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i hope this game gets finished to a good degree of polish. What they showed up until now has me very excited!!!!!!!1

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GTA 4 was awesome, i bought it first day and beat it within 5 days. I bought all the DLC packs and they added a lot to the story. I was completely satisfied with GTA 4, it is one of my favorite games, i still play it to this day!!!

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AhhaHAhHAhHAhahhAHhahhHhahahah ahAHhHAhHahHAhhaHAhAH

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I think every one like cypress hill, they are a mix between rock and rap and most of their songs are about smoking weed :D

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i always have to play singleplayer for a game before i go to the multiplayer, it just makes sense. Developers worked so hard to deliver a singleplayer experience, so why not play it? Plus this game is gonna be short like the last game so it i can beat it real quick :D

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Is this feature only going to disrupt the party chat for search and destroy or is this gonna disable the party chat for every multiplayer gametype?
I mean team deathmatch isn't really effected by party chat, im thinking S & D is a big one that needs this feature but evrything else not so much

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maybe they add more guns with dlc?
Hopefully they bring back the better bolt action snipers of cod4 and maybe some of the other classics :( i already miss my MP5, but hopefully UMP45 or the MP5k handle the same or similar to MP5

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what a dumb site they think left 4 dead 2 is coming out 2010

"Obviously the system to own this year is a PS3, so with that settled, let's look at 2010. Will Microsoft's Xbox 360 compete more readily against the mighty PS3 next year? Our answer is a resounding yes. Here's how the two consoles stack up head-to-head:"
scroll down

"Quantum Theory PS3 vs Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360"

what retards :/

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i think achievements is just this optional thing u can choose to do, and it really does make for some replay in many games. Usually what i do is play the game first, getting any achievements along the way, but i mostly play for the story. Then after i have beaten the game i would go back and try to get as many achievements as i could :D
IMO trophies/achievements cant really hurt your gaming experience, cause u can just ignore them, but i still think getting them is fun xD

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space bears :P tee hee

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so many special ops modes :P

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hurray :D

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cant believe they already made products using the new charging by magnetic induction method, soo awsome

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i need to buy a ps3 for exclusives like this O_o
maybe another price drop will entice me further :D

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3034d ago

First of all your the stupidest retard ever as u spelled your own idols name wrong (Stephen Hawking)
and BTW the REAL STEPHEN HAWKING plays all consoles except the Wii (well because he can't move O_o) and would own your fanboy a$$ u dumb uneducated piece of work!!!!!!!!!!

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i love how articles that have nothing to do with consoles or fanboys turns into an all out bash.
First of all xbox 360 has more exclusive titles than Ps3,
second those titles may suck, in your opinion
third Call of duty world at war sucked, and only the nazi zombies was cool
Fourth MW2 is not cod4.5 just watch all the insane mulitplayer videos,
Finally IMO i think MW2 is gonn abe so hectic and clusterf!cked no more places to hid because of the predator missile O...

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i read the review then noticed how he said that Firefight was missing some features like a feature that tells u how many enemies are left, and well i just watched the new Vid Doc and it shows firefight gameplay and you can clearly see that it shows how many enemies are left on the top of your HUD. So im thinking this Wii site [email protected] is just jealous of a real next gen console like the xbox (or ps3)
BTW did i mention how much the Wii sucks

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i dont know if the author intended to do this but he wrote "I pictured fighting a friend in an epic duel as we crossed virtual swords"
Crossing swords ahahahahaha hilarious

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i think you got that backwards friend god didnt make anything, MAN made GOD
this quote really makes sense "I Believe man made god out of ignorance and fear, if God, made man then why the hell would he put us here?"
If you think otherwise then u just need false hope that your actually gonna go somewhere after u die

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