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Oh nice... That's a good little trivia.

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I'm a SP gamer through and through. The only time I watch others playing SP games is when I'm done with my game and I just want to see how others play and if they had the same reaction as I did. Also I would stop gaming if they stop making SP games. I'll probably buy old games or catch up on the backlog which is huge.

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I learnt it during GT 5. Picked up the GT Logitech wheel, after that I slapped myself because I was so stupid to play that game with controllers. Never went back to controllers after that.

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I'm sure over holiday season it sold even more because the server actually went down and the system thought it was under DDOS attack so it was denying access to players.

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The sales are lower because it's not the true GT... The main focus of Sport is e-racing. Not many would have bought it. Hell even I didn't want to buy it until I tried the open demo. [email protected]&& driving is what made me buy it. You know after you play Project Cars for a year you'll immediately feel the difference because AIs are not trying to kill you. I'm not even an MP guy but I've played so many online races that it's unbelievable. Sports does well what it'...

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I've personally never understood ESport because even if I try to watch one I could never figure out what is happening because I probably don't play those games. Nowadays I play GTS online so since I understand this game and culture I would love to follow it through when the main events kick in. I actually watch races of the "aliens" almost everyday on YouTube to see how they race. And yes... The difference between most of us and them is huge. Like by 10 second a lap to be pr...

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and delusional.

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Oh god.. reminds me of Driveclub days.

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I don't know about numbers or games playing better but God of War and Spiderman alone will make so much of noise next year that ppl will not remember Sea of Thieves or Crackdown. Come on who will not want to play the Spiderman game? Sea of Thieves is going to flop big time btw and Crackdown 3 is just going to be bought by few hardcore fans, that's all. Only game that's going to be talked about from MS' stable is Ori. Ori will be GOTY for MS just like how Cuphead was this year....

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This game IS going to sink as it arrives. First of all most Xboxers don't buy new IPs in general... This game is way away from the interest of usual crowd. I've seen a lot more interest in other games here and still they flopped on sales.

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They probably won't let us save offline because they want to keep the game clean. On previous GT game, I downloaded the save point of someone from the internet and played the game with almost all the cars without having to buy it or grind for it.

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Krib, even though the game was delayed they had the competition on and two ppl did win those FIA trophies.

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Now if this was a PS exclusive game, world would have turned upside down by now but since it's an Xbox "exclusive" - "Give it a chance... Sure there are few problems but gameplay is what that matters"

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After reading The Last Jedi reviews, my respect for critics has further nose dived. I'll take this review also with the same pinch of salt.

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How dumb is 343? Now I know.

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You missed the irony, didn't you?

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On one hand, Xbox ppl are like "I got the beast so that I can play all games in higher resolution and 60 fps."

Next day they're all like "Resolution isn't everything. It's all about gameplay and how PUBG makes me feel."

Then they'll look at other ppl playing games on lower res and enjoying and go "hahaha... How you enjoying the game in low res and 30 fps."

They have like multiple personaliti...

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GT Sport has broken online? Last time I checked it does that very well. In fact that was what this game actually was - e-sport.

What ppl didn't like was that it wasn't the 7 they wanted it to be.

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"5 Xbox One Console Exclusives That You Must Buy In 2018"

Except not many are going to buy those games.

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