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Xbox interviewer: "Do you know anything about 'exclusives'"?
"What's exclusives?"
"You're hired!"

How is this not a memes yet? 🤔

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That era of 360 online friends are gone. Just like how offline MP games rarely exist. Most of those guys have moved to PS or they don't have much to play or they are adults now and have to do adult things. 360 days of MP gaming will be remembered fondly by everyone who experienced it. people move on because of life.

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moldy, you tried. but everyone and their nieces know that every game that's on xbox is coming to PC too. so let's not try this "oh look it's only available on xbox consoles" statements. makes you look like aaron on that stage who said "everyone buys xbox for it's amazing diverse exclusives". he sweat a little there. i really thought he is one of those guys who can talk straight up lies but man he at least knows what the world thinks of xbox. unlike you.

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they're trying to sound like they're having a "normal" conversation but it's so badly scripted and acted... and it was so freaking long!

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don't confuse fanboys by putting Order and Ryse/QB in the same para and the discrimination. they'll not know whether to agree or not. lol.

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Recore was a disaster. MS didn't even market them like they normally do. they knew the game was dead out of the gate.

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Cupcake is a gem of a game. too bad PS will be missing out on it.

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spencer is a true family man. he won't cancel out on his daughter's graduation day but he'll cancel the games on millions of gamers. hahaha... how do these people sleep at night? peacefully, i'm sure, while fanboys are left defending the entire night.

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even some of the trailers were from E3.

the same 5 billion play time data.i wonder if they'll ever announce the real numbers. they'll probably boast the xbox x numbers though. i'm sure aaron just can't resist that temptation.

i also don't understand MS. everyone knows that this is a stage where they'll be announcing Xbox X pre order news but they just keep talking about PC and how every game is coming over. i mean what the hell is...

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Who are these Xbox defenders? I always thought we never had any huge number of Xbox defenders on this site. This is surprising because that's what we've been told all this time.

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Wait, wrong thread.

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this is one Uncharted game i'm not picking up. i think i'm done with Uncharted series. It's not hate but i just want to move on.

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this IP is an average game to be fair. part 3 has been made just to please the 2% of the xbox community. there are games that are niche but they are brilliant and they come with great reviews but very few people play. but this game is average at best and played by only the few hardcore fans.

MS should just stop it because neither it's going to bring any new fans (because it's average) nor this game is going to get a good press (because it's average). i'm su...

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Last time I ever bothered to change my avatar was last gen. I don't even care what it looks like anymore.

Going by views/likes ratio, looks like majority aren't that interested. Many "view" it out of curiosity too, u know.

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I've bought it but I haven't downloaded it yet. Just like The Last Guardian. One of these days I'll pick it up.

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Large number of exclusive games were not one of the cool things that was there. Perhaps the one big reason why you bought your Xbox?

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picked up F1 2016 recently when it was at 80% off. i don't i need '17.

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i remember seeing the PS4 vs Xbox One graph site which asked how many of you would buy one of those. it was almost 15 to 75. i think MS saw that and immediately changed their mind.

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blood. give me blood.

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