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"f*ck the bubbles!!!"


US might be close but worldwide... PS4.

People need to realise people might be buying PS4 on Holidays to play games that have already come out on PS4 - Order, Infamous, Killzone, Bloodborne, Driveclub, Until Dawn, Tearaway, UC collection, TLOU, Gow 3 etc.

That's quite a lot of games to play over the holidays (if you ask me) and best part is they're all cheaper now. a lot. #1.1.4
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Yakuza, Street Fighter, Dead Nation, Gravity Rush, Motorstorm, Patapon, Rachet and Clank, Sing Star, Warhawk/Starhawk, Tearaway, Twisted Metal, Wipeout, ICO/SOTC/Last Guardian, LBP, MBL, PS All Stars and more... #7.1.4
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xbox line up for 2016 is what i call... cute. #2.5.6
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I hate to break it to you but 360 did pretty good last gen. They lost the momentum. They got greedy. They became arrogant. And now they're being humble.

Xbox1, in terms of sales, is their best selling console so far. It's selling as fast as PS3, which was their worst selling console.

MS had a chance to take the crown this gen on by piggy backing on 360's success but it's gone now. #1.3.2
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Double post. #1.1.11
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Phil is just a face just like how Don was. It was the higher people's decisions.

It could have been Phil announcing the Xbox1 "always online" and we all would have been hating him.

I do hate Don's face, i now feel sorry for him bcoz it was not his idea of the initial Xbox1. #1.1.10
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Michael.. Hahahahahahahahahagahmgaga....



I would love to have an intelligent discussion with you but clearly it would be like talking to a wood. #11.1.5
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i really don't understand this people like 138.

they think that if i buy PS4 today, i can't play games like Bloodborne, inFamous: Second Son, Killzone SF, Driveclub, Order etc...

People who buy it also buy to play old games.. they are just many great games that it'll keep them busy until 2016 hits.


"Japanese" games don't matter... until Scalebound comes out. #8.1.3
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quite ironic considering they made their first prototype on Oculus. #1.2.1
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christ.. the n4g is quite a demanding site. every time i visit this site (that's very often), it just slows down my Chrome to the brink that it stalls. if i open multiple n4g pages, i have to wait for couple of minutes for pages to open.

Some shit is really going wrong in your site. you can blame the ads as much as you want but a dead slow site is a dead slow site. even now, as i type, there is a lag in text input, that' how laggy my mac becomes.

righ... #9.1.1
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Brisco... but getting to play exclusives only on the last few months of the year is so much better. #3.1.3
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peng said "some traders sold the PS4... at their own costs."

S. O. M. E.

it's not an official price cut.

OT: wow.. i'm guessing more sales for PS4. #1.1.6
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Halo. Largely followed by Xbox gamers.
Star Wars. Followed by the entire galaxy. #1.2.1
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Hahaha.. Rookie.

Clutching much. #13.5.4
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i get a feeling that you haven't played MP with your friends sitting next to you in the same room. it's a blast. trust me.

i hate all this MP-over-the-net thing personally. nothing beats having your friends home and playing games with them the whole night.

nothing. #1.1.17
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thanks lipton.

for your opinion. #1.3.8
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guys.. they are giving low scores because it doesn't play well with steering wheels. that looks like their main concern. #1.1.2
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i'm surprised people play games like Forza and GT using controllers and not a steering wheel. i'd play games like GT, Forza, Project Cars using a steering wheel because they've been marketed as a sim. I play NFS, GTA, Driveclub with a controllers because they're not a sim.

nothing beats the experience of playing sims with driving wheels. once you go wheel, you can't go back to controllers.

OT: i don't know why the reviewers don't d... #12.1.1
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Time to get excited again.. which will later come out as unpolished, unfinished broken game. #1.1.3
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I've never understood the Survivor part of that game.. Or at least the stupid levelling part.

Was a big fan of old days TR. The reboot felt like it just didn't have soul. Got it free from PS+, still didn't finish it.

Uncharted on the other hand keeps getting better. I really wasn't that interested in UC4 because what can be done was done in the last 3 games. But that E3 demo just surprised me even more. TR's demo on the other hand was just... #1.1.3
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