f*ck the bubbles!!!


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nice video but maaaaan... but his choice of music though. /: first 10 minutes of symphony nearly made me close the video.

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but while trying to reply to Bansai, you replied to yourself.

OT: i was about to say Xbox1 finally has its above 9 exclusive but it's also coming to Xbox 1. Damn MS. why would people buy Xbox1 if they can already play on PC?

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talk about streams... i just finished watching Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. I bought that expansion but just was not able to find time or energy to complete it. thank god, i didn't attempt. i would have died halfway. i did finish the main game btw.

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i think Xbox 1 has sold only 12 millions. i know you'll disagree with me and ask for proof. i would like to ask you the same about 25 million.

Project Scorpio is the result of failed Xbox 1 numbers. that's all. they're simply doing what MS is good at. Shut down and restart.

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i've always said this... in times of doom if you need to speak to an optimistic person to cheer you up - look for xbox fanboys.

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KZ2 was awesome. This game and Spiderman has really got my full attention.

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And all you have is Quantum Flop Break, 6core, a racing game that came out 2 years back and Gears that can't even put a decent trailer together.

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here we go again... every time. people forget the difference between REALITY and OPINION.

REALITY: PS4 has many exclusives.
OPINION: only ONE game interests you.

it doesn't mean PS4 DOESN'T have those exclusives.

Second thing,

OPINION: You are ignorant.
REALITY: You are.

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Not all PC gamers are egoistic but there are those who bring 4K/60fps/mods in every game/conversation. They are graphic asshoes!!!

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I don't understand how it got 4. Almost every site is giving 9 or above. 8 or 7, i understand but 4 is like really looking for attention.

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God of War. Resistance. Gran Turismo. Killzone. LBP. Heavenly Sword. Yakuza. Demon's Souls. Bloodborne. Folklore. Warhawk. Starhawk. Motorstorm. Driveclub. Spyro. Crash. Ratchet. Sly. Jak. Infamous. Uncharted. MAG. Heavy Rain. The Last Of Us. etc.

i'm sure few ones getting delayed is not going to be change the fact that Sony has almost always got it right.

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how does it matter as long as you can play at 4K/60fps. isn't that all PC is about? GRAPHIX!!!!!!

sorry but that's what i've been told all this while. i know the ones vocal does not represent the PC gamers but if they feel they're being shorthanded then they can alway buy games on consoles. yes, on console you pay for online and the games are expensive as hell. that's why may be devs give more attention to console because console gamers are paying a lot ...

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Epic, not always.

About the trailer though, what a terrible choice of song. It just looks like tacked together in the last minute. Random posed shots. Song that's just randomly playing. Some manly dialogue about saving everyone. We've seen better commercial from GeOW before. Hope the game isn't as plain as this trailer.

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I really started following game news after i picked up PS2, which still was around the end of that generation. I got really into it pre-PS3 launch. That's the time i joined N4G.

All the news were collated here so i never followed one particular site. I still don't. But I've seen fall of Gamespot which was highly 360 pro. Almost every American site was 360 pro. I just personally hate most of them even though i sometimes watch/read reviews. But clicking on "V...

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first part is open. it gets narrowed in the second half but you can always roam around by going back in the open area even though you're already in second half. that's what the dev said. i think, the game was open world completely but now they've just decided to finish it fast so they're just not making it open world all the way. that's my point of view though.

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then the xbox community here will not even exist.

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Wow Rookie,

Creating new accounts to support your favourite console. This must be the highest point in your life.

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You missed out God of War, Twisted Metal, Heavenly Sword, Yakuza, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Folklore, Warhawk, Starhawk, Motorstorm. Gran Turismo etc.

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