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it's like having a more powerful PC than people having less powerful PC. all games will play except PS4K will make use of the extra power. unless you love 60 FPS / 1080, it's going to be a big thing in your life. and the good thing is - YOU DON'T HAVE TO NECESSARILY UPGRADE.

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They forgot to add "...for Microsoft."

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FIT, you know how ppl are going to judge those list of games on PS4, right?

"Japanese is not my type."
"Uncharted is all I find interesting."

Basically they'll bring it down to one or two exclusives.

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Congrats Insomniacs. Well deserved.

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@candy stop.

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Hmmm... Onimusha. Good days. How long is this demo? I've seen videos that are like 45 mins to 4 hours +.

I've got the demo downloaded but I'm too busy playing Alienation. The random ppl joining your game and making a chaos never fails to entertain.

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well... imagine the time the kid saved on downloading/copying.

Porn is nothing but Animal Planet documentary with humans.

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i think there's a bug in thread system, if you Upvote or Downvote the Reply button disappears. You have to reload the page.

@wellard, i hope your point of view on Online Payment during 360 days were exactly the same.

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congrats sony.

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"You are the revolution."

But first don't forget to pre-order to get a bike and few special guns.

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i have not understood this uproar over PS4K. from what i remember, i think there was a rumour that Xbox is coming out with 1.5 before PS4K news. but as i see it now, only PS4 news has taken a bigger attention. in my personal opinion, i'm ok with PS4K but will i buy it? no. because i already own a PS4.

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I have not understood the situation... After major companies have started delivering the game accidentally, why hold back the digital download? Just admit that there has been a huge mistake and release it early. If one delays the release date but still deliver the discs before the old release date, what can you expect to happen. Ugh.

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One last ride, my friend. One last ride.

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Looking kiddy is different from being kiddy. It may look cute but the language is pure adult. There's a vast difference between Dora the Explorer and South Park. Both look kiddy but the content/language is completely different.

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I agree with Breeze. When i first saw the trailer i immediately knew what kind of game this was going to be. Exaggerated action sequences, pop up style, cool looking weapons moves but man it just didn't feel or seem right. Somethings just didn't click. I wanted the game to do well considering it's from one of my favourite devs.

Also i partly blame Xbox community. They really don't care about these kinds of games outside of fps/racing games. It's a double...

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Why not? Last gen it was shoved down our throats every month. This time Sony fans are doing it. Payback time yo... Last gen lasted 6 years and we're only in 2nd year of this generation. Be ready for this for the rest of this generation. It's not like ppl are doing it bcoz they love it, it's bcoz they want to let them know how it feels.

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Hahaha... OMG this made me cry...

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And go ahead and kill Xbox as well while they are at. That'll drive everyone there.

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See without numbers it can be anything. "The sales doubled this quarter" while that sounds amazing the actual fact could be they sold 50 items and this quarter they sold 100. For all you know it could actually be 30 hours.

If they say "we got this many new account and they spent this much time" - that would help us measure things up. What they are telling us is fluffy things.

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Souls series feels like an old school game. Bloodborne just made it look cooler - it's still hard. Bloodborne also feels faster. That's what i feel. I think more ppl found it easier to get into Bloodborne than Souls games.

In the end, i started with Demon's Souls so that was like the beginning of this whole Souls and Bloodborne. I'm really proud that i managed to finish it considering it was first in the series and not many took the...

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