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Must I send a link to what the parity clause actually is? It has nothing to do with graphics you git. On topic,I truly wish both consoles had gone with more powerful hardware,way more powerful. I would have dished out the extra $. Now we are stuck with the equivalent of mid range gaming laptops for the next 5-7 years. And yes, I realize there is always PC but there are a lot of exclusives I cannot get on PC.

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May I ask what it is you actually do for a living? You are first to post on so many articles.

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It's something people are going to have to get used to. When I had dial up way back in the day I couldn't even use XBL or many other online games. So I just dealt.

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Title is confusing.Should read "rather than". Anyway, as long as they make games for it I don't care how they are viewing it.

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Yes, parity was truly horrid during the PS2-Xbox days, now THAT was a huge difference in power.

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Wahh!!! they did it first! waahh!!! Grow up already, Sony fans were terrible last gen as well. Talk about playing the victim, sheesh.

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I disagreed with your goofy face, please in the name of all that's decent change your avatar. And yes, I know I committed a fallacy, but I don't argue with idiots.

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Again with this? I have seen no one but Sony fans talking about the X1 catching up with the PS4. Stop being so paranoid, we are just happy for potential improvements, not hoping for the X1 to "outdo" the PS4.

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In the end Sony will pull through and the Playstation brand will still be here and thriving, and financial analysts will sadly still be making their huge salaries for making educated guesses.

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Dude I think "staggering" is overstating it a bit.

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Somebody's fired.

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Let's be honest Sony, it's because your broke.

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The soundtrack for Silent Hill is one of the most memorable, used to listen to it in my car.

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Do you actually have a point other than "omg evil MS is entering this market to dominate it"?

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I agree with you, until the flagship titles begin to come out there isn't much of a compelling reason to get either. Best time to purchase is when there is somewhat of a backlog and at least a $50 price drop.

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This is scarcely a few paragraphs of crap we already know built upon the Gaming Bolt article with quotes from Michael Pachter a few days ago. This is a stealthy way of getting around a duplicate story. It would not surprise me if some of the N4G users are actually the authors of this trash.Oh, and they misspelled Pachter as Patcher, is that supposed to be cute? These "articles" are recycled over and over without being reported.

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I am not sure if Minecraft would be any more enjoyable if it were prettier, but it sure looks cool. I want to see something really old like Syphon Filter in Cryengine 3, that would be awesome.

Thanks, that title was driving me bonkers. And you get disagrees. Sorry but the grammar was hideous and inexcusable for even a 3rd grader.

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Looks like great fun, looking forward to this.

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He stated that the Ps4 would support DX12, but ok, glad you are here to interpret for GamerXD.

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Yoshida sure knows how to suck up, everyone gets all warm and fuzzy. Yuck.

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