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Sledge Hammer Games sucks in terms of netcode and weapon balance. Nothing to cheer about. Even If the game is boots on the ground It will still suck because of the developer.

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No surprises here. The retailers are dropiing the price like no COD game before. The Legacy edition started in europe for a regular price of 79,99 Euros. Gameware sold the legacy edition for 55 euros.

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Well have fun with the shitty netcode and the horrible Hit Detection in Lag Ops 3.

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Jesus Christ when will they add new characters? I want to play as Karl Schäfer in the mp.

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“Strong Demand” For Xbox One On Black Friday Says Microsoft

No shit Sherlock.

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Can't wait to play this masterpiece on my PS4 Pro.

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This and that the COD4 Remaster is behind the Infinite Warfare paywall.

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Better change the headline. 78% play shitty mobile games which they downloaded for free.

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Standalone version or no buy.

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Hopefully a Pro Mode with 1080P/60 Fps.

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Not buying Infinite Warfare for COD remastered. Instead I'm playing Battlefield One and wait for the standalone version of COD4 remastered.

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If you just want the Remaster don't buy the game If it flops they will sell the Remaster as a standalone soon.

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Lol you have no clue what you are talking about.
NBA 2K17 runs with native 4k and 60 Fps.
More stable fps on ps4 pro
Better image quality because of downsampling for 1080P users
Better texture quality/AA/AF on ps4 pro

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It's only a matter of time when they will release it separately. Just wait.

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No Wonder. The PS4 slim is overpriced and many people wait for the PS4 Pro.

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Keeping fans happy? This game should have all 16 maps from the beginning.

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Should Sony Have Waited A Year And Reworked The PS4 Pro Into Something More Powerful Like Scorpio?

Nope.Sony will release two or three years later a PS5.

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SATA III for SSD users.

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No optical output? Epic fail.

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What we know so far: The supply drops scam will continue.

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