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I was very surprised how good the scares are in it and the first one comes only about ten minutes in :) #1.1.1
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Nice one i can assure you its a great mouse :) Got to live the R.A.T. range :) #2
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That it is :) It also plays amazing too :) Highly recommended. #1.1
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Lets hope its more true to the arcade as a lot of Wii reviews for this game said the controls were not anywhere near lightgun perfect. #3.1
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Bought this with a light gun for the PC back when i had windows xp. Safe to say i will be getting this for the PSN as long as it is for the PS Move :) short but awesome game and brings back memories from my arcade days :) #4
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The video for this piece can not be Embeded due to it being on the JWplayer. #1
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This game is looking the nuts can't wait to get my hands on it =D great coverage of the event too =D

Maybe they will add the safety car next year though lol ;) #2
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In terms of controls I have found them to be fine. I've not had any issues with the running and jumping, been easy enough to fly through the levels. Jumping of the springs does feel different from jumping off enemies and coin screens etc - there is a great sense of speed when you are coming off them but sonic is still controlable fine. Overall the physics felt great and ive been speeding through the level numerous times now :)

The graphics are completly amazing lol you go... #2
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It looks like he's just being included for the challenge maps. I'm still unsure about Catwoman being part of the main campaign. Would have preferred Robin or Nightwing. Even Batgirl lol. #3.1
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A Sonic The Hedgehog table would be awesome, especially if they based it on Green Hill Zone (although Casino Night would be the obvious choice) #1
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I want to see a port of the Jurassic Park: The Lost Worlds, light gun game :D #8
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After having had a go on PS move at EIF 2010 this year i am gonna try and buy a PS3 now. I was rather impressed, but these control schemes will only be as good as the develpoers who make the games. Lets just hope we see better games than just more Wii shovel type games. #7
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one awesome comp, posted my pic in the blog comments :D #12
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My t-Shirt has pixels
Ok so i had to get a little creative and post this t-shirt of mine
I class it as old cause its got pixels on it, yeah remember those graphics lol :D #53
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Looks awesome but why keep out the animalities, babalities, friendships etc those were great :( still be getting the game though :) #14
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This was a well written article and just goes to highlight the problem of most major dedicated games retailers. Yes there are a few people that work in these shops that do actually have a passion for gaming so hence they know what they talk about. Then there are the rest which don't know what they are talking about and this is the problem. Game shops are not very interested in hiring people that actually know about games and the industry. I remember talking to a game employee(i'm in t... #54
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Ok I'm not going to say that the person who wrote the article is pro MS but lets face it, we all seen the lag at E3 and I seen how bad it really was. I don't for one minute believe that any hardcore gamer will not notice lag just because they are actually involved in the game. I notice faults about the Wii's motion controls while playing and you are involved in those games, granted its different but the same concept should apply.
Admittedly dance central was not the worst... #19
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Yeah this game seems to be like marmite, you either love it or hate it, personally i love the game even with the few flaws it has :D #3
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yeah i still play this every thursday with friends and its a great laugh. Can't wait for this battle pack :) #2
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I learnt that SEGA are bringing sonic back to the good old days, BUT THIS WAS A GREAT READ. E3 #12
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