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Cool #2
I'd argue that it's a bit of a grey area. Amazon published the wrong product description, but that could have been because Activision didn't release details of the Wii iteration until it launched. Those who pre-ordered wouldn't have known until they received the game.

The adverts/trailers also make it sound as if all the console versions are the same...and there are still no reviews of the Wii version available online. Activision obviously chose not to send th... #1.1
Hopefully Pool Nation FX will be patched soon. 12 of the achievements are borked. #16
This is usually the case on Xbox One. #13.1
These look very cheap and nasty #37
People do seem to be spending money on it. Giant spiders everywhere! #1.1
These have been confirmed now.

Next month's double dose of Xbox One freebies are new games, reports GameInfomer. #36
$15 is nothing - the Playsets cost more than double, and all to unlock content that's already on the disc. #1.1
Yager was THQ. #6.2
There was a sequel... #1.4.2
With Rare now at a loose end, MS could always give them Blinx to mess around with. It probably won't ever happen, but it's fun to fantasise about such things. #2
I think we can all agree that there were way more than just six superb looking games at E3. There was bound to be something left out that somebody else is looking forward to. #6
Shadowrun on Xbox 360 allowed you to play PC gamers. You could always tell who was playing on a PC as their shots were always deadly accurate. #13
Eight? There goes my diet. #1
I believe you've missed the article's intent. It's not reporting that it has a 6 vs. 6 limit. That information is old. It's reporting that, going by the beta, that limit isn't an issue at all. The reasons are then explained. #3.2.1
That information was gathered first hand, from playing the beta. Also, although a lot was said about the 12 player limit when it was announced, the focus of the article is to detail how it's not a major issue. #3.1
It's out 17th Jan in Europe: #4.1
Don't forget Skylanders, which actually made more money than CoD last year. #2.1
It was one of the most popular Xbox rentals, which makes sense seeing it was pretty limited for a full price game. #1.2
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