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That's a bit of a stretch, considering:


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Then why'd you click on it?

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Wow! Bubble for you.

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haha! It seems that as long as there are huge milk puppies, you guys will give it your tick of approval :p I'll pass your suggestions on to Rich.

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Harley Quinn will be in Part 3 :) Thanks for the suggestion.

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How the hell did I mess that one up. My bad lol

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You are a very lucky person! Personally, if i had any of these I'd never part with them, no matter how much money was offered.

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I didn't think Killer Instinct would get an R18+ rating anyhow, great article though :)

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My thoughts exactly. Forza's audio has always been impeccable. We've reached out to MS for comment to confirm which game was affected but haven't heard back just yet. We should soon though, although I doubt they will name the game.

Al source here:

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Agreed! Video game movies haven't really turned out so well in the past -- I'm looking at you Tekken and DOA -- And as if you can capture the ridiculously enormous experience that is GTA (the video games) and funnel that into a movie... just don't see the need for it. Even if there was, it probably wouldn't be possible.

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I'm just glad they don't have AAA batteries. Microsoft on the other hand, want you to pay for the new controllers and the new rechargeable battery packs - instead of just including the pack in the controllers.

$500 for a state of the art console, with so many technological advancements, and yet still rocking AAA batteries... HAH!

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I was going to convert to PS4... but this, this is... NO BIGGIE.

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I'm still not sure how I feel about the Commander Mode not being able to switch between first-person and CM, but I guess it'll help keep Commanders on point.

Another thing, I'm not sure how the six kill-streak for HVTs will go. Let's say a Tank spawns near an objective but hasn't racked up a 6-KS, by the time he does, and our Commander finally has the ability to paint him, the objective will be lost. A good commander should be able to highlight a threat, r...

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Rockstar, really? I'm curious as to why you think that? ^RB

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I've always found Nintendo's timing a bit weird. It's funny that they're releasing this, especially with the 3DS doing so well. You would have to think that if 2DS sales somehow takeoff, that 3DS sales would go down as a result. Just strikes me as odd.

Having said that, the 2DS does introduce a much-needed thumbstick!

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What's your reasons?

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Whoa, what a stupid comment. The story got approved by an admin. See for yourself.

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Thanks for the comment :) I tried to base this article on total copies rather than actual value of the game. My goal with this list wasn't to make it a 100% accurate, but to have fun with it and make it as interesting as possible. ^DV

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If it's still in great condition with the box and all, you should fetch a nice little sum :) Hell, even if it's not in the best condition, it will still attract some good coin!

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That's incredible! You sir are a very lucky man :)

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