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Rally games aren't popular in the US, sadly. This is why Codemasters had to make their games more US-orientated. #1.1.1
7/10? Wowsers. You must have played a very different game to the one I have. #3
Rash or Pimple #16
Danger Mouse is rad #1
Even the blurb to this "news" story makes me cringe. #19
We didn't include Aladdin, Jungle Book and Lion King in the feature as they aren't long forgotten - as mentioned at the start of the article, a lot of the 16-bit Disney games are still very well remembered. #2
Bring back Pogs. #1
This is a "Most Played" article, not a review.

It's mentioned in the article that it was released late last year. #1.1
Its not exactly the clearest - "Defeated but his heart still beats!" and such. #5
Where did you get that idea from? It's a one-on-one fighting game, like Soul Calibur or Mortal Kombat. #3.1
Post updated. Thanks. #2.1
Every time I hear the words 'Activision' and 'licensed game' in the same sentence a shudder goes down my spine. #1
This game feels rushed out - loads of glitches, etc. They should have delayed it until Into Darkness was released on DVD/Blu-ray and tied it in with that. #1
How long did you play it for? Anything more than a couple of hours and chances are 'Stockholm syndrome' may have settled in. #1.1
Yes - that's mentioned in the article. #1.1
The PSone version was canned, so Titus did save us some grief there. #2.1
Well, they don't call it Crash Course for nothing!

But seriously, I'm guessing MS underestimated how popular CC2 will be. Give it a week and the servers will be more stable, just like what happened during Defiance's launch. #1.1
Has anybody thought to ask Amazon if this is an error? Quite obvious that it is, seeing Judgment is only a month old. #12
Seems legit. #1
Pretty sure Brothers in Arms leads the way here. #4
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