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Fanboys can't get more retarded.

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Your humanity is lame, selfish kid.

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That's why you buy MMOs like GW2.

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Linear games are bad, yeah some give a good 10 hour experience sometimes but they're not worth 60 dollars. Open World games are the best games.

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The point of the mass effect series is you playing them in order from 1-3.

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You can't compare a square enix game with a naughty dog game, Tlou will be one of the few non-rpg games without health regen most games adapted that ugly insta health regen from COD, thanks to those casual gamers mechanics I barely see good FPS or TPS games these days.

The only thing that can save this game is adding swimming and making the health take a lot of time to regen or just add medkits, if not it will be more of the generic trash that gets spit out every year. <...

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None of the next gen consoles won't be able to run Nvidia Physx, they won't be a huge improvement over the Wii U, only fanboys are saying that. They will be better, yes, but unless sony's and microsoft's consoles get released in 2014 or have a 500+$ price tag, you won't see an improvement as big as you think.

But I'm certain the new consoles will have at least 1080p and MAYBE some DX11 effects like tesselation. But if you use an effect...

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Naughty Dog made the UC2 multiplayer worse :(, it was awesome on release.

Good examples of games with EPIC SP and MP would be
Portal 2
Borderlands 1 and 2
Torchlight 2
Yeah, I like CO OP games :D.

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I think it's still on steam for that price

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COD4 was revolutionary and epic, mw2 and mw3 were terrible...


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Borderlands 2 is one of the best selling games of the year, it has always been in the top 5 sellers of steam and also of consoles. And the Vita bundle was sold out really quickly

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I didn't mention PS3 games, I mentioned PS2 games, and if we can emulate them it means they're part of our library and they all work well. Just the Xbox emulators.

And without the emulated games our library is still many times bigger than any console's library. And we got mods and the 95% of them work unless you use 2 obviously conflicting mods.

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We got halo 1 & 2, we got gears 1 (best gears in my opinion) We got Killzone 1, we got GOW 1 and 2, we got grand turismo 1-4 and we don't really need grand turismo 5 when we got project cars and a lot more driving sims, the PC games library is many times bigger than the console library.

Also if we got moeny to build a gaming PC, don't yo think we would also have money for a console just to get the exclusives? :).

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Not really, Gabe loves PC gaming. A lot of people are moving over to PC gaming, if you plan on building a PC I recomend looking for a guide online or getting someone to help you if it's your first time.

Heck, valve made steam because a lot of stores stopped selling PC games, since steam released PC gaming is increasing in size with various online stores competing now for popularity. Now steam got over 25 million users

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Not really, you can get a 560 ti for around 200$, next year the price will probably drop to 150, companies always make a discount so
You can get an i3 for around 80$ which should be an amazing improvement over current gen consoles.
You can get 8gb of ddr 3 1600mhz for 30$
Power supply a 600w power supply should be enough for this build those go around 50$
Mother board, a z77 family mother board shoul...

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They won't, if you don't want them to be 500$+ then they will be a slight improvement, you probably don't know anything about Computer parts. And if they're released in 2014, they will be a great improvement over the Wii U, but PCs will be "gens" ahead with the next gen GPUs and CPUs that will come out that year.

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Don't be ignorant, advanced physics, like Nvidia Physx are handled by the GPU, if you run physx on high with your CPU your FPS will crawl.

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A 5670 is a really weak card, even though it supports DX11 it won't run well, even a gts250 runs better; it doesn't matter if the Wii U version is better because a 260 would still destroy it and those are low end cards by today's standards.

But I'm expecting consoles to use low end cards because of price restrictions, unless they release them in 2014, but by that time PC's will already have Maxwell GPUs which pretty much destroy any current GPU on the mar...

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Dark Souls was annoying to finish, I got it for PS3 and it lags in big battles, which makes it hard to dodge or counter. Hoping the PC version is better, just bought it, hopefully it doesn't have technical issues.

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The lack of walking dead in this list ruined it, remove COD and add the walking dead.

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