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i played for 2 hours last night and maaaaaannn... i was blown away by the graphics even though i have vanilla console. Kratos looks so so good up close.

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Chit has hit the wall.

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let's not forget how heavy the site is... and i don't even know what creepy sites these ads are coming from. Also, if you're on slow internet speed, the site never loads and instead shows you a page with html coding.

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N4G... Can you let me type? Your video ads are huge obstructions.

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Xbox is mostly run by suits. When suits run the creative show, it usually tanks. This is what we're seeing in front of our own eyes. In just one generation, Xbox is now nothing but a joke. Hell, the damn Switch is going to sell more than Xbox soon.

Also let's not forget, when only the creatives run the show it also tanks... You need a perfect balance of both but we'd want creative to have more say.

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I know it's just an opinion but it's their job to give us a non biased opinion. I know I'm asking too much from a reviewer but still some truth would help.

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also... maybe every reviewer wanted to review the game after spending ample time but then after few hours they realised things won't get better beyond this or maybe they got bored... ever thought that way xboxenthusiast?

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read the books. i did the same to prep myself for the Witcher 3. started with short story collection and went and finished the 5 big books. the books are amazing btw. funny thing is i never bought Witcher 3 after doing all the readings. i'm sure the game is great but around that time Bloodborne came out. and you know.. the void you get when you finish a game like Bloodborne and also that feeling that no other game is going to fill up the void. Sadly, Witcher 3 came around that time and i ...

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of course, he will. he's always been neutral. q:

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Make sense...

Update: Here’s a quote by Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate (via IGN) about the lack of content:

“Sea of Thieves is designed from the ground up to be a game that grows and evolves, and we will release new cosmetic options ongoing as part of that, alongside new mechanics and ways to play. Our focus for launch is on delivering a great initial experience, and as we move beyond launch we will be assessing and r...

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i was gutted with the NMS because i was supporting it to the end.. then the game came out.. i might have spent 24 hours or so after that.. i didn't bother about it at all even after the updates they kept shoving.

also the comments getting 'inappropriate' is very ironical.

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This game, i feel was made with MP micro-transactions in mind... they probably had it all planned out until the protests over loot boxes/micro-transactions happened. so they probably decided to go ahead with the base model and in future add loot boxes when the topic dies out.

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We can always imagine that every little monsters that appear in GOW are our Xbox friends... Makes ripping them off more fun. 🤭🤭🤭

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Wow. Just wow.

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First God of War was what turned me into the PS fan. Random little kid told me to pick that game when I was at the counter to buy some PS2 games. At first I thought it was crap because the camera was locked unlike Prince of Persia. Thank God I played for 30 mins more. Best decision I've ever made.

God of War was truly an epic game with great story and great set pieces. I thank that kid everyday to be honest.

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Online races are dope. For a guy who is not MP player, I've spent so many hours racing online. Racing with humans is just another level.

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That's true but this game was "incomplete" for almost everyone. I'm not going to believe the VG chart numbers but i'm sure this game has done good numbers than most people predicted.

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I wish they re-made Burnout 3. Now that was the real Burnout game. Last month i booted PS3 to replay this game... gave up in 15 mins. It's obviously fun to play for the first time though. Have fun.

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MS spin doctors working overtime again. lol.

i'm sure their next news will be - Xbox X software update was downloaded by 100% of the premium console owners.

@oneshot, at least Sony put a disclaimer... with MS, we won't even know what is the real deal until few hours later or until twitterati starts poking questions only to find out that the game is coming out on every available platform.

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Everyone knows the game is going to sell the most on PS4. Even I'm surprised that it got an Xbox release.

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