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I suffer from Amblyopia my left eye is blurred and my right eye is just fine. I refuse to wear glasses because it doesn't help the problem. my eyes stay blurred I have terrible depth perception but so far it hasn't been a problem so far in my life it just sucks. Since I am an avid gamer I can tell you that video games do nothing to correct the problem in my eyes I think this study is complete garbage.

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"Eric Boltjes: Definitely. You try not to get involved, especially in forums; you don’t want to fuel the fire. But we do read a lot of the different comments, what the buzz is, what people think. After the 2005 trailer, it was tricky because a lot of people started laying into it, like ‘it can’t be real, they’ll never be able to do that’ – and it wasn’t real, obviously. But it did motivate us to really show them that we can make a kick ass game and prove them wrong."

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What do you base your idiotic statement on.

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Yes also say the ps3 has no games besides KZ2. You know how retarded that statement is.

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I know I'm off topic but did you see metacritic they put the sixth axis review that was a 5/5 as a 50/100 for killzone 2
EDIT: Nvm they just fixed it and put it were it belonged it's now at a 93 :)

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Nice comment Pimp from someone who doesn't even own a PS3 but plz talk more sh!t it doesn't even make you look sadder then you already are.

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Well I read it... My thoughts are is this writer is just a little B!tch CRY MOAR PLOX!

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It's because when people often play the game they play it on easy so they don't die a lot when they want to show you the gameplay.

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Why Vent out what are you talking about? no one is angry they are just talking about how Microsoft could have used the money for more important thing then DLC.

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Of course it's not Fuc*ing dieing you'd have to be pretty retarded to believe that it is.

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Holy crap there ps3 version is bright mine is so dark I used the flashlight through most of the demo 8 Times! They really need to fix there TV. -_-

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I was hoping that some of us would get together to make a N4G clan. It would be fun :O)

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I go on this site on my PS3

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Or a crazy thought I bet we can make the open zone more mature then the gamer zone. huh huh? anybody (gets shot in the foot)

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Greatest voice ever!

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Wrong story yikes

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This is madness!

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First story I ever posted :o)

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Sry if this sucks I'm new to this whole contributer thing.

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Just put in a 160GB hardrive in my old 20GB model. :o)
EDIT: What I did was put in a flashdrive and saved all the game saves that I needed.

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