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MS' big mistake was to not have any new IP in the end years of 360. PS3 was still churning out new exclusives on its final years but MS was just doing the same IP.

A nd then their intro to Xbox1. That was the nail.

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I also don't watch let's play but for some games i want to see how they faired / did they get scared like me / how they solved that puzzle / things like that.

When i enjoy the game i played, i watch it see how others reacted. I rarely watch "let's play" of games I've never played.

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The only way i sometimes used to win was by using other cars as a speed breaker. I really did use to curse the devs for making it so difficult because you had to drive perfectly. I would race what felt like an eternity only to realise that i have jumped only 2 places. This (GT5) game used to drive me nuts. Then I picked up the Logitech GT wheel. I felt like why did i not do this before?

Nowadays i sometimes play GT6 but i like driving F1 cars - F1 in GT5 was amazing. I miss...

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I've seen tech blogs (not gaming) talk about it. We'll see on the launch day though.

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This is why CoD still sells. Average experience is all these guys live for.

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Remake. Remaster.


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sadly, it came out after UC4. so that's not going to help this game. if it had come to PS4 before UC4, it would have got some audience from me.

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I finished Limbo twice. Once on PS3 and Vita. If you got stuck in Limbo then my friend you would be surprised in Braid.

Inside was never overhyped, it was highly rated (IGN gave it 10) but that's a good thing. Knowing it's the same dev of Limbo, i won't be surprised. Would love to play that game some day.

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He'll be downvoted because he's wrong. PD has never said it's GT7. And UC4, though even, was one of the better series.

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I was quite disappointed with FF15 demo which had giant enemy and SB followed it up with similar demo. That urban hip teenager is kinda very cliché.

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Surface - 900.
Xbox 1 - 300.
Total - 1200.
Discount - 300.
900 = price of surface.

Sounds like free to me.

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Order was exactly what the devs said - cinematic experience.

And it got shot down for that. The game was systematically criticised by the media. It was on the hate list a year before it even came out. Media had practically killed it in the womb.

They tried it with Driveclub and did succeed partially because of the online fiasco. Thankfully it redeemed itself but it couldn't save the studio.

When Halo remaster had the same kind of ...

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Xbox fanboys are the most optimistic people i have ever met. ever.

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yeah.. look at all those disagrees. i mean we try to tell them to open their eyes but they call us fanboys.

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"2nd : Not everybody likes gaming on the PC and not everybody likes gaming on the console. Microsoft was at war with their own platform. It only makes sense to embrace both and improve software sales. So the argument that you can't play God of War on PC is just stupid, PC is not a Sony platform. It's the same reason why Halo is not on PS4."

Forgive me but that made no sense at all.

As much as you make it sound ...

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It really depends on if the games i want are available or not. It's like having the most powerful machine but not being able to play God of War.

MS is really looking at collecting 3rd party gamers. CoD, Battlefield, Batman, Witcher, GTA, Skyrim to name few. They sell a ton and having those players by your side is always good.

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Sony probably gave it to Insomniacs for the titles they've done in the past for Sony. Insomniacs are really good at creating weapons. So expect amazing new weapons attacks on that game.

Still a shocker to give it to Insomniac and not one of their own studio - Sucker Punch.

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That table tennis game was just too good with Move. When you slice the ball, it actually curved.

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Hvd222 is a trol, trust me. Read his comment history you'll get the hint.

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That was what i was gonna say.

You had to kill 700 with canons and 500 with canon plus swords to complete the level.

It's easily doable.

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