid on a interview if anyone needs to quit its microsoft nintendo is beating them world #1.2
Sweet now I can pick this up and cool
The zelda hunger thats burning the bottom of my stomach from the other day #3
I see what you did there, very good sarcasm lol.. but youre right ppl need to stop listen to these same ass clowns who hype the game up to unrealistic measures and when it didn't live up to their almost mythical expectations they say the game suck,the game is an exilent game I cant stop playing it yeah its not ground breaking but it has one fundamental thing,its fun doesn't thats what makes a game good.

I notice now a days if a game doesn't cure cancer or have som... #1.1
Lol well said brother I love to see the torment on those snobs faces I remember last gen when I was fighting xbox fanboys 2flameing swords in my hand zodd style karma is a bitch #3.5
yep and when you look at games like blood born and pt and the order and no mans sky that list is only going to get longer #2.3
Very interesting read #1
dude i so envy you right now i speak Japanese but i cant read it yet im learning, i know ny way of learning is unorthodox lol #1.6
aconnellan i never hear you guys crying when all those Xbox first of t dlc from call of duty last gen but now everyone's crying about how there shouldn't be any console preference lol funny #1.1.8
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