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Preordered and It will be sold on eBay.

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Preordered the game on amazon. Waiting for the beta key and after I received it I will cancel my preorder.

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It's the quake engine not the source engine.

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Hopefully Red Harlow from Red Dead Revolver has a guest appearance or better is a playable character.

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Nothing more than a Takstar Pro 80 with a mediocre mic. Better go with the Takstar Pro 82 and an adapter with the vmoda boom pro.

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I don't like MS or the Xbox but this article jeez is pure trash. Yeah in the end they build a stronger PC that is a little more expensive than the Xbox one x. But the PC has no OS, no uhd drive and no input devices.

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I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
Too late, oh

OneRepublic Lyrics rofl

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GT7 see you on PS5.

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Haters am cry.

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Reminds me a little bit of Socom. Good old days.

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If you remove the nazi symbolism why do you stil call it nazi zombies?? More like iron cross zombies.

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Single player or multiplayer, though? Because if it's just in the MP side of the game, who cares. /lolz

Stop the shitty excuses. I even care about the mp. It's about immersion. And every black female soldier that fights for the germans is complete bulls****

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Cosmetic only like in Lag Ops 3 and MWR. Don't believe the lies. Sooner or later It won't be cosmtic only.

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No supersampling lolz. Means the game looks exactly the same on a 1080p display. No matter if you play on ps4 or pro.

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True 4K only in certain games and also using the weak checkerboard rendering that the weak not true 4k PS4 pro uses.

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The CPU part is pretty weak. So i agree. Even Ubisoft claimed that the cell was more capable than the new AMD Jaguar in terms of CPU performance.

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Well actually Sony loses nothing. I mean common what do you expect. A user can't play against his friends that own a different Hardware and now what? Will he throw his Sony console out of the window? Nope.

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More like preselected questions answered.

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