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Guess what happens If you release three futuristic COD in a row. Always ignoring the COD fanbase. The best thing that you can't get the COD4 remaster without buying Infinite Warfare.

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I will never forget It's roots. It started with World War II and the series was mainly a boots on the ground game before they took the shitty Future approach with supply drops andf bunny hopping movement shit.

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How about fixing the horrible battery?

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Yeah another futuristic COD game. That's what the community always asked for /rofl
At least we can play COD4 remastered.

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Yeah I'm so worried to upgrade. /rofl
Thank God that I can upgrade and I don't have to wait for 7 years for better hardware.

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Resolution and Framerate both available on NEO.

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When PS4K Comes Out, What Will Make You Buy It Day 1?

1080P/60 FPS crisp glory.

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All this customisation crap and the weapon classes look like Call Of Duty but without supply drops.

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This game will fail because they completely ignored the Homefront 1 community. Why do you ask? No competitive mp.

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I have deleted this game from my hard drive. Maybe I will reinstall it in two or three years when the game is nearly complete and finished. Arcade mode anyone?

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From software is just not a good developer when it comes to the technical side of their games.(talking about their console versions and BB)

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Never played the online part and never will. Well I guess here's the reason why we got no story dlc.

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Activision is way worse with their supply drops in Supply Ops 3. You pay money for gambling with a 0,8% chance of getting one of those dlc weapons.

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I want Battlefield 5 to be 1080P/60 FPS.

Or maybe I have to upgrade(PS4k).

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At least SNK will release a full game at release unlike BareBone Fighter V.

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What's unfair if you pay more for the ps4k?

Nothing. The estimated price point is something arround $499.

You get the better hardware and for the mp part of games: PS4k useres run the game with the higher resolution or better textures/AA. Both run the game with the same framerates. So i don't think there's something unfair.

I want the PS4k to run for example Battlefield 5 at 1080P/60 FPS. The normal ps4 can run the game with 900P/...

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Can I get a decent boots on the ground title please?

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Must be real hard for devs these days to turn on the framerate counter while playtesting the game. /sarcasm

For real. They gave a shit about the performance on released the game on purpose. Problem is they got exposed pretty quick.

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Better than the current Space Of Duty news.

Hopefully Ghosts 2 is true.

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