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"f*ck the bubbles!!!"


i wonder when European countries are getting the Japan track. it still shows "Coming Soon" for me. #1.3.2
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.. #1.1
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New stuff will come. It will be nitpicking The Order.

Brace yourself. Reviews are coming. #7.2
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I got the last game for Vita n man they really have terrible glitches. The car suddenly flips way into the sky and continues to flip over and over and over. Ugh. #13
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I've realised that the game is not for everyone. The AI is unforgiving. I'm still struggling to win races. I'm quite bad at drifting. I just can't figure out how the car reacts. I get it right one time i get it wrong the next. Somehow I've been getting 2 stars. The races are quite difficult. The car's wheels locking when shifting gears or slipping isn't helping me either. But i still enjoy it. I just hope i won't throw my controller at the... #7
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Hey.. Senyra.. Don't let haters get to you.

You're doing a perfect job. Keep up the good work yo. Listening to these low lifes complaining shouldn't deter you from doing what you're doing. It's just an honest point of view.

By the way i think you suck big time. But don't let that get to you. #6.1.9
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i think it's safe to say that last gen PS3 was the almost universally hated by the media, specially the american media.

we don't have to go far to see how games like Gears of War got reviewed and still got A+. if it was a PS3 exclusive, it would have got an straight E. see the review.
... #29.1.3
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brilliant stuff.

what i'm really worried about is that this game is going to be nitpicked by every freaking body. such a sad state of journalism we've reached. #1.1.10
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I downloaded Witcher book last night. Gonna start reading. I'm quite excited about Witcher 3. #17
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Story Quality: WTF.
Like this website: NO.


Not that these filtering makes any difference 'cause we believe in freedom of press. Sadly. #1.1.10
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2015 and still no "Mobile friendly" version of the site available. #1
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Oh.. I love dem. Those deary eyes. #3.2.2
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Nope. No need. #32
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I really don't know how ppl drive almost perfectly. I'm playing using a T80 wheel. I'm always hitting the walls at the red corners. Drifting is almost non existence for me. All this when I'm still at Stage 2 of the campaign. I haven't even reached the super car stage. I just can't handle the corners sometimes. The cars just wiggle in and out.

Is it easier to race with the controller or the wheel? Does the camera view matter? Is it better to drive wit... #1.1.4
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i've never mastered drifting all my life. i would have won so many races. /: #4
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i was kinda not that excited about the TLOU but as i was narrating the ending to one of my friends (slightly drunk) i finally realised what Joel did. it hit me really hard. lol. #1.1.8
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You know i'm really worried about GT7 more because of what wheel are they going to support. if it's going to be Thurstmaster T80 then i know it's a terrible wheel compared to Logitech GT. T80 has no feedback, no motorised wheel. it's just rubbery.

i can't afford another wheel which is as costly as the console. i've already bought T80 and i'm very pissed with the wheel. #1.2.4
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i'm waiting for two games... Bloodborne and The Order.

for now. #1.1.5
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German ingenuity respecting Japanese engineering. Nothing new. #1.1.15
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Ah.. The typical stick and carrot technique from MS.

"We have some amazing games for the fall. Buy Xbox1 now."

Continuing with the last three years of the last gen, I've realised that MS only has had one or two big exclusives. That too mostly during fall. The only exception was last year, they had solid games. #1.1.10
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