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Hopefully they did some research about netcode, weapon balance and map design as well. We don't need another Advanced Balfare Asm1 Edition.

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Medal of Honor: Frontline??

If I'm correct this game was available on ps3 as a preorder Bonus for Medal Of Honor 2010.

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Comitted to money.

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Socom II with mp and Scarface The World Is Yours.

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Well just buy Super Street Fighter HD Remix for the ps3/xbox 360. It's almost the same game for half the price.

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If you can afford it go with a real ssd. I also had a SSHD. Problem is that most hybrid drive has only 8gb of flash.

Well everything is better than a standard ps4 drive though.

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Internal 1tb SSD for the games that I play regulary and one external 3,5 3tb drive for the other games.

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Laghammer. Also known as the developers who are reponsible for horrible weapon balance(Advanced Balfare)and shitty netcode. The guys that introduced supply drops and invented this shitty advanced movement system.

Their map design also sucks.

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Hell yeah. Supply drops in WWII. Can't wait /rofl.
Yeah yeah first they will tell you it will be cosmetic only. Like in Black Ops 3 or MW Remastered.

Few months later you will be spammed with weapons and all the other s**** in crates.

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To Horizon Zero. Why? I just own a ps4.

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Sledge Hammer Games sucks in terms of netcode and weapon balance. Nothing to cheer about. Even If the game is boots on the ground It will still suck because of the developer.

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No surprises here. The retailers are dropiing the price like no COD game before. The Legacy edition started in europe for a regular price of 79,99 Euros. Gameware sold the legacy edition for 55 euros.

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Well have fun with the shitty netcode and the horrible Hit Detection in Lag Ops 3.

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Jesus Christ when will they add new characters? I want to play as Karl Schäfer in the mp.

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“Strong Demand” For Xbox One On Black Friday Says Microsoft

No shit Sherlock.

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Can't wait to play this masterpiece on my PS4 Pro.

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This and that the COD4 Remaster is behind the Infinite Warfare paywall.

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Better change the headline. 78% play shitty mobile games which they downloaded for free.

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Standalone version or no buy.

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Hopefully a Pro Mode with 1080P/60 Fps.

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