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Bring back Pogs. #1
This is a "Most Played" article, not a review.

It's mentioned in the article that it was released late last year. #1.1
Its not exactly the clearest - "Defeated but his heart still beats!" and such. #5
Where did you get that idea from? It's a one-on-one fighting game, like Soul Calibur or Mortal Kombat. #3.1
Post updated. Thanks. #2.1
Every time I hear the words 'Activision' and 'licensed game' in the same sentence a shudder goes down my spine. #1
This game feels rushed out - loads of glitches, etc. They should have delayed it until Into Darkness was released on DVD/Blu-ray and tied it in with that. #1
How long did you play it for? Anything more than a couple of hours and chances are 'Stockholm syndrome' may have settled in. #1.1
Yes - that's mentioned in the article. #1.1
The PSone version was canned, so Titus did save us some grief there. #2.1
Well, they don't call it Crash Course for nothing!

But seriously, I'm guessing MS underestimated how popular CC2 will be. Give it a week and the servers will be more stable, just like what happened during Defiance's launch. #1.1
Has anybody thought to ask Amazon if this is an error? Quite obvious that it is, seeing Judgment is only a month old. #12
Seems legit. #1
Pretty sure Brothers in Arms leads the way here. #4
Call of Juarez has fans? #2
Maybe so, but a publisher isn't going to release a TV-licensed game in the UK if that show doesn't air over here. #1.1
Fire Fighter 3/10 #1
That was an entirely different game. A different publisher (EA) and developer. #8.1
Giggidy, giggidy, goo! #1
Yes, some of the mission of objectives are revealed in the review. However, plenty aren't. Several key plot details and twists have been left out to prevent the game being ruined.

The sewer mission was featured in the review to cover the fact that's a degree of variety. It's also the only time that the game feels atomspheric, hence why it was mentioned.

Go out and buy the game and play it. Then come back and read the review again. I think you will... #4
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