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@Neonridr as long as there is a chance its done on purpose for financial reasons, whether those are MS or publishers, it will be discussed issue. Unless there is some very well explained technical reasoning why Xbox One can have equal visual parity as PS4 while being significantly slower machine, until that happens its a problem. And if you are bothered by those discussions i suggest to not participate in them. There is still option to simply enjoy the games and not get bothered by this, as p... #16.2.7
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@Neonridr But the question isnt whether they gimped it or not. The developer openly said they gimped it to avoid debates and problems around resolution in some interview. Its openly known they gimped it. Then Ubi immediately went and said thats not the case and all the PR bullshit to cover it up, because people got upset about it. The question is if they did it on their own or MS was involved. Its a fact its gimped. #16.2.5
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thats true, it might be possible that MS have nothing to do with this, but there is also possibility they have. There is good bunch of games where ps4 simply performs better at higher res :

but it might be that MS has nothing to do with that. But it sure does look right now, because of the incident with Unity and all t... #16.2.1
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There is no lack of common sense. On contrary. AC Unity and Dragon Age are one of the biggest games this season and MS just cant afford to repeat the same problem with low sales on these huge game and they will do anything they can, to make sure they avoid that, and they will be willing to put enough resources towards that until it reaches equal with profits they can make on it. Because its more important long term to have big games selling well so that Xbox doesnt fall down to second rate co... #16.1.1
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Thats why i dont like MS, instead of trying to improve and add more game experiences to Xbox owners, they diminish experiences for Playstation owners. It started long ago with timed exclusivity deals, exclusive or timed dlc and now downgrading games for other system ( if you still didnt get the memo, yes they are realy downgrading the games for PS, its more than obvious ). This is simply evil behaviour and thats why i dont understand how can someone like MS and supports them, instead of pouri... #16
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Lets see when the game comes out. But what i saw so far in the trailer, if that were actual visuals, it looked better than any game i have ever seen. #9
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to get raped into A-hole.

OT: great news. I definitely will be among those developing for next-gen platforms with Unity. #1.1
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I would expect ND to push boundaries as much as possible. But if next Uncharted can stand proudly next to UE4 games,then i dont care. But if Sony's best studio is getting lazy, its never good thing. I just dont see how they can stay on top visualy if they will be using old engine. #19
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seriously, more enemies on the screen is all he could come up with ? funny guy. But obviously i cant wait for anything ND throws at us. #17
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I think the game is very solid, but thats it. Solid is boring. It doesnt have interesting story to me, combat is worse than in 1 & 2 or perhaps same which can be issue several years later and the game in overall lacks new ideas. Yeah the city is cool, but thats realy about it. Bioshock 1 is probably one of my most favourite games ever and in comparsion, this is horse shit next to that game and the unique experience i had with bioshock 1. #9.1.1
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About 60% in and i am hating every bit of it pretty much. And i am huge fan of 1 & 2. So NO for me. #9
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looks like shit anyway #10
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Nailed it, pc elitists need to justify the expensive pc they bought, so they will bitch about ps4 as being technicaly worse, thus justifying their awesome pc. I love my pc, i play 95% of games on pc on and on max settings, but i cant wait for ps4, because that will allow next gen visuals. Pc with all the power isnt reason enough for developers to step up and completely revamp their engines. So pc gamers should be happy for ps4 because it means more visualy stunning games than ever before and... #8.1
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If only more people like Levine were making games. #5
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yeah, thats the main benefit of not being born in the 1700s #1.1.12
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I guess, everyone here is retarded, thats why i got 10 disagrees. Jeff said on twitter this :

"But here is a hint: Here Comes Honey Jaffe! :) ok- I drive now:)"

I guess no one actualy reads the stuff they comment on. #3.1.1
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Box art are not picked just by random. They of course had several versions and showed it to multiple people, thats how you got winning cover, which makes random people most interested in the game. You seriously think box art is picked just by taste or one person or what ? They got cover which they know will sell most well with people unfamiliar with the game based on data. #40
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hint is Here Comes Honey Jaffe. Obviously link to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, so either you are kid competing at pageants or you are feeding fat mom with burgers and fries. Not sure whats better.(btw i like the show) #3
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Definitely, i just wonder if Wii U will be succesful with this strategy, then Sony and MS will adopt this strategy and we can give farewell to gaming as you know it, since Nintendo isnt going for anything else but shovelware and causals. But as long as its only Nintendo i dont care. But honestly its first Nintendo console i am super non-interested in. #13.1.2
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Noone's telling you not be happy with it. Go and take it on boat trip if you like. I for one, am concerned in what state industry is, if people are happy about buying new console which is worse piece of hardware than last gen hardware. Console is after only hardware and nothing more, and it is supposed to allow developers to do whatever they want or at least try and expand possibilites with each new hardware and Nintendo failed at this completely. #13.1
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