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Razer onza was horrible. I went through 3 of them before I gave up. They did replace them all at no charge. The sabretooth lasted a bit longer but failed as well. 100% failure rate on Razer controllers. Their mice and keyboards are great, but they've proven they don't know how to build a quality controller. #4
Why do English people insist on using the word, "rubbish" so often? It makes you sound like an old British Grandma from the 1800's. "Quantum Break looks a bit rubbish" *Sips Earl Grey. "Quite right old man, quite right" #34
people still play this flop? #2
A lot of these issues are design choices and CDPR is not obligated to patch them, be thankful they are. They could choose to release the game as is and offer minimal support. I applaud how they've handled the release of the Witcher 3, the graphics are almost on par with the E3 video now. #2
I agree with you Dr_Angus, I did enjoy Arkham Knight, quite a bit. But it is definitely not a GOTY contender in my opinion. The villains were wasted, the boss battles were too easy (and not very original or good) and the story was honestly a bit subpar. The voice acting, presentation and visuals were all pretty top-notch, as was the team up fighting (not nearly enough of it though). The lack of a batcave and/or way to change costumes on the fly was pretty terrible. With all the massive delays... #9
Arkham Knight was good (yes I beat it, on pc no less) but it doesn't even touch Bloodborne or Witcher 3. It's a good game though, with some minor technical annoyances. The boss battles are basically the worst in the series, in my opinion. (SPOILERS) The car battles should have ended in melee combat. Isn't it sad that Arkham Origins had some of the best boss battles in the series? #4
clickbait article, pretty shameless #29
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The witcher 3 is incredible and looks amazing, but if you use the free camera mod you'll realize how many of the textures are low resolution, even on the pc version. It looks good partially due to how far back the camera is pulled. #4

it won't

Minimum System Requirements
Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz.
AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940.
Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660.
AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870.
OS 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
DirectX 11.
HDD Space 40 GB. #4
Official word from Rockstar is they still wholly embrace and support single player mods

“I’m having soo much fun with GTAV on the PC but I just have one question about it, how come you are not allowing mods for it?” - @ClarkMatthew63
“Will I get banned from GTA Online for using a FoV Mod or Oculus Rift mod?” - @Mattophobia

We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community and we still fondly remember the awesome zombie invasi... #44
The only real problem with this, is that you don't know what content you're getting for $40. It's a gamble. If they made new content after the game came out - couple expansions that add up to 10-20 hours of gameplay, a bunch of new challenges and skins, then yes, $40 would be a fair price. #12
sweet, another lazy android emulator port from Square Enix that's missing content from the original game, with no PC upscaling graphic options and at a premium price! I'm super excited for this cash grab! #4
The title of this article should be, "Why I Suck at Life" #65
I played the demo for this and it was terrible, the delay between button presses and what's onscreen was abhorrent and the framerate...Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U is better than this, maybe I didn't give it a chance, but it felt pretty lacking. #3
too bad the ps3 blurred out ferris wheel in the background looks more realistic from a distance #5
Hmm. This game still exists? Good lord #1
Darksiders 2 had a much higher budget than the first game and the combat and controls were better in every way..Amazing game with an amazing loot system #2
this game is awesome...what the hell is wrong with this review? #1
You guys are jerks for making fun of the guy that is speaking English as a second language. How many languages do you speak? #9
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