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wow. i barely scrapped through Demon Souls. i killed the King with the help of thousands of arrows without even facing him close. Everything is fair in love and war, i guess. Couldn't finish DS 1/2. Skipped 3. Finished Bloodborne.

i'll probably love Nioh though.

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i buy games early as my way of saying thanks to the devs. of course, i don't buy every game. i know what i want and how the game is going to be. i don't support over hyped games that are average because i'm smart enough to realise what's garbage and what's gem.

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the VG was always pro-Xbox btw.

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they waited until the holiday season got over. people who were interested have picked up a console for that game.

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i pre-ordered FFXV n TLG around the same night. i didn't really play both the games for a while. now, i've delved into FFXV. after i'm done with FFXV, i'll play TLG. i think i just want to savour both games that's why i'm taking it really slow.

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maybe MS did a research and found out that the game has no substance. and look at all the new IP sale on Xbox 1. No one really supports new IPs in Xbox community. The game may just have turned out to be like Recore or QB.

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i don't know what the author is smoking.

The game was nothing great to begin with. The character was some typical american teenager which had no charm to begin with. It looked like Insomniacs' game for Xbox - Sunset Overdrive. Except the kid here was on dragon and less cartoony.

Here's the bitter truth, EVEN IF THE GAME DID COME OUT, this game would have sold less than most of the Xbox exclusives.

So we didn't miss anyth...

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they gave Dishonoured 2 a GOTY for PS4. so i wouldn't rack my head that much over it.

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i picked it up the minute it came out on PS4. the game is good but not as great as Limbo probably because, Limbo had that first impression kinda effect. the game's "puzzles" are predictable, you pass through objects and you know a series of puzzle is ahead you, just like when you reach an empty room in Soul series you knew you're going to face the boss. once i solved the puzzle without even reaching the dead end. also you already know storyline is going to be vague (the Limb...

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here you are ranting about a game when Bryan has made 7k in four weeks.

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I think MS is solely depending on the sale of 3rd party games like COD, FIFA, Battlefield etc. They are the highest selling games every year.

If you can persuade gamers to buy "high version" of those series, they should do fine.

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Congrats Sony.

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too many side quests? you guys are funny. when a game comes with linear the same gaming community complains about it being too linear. at least in this game you are not forced to do all the side quests.

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Hahahahahahahaha.. You tried.

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Be sure to add Rookie too. He's been a real sport here.

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"Naughty Dog sends Uncharted gifts to Hideo Kojima"

that would have been enough.

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with the desperation they are in right now, MS might soon drop the plug on Xbox 1/S and manufacture only Scorpio. MS wants to start afresh. "Listening" to their fans isn't helping much. Xboxers aren't buying much - including their hit exclusives.

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That 25 millions is also a generous prediction.

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we are? damn.. i didn't know.

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