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If you switch to Firefox on Android, you can add on uBlock origin (better than adblock). And of course if you have a desktop you can use both Chrome and Firefox with it.

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I'd recommend going with a 1TB Hybrid drive. The best of both worlds (price of a HDD, with some extra speed like a SSD).

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I can assure folks that this game is barely playable the way it is. The best part was me sitting in the car beforehand, admiring the upholstery. As soon as I started taking turns, I began to get extremely dizzy. By the time I made the decision to quit (didn't make it 1 full lap), I felt like I had vertigo, and the rest of the night I felt horrible.

So far, this is the ONLY title to make me feel this way, and after speaking with a friend who heads another major online pu...

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You have to be blind to not see the difference in the way the sun rays come through the window. BTW, can you play me 'Higher Ground' next? It's my favorite song of yours. Thanks! :)

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Love dark mode, but please make list view the default option. It's superior to everything else.

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I actually didn't care for Heavy Rain, but absolutely loved Beyond 2 Souls.

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The new design is pretty terrible, in my opinion. It removes the main reason I visit N4G daily: relevant news delivered in a clean and organized manner. This is that awful style that they went with for the "new" Digg before it went to utter garbage. Please don't follow suit..

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Funny, the first Uncharted was my favorite in the series. Don't get me wrong, the second was AMAZING, but I loved the style and theme of the first. It wasn't focused so much on being "EPIC!" as it was just being really really good. There was a lot less filler story, and more quiet moments in the first as well, which I really liked. The set-pieces and environments were also pretty haunting..

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You may get a chuckle out of my survey response, especially after seeing who mentioned me on Twitter afterwards. ;)


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There were a lot of reasons to love Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but one of my favorites was Ice Cap Zone. To me, that was MY stage, and my goodness THAT MUSIC!


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Not sure if this'll fix that particular problem, but try powering down the PS4, unplug router for 10 seconds, plug back in. Now power on the PS4. Let me know if this works.

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The controls (at least in the beta) made you feel like you were driving on ice the whole time. Plus, it has this "cheap" feel to it. It doesn't shine in any one particular area, aside from size and scale, and you can't pick out any one thing that's really remarkable about it.

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No, the limit is more than likely there to avoid endless sessions if one were to step away from their console and leave the game running. This ensures that folks are playing and, if idle, the servers aren't being bogged down because of it.

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This is such a terrifically accurate review. Touches on all the main points that I'm frustrated with regarding the game. While gorgeous, Driveclub has been a pretty big letdown for me. I certainly hope it gets better, but I won't hold my breath.

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Actually no, Tidux is a legitimate source with an excellent track record.

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This is the best method I've seen. I snagged 2 legendary (purple) engrams and 8 decoherent (blue) engrams this way, plus LOADS of weapons and armor that I broke down into supplies.

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I have been DYING for an Ecco The Dolphin reboot on current-gen consoles. Could you imagine how incredible it would look in 1080P, 60fps!?

I can dream!

(Ecco: The Tides of Time Theme Song) https://www.youtube.com/wat...

(Ice Zone. Imagine THIS on a current-gen console!) https://www.youtube.com/wat....

Not trying to be rude, but this guy supposedly has over 5 years of writing experience, and yet this article sounds like it was written by an 11-year-old. While I'm very much for the PS4, the arguments this guy brought up for PS4 and Xbox One are both garbage. I feel like we need some cheese to go with that whine.

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You could hear one of my friends just fine in the Destiny Alpha.


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*Looks at article and comments*

Wait, have none of you played "The Last of Us"?

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