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"f*ck the bubbles!!!"


-1 for long loading time.

Coming up soon, near your favourite reviewing site. #1.1.4
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Dark Souls are the same types...

Jump to Bloodborne. It's much faster and simpler when it comes to leveling up. #6.4
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Even MS' shipped numbers are less than Sony's sold numbers.

Oh... What a day.. What a day..

#whoknew #4.1.3
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I get goosebumps when i remember the day the ps4 teaser came out. A month before that Kaz was saying they'll wait for competitor to announce it first. And boom.

Sony caught MS while they were sleeping. Their launch was the best thing they've ever done. They did practically every thing right.

Xbox 1 will sell more than 30 to 40 million by the end of this generation. PS4 will sell double and more than that. #1.2.1
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ah... such a sad thing to hear. #28
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What they had done for the Heavenly Sword was just amazing for that time. Sadly, the game was "short" for the reviewers.

I bought the game nevertheless.

As much as I'm excited by the tech, I'm worried about the character design. If it's not as good as Heavenly Sword, then it will never ininterest me to buy the game.

Let's hope for the best. #1.1.1
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One thing is for sure.

Won't be as bad as Avengers 2. Because that movie was disappointing. #1.1.6
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what i find really amusing is that "the online only" and "no sharing" features were out in public months before XBone came out. everyone was furious. one employee was even fired for flaming it up. but that's all MS did. they continued with it in spite of the huge opposition from the gamers.

you no listen. you no get sales.

easy peasy. #1.1.7
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Hmmm... That combat though... #45
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Demon's Souls was the first. We all learnt the hard way. I really can't believe i finished that game. I don't think i can play that game again.

I bought Dark Souls and didn't open the seal for like 4 months. I was that scared to go back again to that world.

I haven't finished either Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2 because somewhere i got lost. I'll get back to DS2 because I'm closer towards the end plus i like the fact that if you kill... #1.1.4
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I'm more interested in the huge door next to it. Or those giant doors where they are those monsters that are dragging huge crates. #12
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I think the hate started because Sony is co-promotor of this game.

This is like rerun of The Order with opposite reasons.

No single player.
No story.

I won't be picking it up even though I'm a fan of the franchise. MP is not my cup of tea. #2.1.2
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How is it a stealth trolling?

The title clearly says that - Perils. #1.3.1
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i went digital too..

Bloodborne, Driveclub and The Order.

All three. #16
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"Does ps4 being more powerful than xboxone diminish your Xbox experience?"

yes, it does. last gen we were told how inferior PS3 was by comparing the "grass blades" in multiplatform games. constantly. i'm sure the xbox fanboys felt superior knowing the grass blades were looking better on their systems.

come new generation, playing games on 40% less powerful machines will diminish their experience because "they" all know someon... #1.1.30
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it's going to be norm this gen..

but even if the game looks better on PS4, i wonder what wheel will i play this game with. i bought Thrustmaster T80 because of the Driveclub only to find out that it's inferior than Logitech GT.

I hate that wheel. Why not Sony let us use the old wheel.. #1.1.16
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i bought it for two reasons:

Third person shooter. (not a fan of FPS)
Story. (not a fan of MP, though i did buy Warhawk, Killzone 2/3 and enjoyed MP for some time)

i liked the game the minute i saw the first reveal. Nothing could make me change my mind. i would have bought it anyways. learning to make your own decision is very good most of the times. #2.2.3
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how about split screen multiplayer... i miss those days. #18
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Truly one of cult games that will be talked about forever. Glad I'm so close to finishing it. I've collected all 4 umbilical cords. I'm just loitering around places i have missed. #10
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i'm just replying one more time to tell him the difference is 44% more...

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