f*ck the bubbles!!!


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Top gear loves Forza 7.

Top gear loves GT Sport.
TG is crap.

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Game handling is amazing. After PC's homicidal AI this feels much better. What's the point of having more cars if you can't even do one peaceful race without AI trying to kill you. I'm still doing the campaign... I tried the online but I suck at it so I'll head back there later. The community is actually strong surprisingly. The races are always house full.

I've seen people settings amazing records on the campaign races. The time difference between m...

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I hate to be that guy but these collectors editions are beginning to get ridiculous.

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At least in GT Sport AI is not trying to kill you. 😂

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i wasn't even hating the game to begin with. i'm going to give it another go tonight. that online save and the ability to not to play the game when there's no internet does irritate me though.

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I'm glad you figured out about the game otherwise for most this is like getting Forza Horizon thinking it's a simcade. I already knew it's all online the day they announced it. Still I got it after I tried the demo. I'm not complaining much because I knew what I was getting.

I suck at it though. I can just look at the top 10 on even the simplest start and stop test and my god I'm so far behind. I tried the online race, started at 19 finished at 21. That&...

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More than the content, i think the community needs to support this game. i hope the servers don't go empty in few months. that would be sad.

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these are the times i miss those bubble system. sigh.

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He is illiterate also. can't read the word - SPORT.

I won't be surprised if he reviewed Halo Wars with - it's got no first person view.


Forza Horizon - where is the sim in this game?

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because from the beginning, it was known that it's going to be an FIA approved game that means there will be lots of races happening with OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. it also says right there - SPORT.

have you seen people going around asking for first person view in Halo Wars? this entire quibbling is stupid to begin with.

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go earn some loot boxes for your favourite racing sim. lol.

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we'll see septic and moldy in a poorly reviewed post.

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I've seen videos of PC2 where the AI has been pushed to 100 (because that's what you do when you play a sim) and all they create is a mountain. I had a good laugh. Thank god i didn't buy it. Clearly, i had enough of the AI.

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I wonder how stupid ppl are. From the first trailer it was evident that this is going to be FIA approved racing game. That means you race with other human racers. It's going to put off lots of ppl but man just stop talking about SP. The game doesn't have it. Everyone knows. Don't hate just because you missed the entire plot.

It's like Halo Wars or Forza Horizon. The damn title doesn't even say 7 and is replaced with Sport.

Just get th...

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How's the AI there? I was completely put off by the AI in the first game. I still play the career once in a while... Playing as a Formula A driver. Only two nights back, I put it on only to get frustrated. Reminded me why I stopped in the first place.

I was playing GT demo other week. OMG I felt so good racing because for once the AI was not trying to kill me. I've pre-ordered GT. The game has downloaded. 10 hours to go. I know there's no proper SP and that was ...

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Let them be. They deserve shitty things. Let's just hope it doesn't affect other games because of these idiots supporting it like paid online.

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These new fanboys don't remember last gen where everything about PS was hated. The PS3 is doomed n bloomed article came out every week. They used to compare blade of the grass to show that Xbox version is better. It will soon start once the X comes out but by then it'll be too late.

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Come on Destructoid was once MS mouthpiece. They used to hate PS games and anything related to it.

There are lots of sites that were openly biased. I'm just glad they can't do much this gen. However they do try but no one really cares.

It was a shit site then I'm happy ppl are seeing it now but that doesn't mean loot boxes is good for games.

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Moldy... Shut the hell up for once.

These are the kind of gamers publishers love. They buy everything. Never complains. No matter you got what you deserved.

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