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I have been DYING for an Ecco The Dolphin reboot on current-gen consoles. Could you imagine how incredible it would look in 1080P, 60fps!?

I can dream!

(Ecco: The Tides of Time Theme Song) https://www.youtube.com/wat...

(Ice Zone. Imagine THIS on a current-gen console!) https://www.youtube.com/wat.... #6
Not trying to be rude, but this guy supposedly has over 5 years of writing experience, and yet this article sounds like it was written by an 11-year-old. While I'm very much for the PS4, the arguments this guy brought up for PS4 and Xbox One are both garbage. I feel like we need some cheese to go with that whine. #23
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You could hear one of my friends just fine in the Destiny Alpha.

http://www.youtube.com/watc... #7
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*Looks at article and comments*

Wait, have none of you played "The Last of Us"? #5
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Amazon has stellar customer service, so I'd recommend giving them a call or chatting with them online to see if you could get the promo. Honestly, if you put forth the effort, they should be able to pull up your history and perhaps shoot a code out to you. Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose. #5.2
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Account > Orders > Cancel Order > Replace Order with Three Titles > Get Deal > Fixed. #5.1
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Just an FYI, this also applies to games that came with your PS4 console pre-ordered. I have the Killzone Launch bundle on pre-order, and I was sent a code. Snagged two PS4 titles for $60. Pretty awesome promotion! #4
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Hey, at least we got to hear the music from Hydro City Zone Act 2 (From Sonic 3) at the end. There's that... right? #8
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This is one of the few that I actually didn't enjoy watching via a "Let's Play" (I beat the game myself first). You'd think the experience is generally the same with certain folks spouting out that ignorant "Hey, it's basically a movie!", but you really do feel immersed throughout this entire experience when there's a controller in your hand.

But man... the "Separation" chapter. I just drank the sadness in (the music REALLY ad... #3.1
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I was blown away by Beyond, because my expectations fell somewhere in the middle due to me not being a huge fan of Heavy Rain. But wow, quite possibly the best visuals I've ever seen on a console, a terrific soundtrack, and gameplay that was actually very well done. I even heard another reviewer state that that's one of the only games that makes walking exciting. Was not expecting another GOTY candidate out of this, but here we go (based on reviews, we'll see if it makes it that f... #2.2
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Game looks awesome. While I'm a very happy PSP owner, the Vita is officially starting to look quite appealing. :) #3
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I saw the gameplay before this review, and it looked pretty terrible, if you ask me. Besides, a review is just that, a review. Take it or leave it, you're not forced to share the same opinion.

And FYI, I was paid at one time to write game reviews, and it never swayed my opinion one bit, and we never buckled to that kind of pressure.

What CAN cause pressure is when you see the reviews from other sites already, and you wonder if there's something wrong... #1.1.9
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And yet the PS4 does. ;) More than likely the reason it isn't supported for GAMES is because of the borderline ridiculous amount of detail, but that's just a guess. #2.1
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Yeah, Sony did confirm that the PS4 will have 4K support, just not for games (which is understandable). #3.1
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I don't even think a Grammy equals success, or acclaim. Sure, some great artists have nabbed Grammys, but so have some really awful ones. Austin Wintory is incredible, and he sure as heck doesn't need a Grammy to prove that. #3
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No, actually they're not. ;) #6.1.2
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Probably because, based on the URL, this one was really submitted first. Thus it's not a duplicate. #6.1
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Awesome gesture. I actually think this is more prolific than most people think, because while games aren't necessarily to blame for this horrific act, a lot of folks today, especially young children, are just a little too gun crazy. I absolutely support this, and have absolutely no problem putting down the digital rife. #2
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Hm, this reviewer touched on a lot of topics that many haven't, and I'm glad. While I'm not sure if I agree with the 6/10 score (I actually might agree, because I got "burned out" from this game pretty quickly), I REALLY like the idea of a "Fun per Session" chart, because I started out loving this game, but then the fun-factor just took a swan dive as I got close to completing it. Things just got repetitive and, like the reviewer states, there just wasn't a... #2
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As it's already been said, there are customer soundtracks, you just have to go to the audio settings menu. Look around first next time. :)

And a lot of the stock cars are meant to feel a tad sluggish until you customize em' with some mods, even some of the higher end ones. #3.1.4
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