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guys, it's a powerful machine for the price. the only problem is it's more than half way into the generation life and now we have to pay so much money to get this mid-gen console which has not many exclusives to play. by the time MS finally does come with their own 4K/60 games (roughly 2 years), it'll already be the end of the generation and Sony by then would have announced another console or for all you know even MS might announce a new console. i think that's the real probl...

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Croataa, that 30 million is your own generous imagination because you feel that they at least must have sold that much. Who knows it could be way less than 30 million. Unless you have the numbers from MS... Oh wait.

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343, welcome to last gen where PS3 suffered the same accusations it's entire life.

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This is that game which Ms is going to send it out to die. I'm surprised they have not killed it yet like SB. It now looks like Ms is even ashamed to own this game.

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Phil could be right. They're probably listening to rabid fanboys who keeps shouting BEAST. Look at them, they're all gleaming with happiness.

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An "Easy" mode for people like me. i finished Bloodborne and Demon's Souls but man.. i really don't have time or patience to grind and fight the enemies again and again. They don't need to give us any trophies for finishing the game, bar us from playing MP but just let us finish the game. we, the unfortunate weaklings, also want to enjoy the world.

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where's the wiper/windscreen part on the video? THAT should be the real decider. The rain swimming across the windscreen as the car swerves and not to forget getting washed across as the wiper hits rain water in DC cannot be forgotten.

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they are right about the clear message - the message that xbox has no new great exclusive games coming out.

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that's MS, right there. not take any chances, see what's gaining market, throw loads of money to win the technology. if they can't win, buy the company or bring down the industry. when Aaron was asked about what he has to say about Google coming out with their own mobile OS, he simply said "welcome to our world". what a turn of tide from that day to now it has been.

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XMessiah23x sound like Xbox1x.

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Exactly, in the first half of this year, Sony already has released many great exclusives.

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this PSX should only about playing the demo. dividing titles to wow everyone is going to fall pretty hard.

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I personally feel Sony should bring big guns at E3 and for events like PlayStation X just have the demos. Splitting the content to make everyone happy is ruining it.

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The minute that guy brought up the "DRY" board, I knew where it was going. I sadly stuck with it for a while and it did rub off on me. I loved GoW, Detroit and Spiderman. Might pick up some VR games​.

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I was really interested by the way GoW was presented. It's a different leaf. I'm totally in for the epic ride.

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Lots of info about other games came out before the show even began. Like the GT Sports date. I was watching it before the event began. I wasn't moved actually by the conference​, apart from Spiderman and GoW.

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Not all.

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MS' plan was to do 360 did for them last gen - depend on third party and have couple of IPs from their side. It worked for them back then because they were the first one to come out last gen and had a year long leap with great lineup of games. Also the price of PS3 didn't help Sony. Still PS3 caught up in spite of the price and hate, all because of the games. They had stellar​ line up of exclusive games on PS3. PS4 is successful right now partly because of what they did last gen and e...

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I remember Sony's Morpheus. All these companies really do disappoint.

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