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I completely agree
as a die hard fan,that finish all of the mgs at least 3 times,I think 3 and 4 are the best in the series
MGS4 delivered what was promised an ending to an epic story with so many good memories
I remembered how emotional I got when I played the act 4 Shadow Moses
damn I wish I could play it on PS4

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wow I cant believe its that good

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why are you so mad bro
you clearly dont like these games,but that doesn't make them bad games,hell they are great games
Uncharted 4 was a very good game in its genre(which is a story based game with cinematic experience as you mention it which was perfectly delivered) ofc if you expect another thing from the game,you are in the wrong direction
Days gone hasn't even released and I see no point in even talking about that game

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everyone is saying this game had the potential to be a great game,but...
they should have just release the game later when it had more depth/content instead of releasing it in this state

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damn I loved the first one
I played like hundred hours with friends
one of the best tower defense games out there

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MGS 4 opening is one of the best game openings out there
pff click bait

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they are not divided,some folks just want to insist that this game is good and blame kojima
just look at the reviews,this game isnt even a 7/10

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well said

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buttscratcher lol clearly you didn't play zone of the enders

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Persona 5 is amaziiing
but then for me no other game can match witcher 3

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this trailer was very good
I really love how they search for life,while they were trying to hide it by not breathing,or how he rather die than be a slave to something we dont know
or how it seems they went underwater just as those things appeared
or a baby,a symbol of life?

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tbh they deserve a lot more than that
P5 is one of the best game I ever played and definitively is my GOTY

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Epic news for PC gamers
this game is really good

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They might add it in the DLC

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this was amazing

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as Genuine-User said,it was a good game or should I say a great game
but as a MGS fan,I was way too disappointed with MGSV
the story was bad,I was expecting a good dark story,since the trailers were awesome,but after playing the game,I found out that what they showed us on the trailers was the whole cinematics of the game
missions were forgettable(expect the hospital mission and queit mission which were fun),silent main charecter,boring casscate tapes
and mothe...

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well done ,It looks promising
keep up the good work

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nah compare to previous games,which had a great stories
mgs V sucked,I just liked the first mission and Quiet Exit.
most of the time I was laughing at the story,since it was way too boring,like why does miller bring liquid when you are fighting Sehalanthropus?instead of the whole DD army bring a kid along,good idea
and there was so many boring story plots like that one...
on the other hand the gameplay was really fun

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I was sure this was a half done game when I was playing it.
gameplay was great,but the story was worse than mgs2
I wish it had cutscenes like mgs3-4

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indeed well deserved,Witcher 3 is one of the games that I would always remember and enjoy thinking about the good times I had with the game,like entering Ard skelige... everything was great

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