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They got rid of the overly precise .1-4 scale and instead round the score from half a point to a full point.

So gone are the days of 9.2s, the 9s and 9.5 are here to stay.

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He means Rayman 2: Revolution(PS2). Yes a remake, but still awesome.

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Read where the review comes from(hint* GamePro) then read the name of the website(hint* examiner), could this mean they are one and the same. NO, it means they are posting a score and summary of what the magazine scored the game.

Sorry but people, THINK.

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According to metacritic the game has 76 positive and 3 mixed reviews by websites and publications. This nets it at a 89% total and is also equally rated by user reviews. So, mixed reactions, WTF?

360's Critic Rating: 89% User Score: 8.9
PS3's Critic rating: 88% User Score: 9.3

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Is the second one for me?

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All the idiots who are screaming "FAKE!" should read before mouthing off. The website clearly created this image by comparing the previous leaked dev kit. In fact, it explains it in the post...

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This view is only subjective to fan boys on this site. The majority of sane gamers appreciate EPIC for their contributions.

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Good one... (crickets)

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Who cares? Record it in the archives so we never forget when IGN spelt Britain wrong! They made a spelling mistake, I'm sorry we can't spelling bee champions like yourself. Find a better way to pick on IGN.

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Honestly GOW should be on this list. It isn't really a secret that most of IGN doesn't like the game, but not appreciating those boss battles is just plain biased. On a technical and cinematic level alone, the game deserves a spot on that list. Hell, If a shiite game like FFXIII gets a spot on the list because of one moment eleven + hours in the game, I see no reason why IGN could not credit a Poseidon or Cronos moment.

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Fix theater mode and the shitty(worse than MW2) F4A spawn system.

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Obsidian is developing New Vegas, Bethesda is only publishing the game. So it is you who needs to become wise.

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Shut-up fanboy...

You are a pathetic attempt at justifying all the great experiences you're missing out on. Whether or not a game is linear or open, doesn't affect how good that a experience is. It's how well the game was designed and executed, and there are many example of poor executions on both consoles. With the exception of FF13, Uncharted and Killzone are focused games, LBP is not linear at all, and MGS4 has open maps where the player can take multiple paths...

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Why do numerous people and lists state MW2 has good looking graphics? The engine's time has come and passed.

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I thought by now, people would be blaming the multiplatform developers and not the PS3's capabilities. Developers who understand Playstation's architecture don't f**k up simple as that; FF13 proves this.

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I love how everyone always uses the argument "the developer split resources to include multiplayer" about Bioshock 2. Bioshock 2 had two different teams working on each mode separately much like Medal of Honor!

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Games take time to make and to be fair Uncharted came out last year. I don`t know which of the many developers you refer to that has had taken that ND inspiration, implemented, and released the game in less than one year...

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Optical, I agree with you that Gigalol is a troll and Uncharted 2 is a great game, but how can you pass judgement on a game that we have haven't played? I hope as a gamer, every game that releases outdoes the many bars Uncharted 2 set.

If that happened, sex would become boring and insignificant trolls would go back to work with Charlie at his chocolate factory. Kotick supplies the milk needed, in exchange for any extra (RedOYGB)colored plastic Wonka has; everybody is happ...

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Why bring up Halo? Who said anything about that here?

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Wow it looks like COD is trying to punish submachine rushers even more... sigh.

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