f*ck the bubbles!!!


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I think it was a poor selection from the devs. the guy playing was so bad. I'm still getting the game.

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I can sense hvd going fully retard.

I think he's crying deep inside.

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OMG... Edimix!

Are you really that daft? Please don't reproduce.

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Wait... Xbox 1 has exclusives?

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Those two can also be played on PC. So in total, XBOX 1 is going to have 3 major exclusives. QB, GeOW 4and Forza H3.

I don't know why would anyone need an Xbox 1 at all unless you're into playing older generation games in high resolution.

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gotta admire Septic for his effort.

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Look at you talking about how you can play old games on Scorpio and the eco system... Hahaha. I guess when you're forced to play old exclusives in your current Xbox 1 because there are hardly any new exclusives out, you start getting used to things like that and think it's normal thing. Like ppl in North Korea. Or fans of EPL teams. Or a frog stuck in a well.

I feel really sorry for you. Deep sympathies.

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I don't know about the doubling down. Looks more like rolling down the hill.

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Good old clickbait article.

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is that you?

personally, i don't know what Scorpio is. it looks like it's going to be a hybrid or probably not even a console. that's why it's called "Project" Scorpio. Not Xbox Scorpio.

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this is what i like about GoW - the absolute amazing lore. anything can happen. i'm just excited to fight with that huge slithering snake for now. but what relation has Loki/Odin with Kratos... why will they fight? foes or friends? ah... makes me all excited.

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i was also little unsure about the new GoW until i saw those "things you missed" videos. the huge snake slithering at the end sealed it for me. and don't forget the lore. GoW always had amazing lore. someone said that the silhouette hovering is Loki. i'm really interested in who Kratos will start fighting with again. There's going to be chaos.

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You asked for list of games. Never did we said "PS4 IS DA BEST".

Please stop turning sour. It's embarrassing.

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For me beside UC series, it was infamous, Killzone, resistance, Heavenly Sword, GT series, Yakuza, motorstorm, MGS4, LBP, Folklore, Warhawk, Demon's Souls, God of War, Shadow of the Beast, Journey, Alienation, Salt and Sanctuary, Bloodborne, Order 1886, Transistor, TLOU, Driveclub etc.

I'm sure i missed out a lot but these are still a decent number to my liking. Plus almost all of them are quality games.

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The only DLC I've ever bought was for Bloodborne and Driveclub again.

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Last time i checked we're all here for gaming.

If i turned around the question and ask - what if Sony started releasing their IPs on PC? Will the same set of people who said "moar ppl can now play" will continue with it or will they say "no need to buy PS anymoar".

What Sony is doing is giving us more games. What MS is doing is saving its butt.

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the only season pass i ever bought was for Driveclub and it was glorious.

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Wow these guys really go and comment on news that's not even approved... I mean they spoke on it a day before. How much free time do they have?

OT: Yes.

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exactly. in the beginning i was like "oh no.. another zombie game.." then the pile up started. i was like "ok... you have my undivided attention now".

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exactly. i'm here for what sony has to offer. i'd rather be "peasants" and play amazing games.

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