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The only real problem with this, is that you don't know what content you're getting for $40. It's a gamble. If they made new content after the game came out - couple expansions that add up to 10-20 hours of gameplay, a bunch of new challenges and skins, then yes, $40 would be a fair price. #12
sweet, another lazy android emulator port from Square Enix that's missing content from the original game, with no PC upscaling graphic options and at a premium price! I'm super excited for this cash grab! #4
The title of this article should be, "Why I Suck at Life" #65
I played the demo for this and it was terrible, the delay between button presses and what's onscreen was abhorrent and the framerate...Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U is better than this, maybe I didn't give it a chance, but it felt pretty lacking. #3
too bad the ps3 blurred out ferris wheel in the background looks more realistic from a distance #5
Hmm. This game still exists? Good lord #1
Darksiders 2 had a much higher budget than the first game and the combat and controls were better in every way..Amazing game with an amazing loot system #2
this game is awesome...what the hell is wrong with this review? #1
You guys are jerks for making fun of the guy that is speaking English as a second language. How many languages do you speak? #9
I beat this game a few days ago. I still haven't beaten Far Cry 3, but I liked this a hell of a lot more. The soundtrack is amazing although I wish the game had been about 10 hours long. It's a great deal for the price, but you can beat the main campaign in around 3-4 hours if you rush through. #8
all you have to do is sideload android emulators, they work with the controller after mapping. I played Contra 3 and a bunch of SNES games on the Ouya devkit and it worked great. My computer is plugged into my tv, but I'm still looking forward to this #5
not necessarily defending here, but it's not out until June. Kickstarter models don't count as a purchase, I've got one at work (devkit) and another I'm going to use at home for a nice little emulator box, I have no regrets for the $100 pricepoint. #6
I was fine backing an xbmc/emulation unit for 100 dollars even though my computer is hooked up to my tv. The thing is also pretty tiny, but the controller is a bit weak, which is why I'll opt for using my dualshocks 3 controllers :P basically this will be my new modded xbox.

Also, people need to think outside of the box and see the Ouya as a new development platform. Of course many of the early titles will be mobile ports, but it's kind of like how the Wii-U is using... #4
I predict that you will not have a future in journalism #2
finally an honest review. It's a good game and I picked it up on launch day, but it's neither original nor groundbreaking. #1
really disappointed that we still can't use our 360 avatars in the game, I thought this would be added #2

the specs are actually better in some respects than the xbox 360 and how has no one heard of it? I personally hope they get a lot of great 2d rpgs on here. #5

your response clearly gives off the impression that you "don't get the point". The Ouya isn't a phone without a screen that you hook up to your tv - it's an android based game console and there will be new titles developed specifically for it like any other console. Also, not sure if you read the news, but it will support xbox media center, so yeah game console and media hub. As a producer in the gaming industry, I'm finding the prospec... #3.2

I accidentally disagreed with you, but meant to agree, no idea why N4g won't let me change it.. #2.1
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