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No supersampling lolz. Means the game looks exactly the same on a 1080p display. No matter if you play on ps4 or pro.

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True 4K only in certain games and also using the weak checkerboard rendering that the weak not true 4k PS4 pro uses.

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The CPU part is pretty weak. So i agree. Even Ubisoft claimed that the cell was more capable than the new AMD Jaguar in terms of CPU performance.

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Well actually Sony loses nothing. I mean common what do you expect. A user can't play against his friends that own a different Hardware and now what? Will he throw his Sony console out of the window? Nope.

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More like preselected questions answered.

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Ask them why they call this game authentic If they are no swastikas in the game. Political correctness my ass.

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Every COD game runs with no problems with 60 fps in 8vs 8 and this game can't even run with 60 fps in an online 4vs 4 player match? Jeez these lazy devs.

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The CEO of Sony germany already stated that the ps5 will be released in 2019 or after. Without a shrink to 7nm It's higly unlikely that they will release a ps5.

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I played the game on my original ps4. It was a mess. Awful performance and horrible loading times I could redownload the game and play it on my ps4 pro but I don't give a fuck anymore. This game is complete crap If you compare It with Just Cause 2.

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The main problems are not the "dedicated" servers. It's a mix of shitty servers, low tickrates and a poorly coded netcode.

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Hopefully they did some research about netcode, weapon balance and map design as well. We don't need another Advanced Balfare Asm1 Edition.

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Medal of Honor: Frontline??

If I'm correct this game was available on ps3 as a preorder Bonus for Medal Of Honor 2010.

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Comitted to money.

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Socom II with mp and Scarface The World Is Yours.

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Well just buy Super Street Fighter HD Remix for the ps3/xbox 360. It's almost the same game for half the price.

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If you can afford it go with a real ssd. I also had a SSHD. Problem is that most hybrid drive has only 8gb of flash.

Well everything is better than a standard ps4 drive though.

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Internal 1tb SSD for the games that I play regulary and one external 3,5 3tb drive for the other games.

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Laghammer. Also known as the developers who are reponsible for horrible weapon balance(Advanced Balfare)and shitty netcode. The guys that introduced supply drops and invented this shitty advanced movement system.

Their map design also sucks.

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