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"Hello :D"


Tell me something, if "you get what you pay for" is so true, how do you explain ps3 costing almost twice that of the 360 at launch?, does "you get what you pay for" there mean that, since it cost more, it's automatically better?

Now let's move from consoles and to sex, what's better, "free" sex with your partner, or "paid" sex with a prostitute where you could catch just about anything?

Your whole argument w... #41.1
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An AUTOMATED transaction occurs which the user themselves set up and they're complaining about it?, what next, people complaining that Microsoft continue to take yearly payments for XBL Gold accounts even if your 360 is dead?

You can't blame the company for automated payments, at the very least they've stated they're going to extend any currently-active subscriptions by a month (or however long psn is down), so he'll still be getting the play-time he has p... #40
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word, they say sex sells, looks like they're hoping it applies to games too. #20.1
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EA already said that this news is BS #65
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My Japanese PS3 connecting via my workplaces Proxy (Tokyo), isn't asking for an update, still says PSN is under maintenance. #31
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Psst, the GPU in the PS3 isn't actually used for graphics in the conventional way, like with other systems, comparing the GPU to another system when the major games don't actually use it much (Killzone 3, for example, 80% of the graphical processing is done on the Cell BBE), is just a little bit silly. #33.1
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Shovelware in HD is still shovelware. #38
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Sorry to burst your bubble but credit card numbers do not go "unchecked" on PSDN, they need to be legitimate cards just as they are on PSN, Only difference is PSDN doesn't actually CHARGE the card.

Legitimate number is still required, and is logged when a purchase is made. #3
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Agreed, it irks me off when ps3 news gets tagged 360, and 360 news gets tagged ps3, in an obvious attempt to get more hits/comments from the fanboys #1.5.3
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Let's be honest, people who like the game are going to say it deserves more, people who don't probably think it deserves less, but just the average joe who hasnt really been all that in to the series, 6-7 is about right.

To those replying saying it deserves more, 6.5 isn't exactly a bad score, if it was sub-5 then sure, but it's only 3.5 away from perfection, so don't take offence. #7.1
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Not to be a stick in the mud, but you put it in the xbox 360 section when it's ps3 specific news?, sure the games going to be on 360 too but this dlc isn't. #15
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Okay then, if Geohot thought he could win the case because Sony "knew they couldn't win", why in the hell would he have accepted a settlement instead of following through with it and winning as you seem to believe he could so easily have done? #58.1
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Perhaps you should get the disk and try it yourself then?, it copies all the way up to 10720 "mB", at what point did anything, ever, monitor the size of a file copy, and progressively work through that stated size, complete successfully but not actually moved as much data as it claimed?

It's simple, the disk does not contain 10gb, as we will no doubt see either later today or in a few days time when some idiot decides it'll be fun to dump the disk and upload... #31.1.1
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Kids not allowed to mess with a Sony device, ever, and for the rest of his life the moment he employs, is employed, or has any help in any way, every single person he's in contact with becomes liable to his agreed settlement, so if anyone he works with or he himself, were to do anything at all, ever, to a Sony device, he would be fined $10k per instance.

Were he to release a code online again, it would come under distribution, for which the settlement would demand 250k pe... #52.1
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"If sony had a water tight case why would they settle?"

What would they gain from taking it all the way if he has to ask for donations just to pay for his lawyers?, kids broke, they wouldn't get a dime - so they switched it and made sure he or anyone he works with, EVER, can have anything to do with hacking any Sony product, EVER. #1.5.9
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He's basically banned from messing about with any Sony product, ever. #43.1
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You guys saying hots/anonymous won, need to watch more crime/law shows, someone only ever accepts a deal if they know things aren't looking good for them and the other side has evidence to nail you harder should you not accept.

As for Anonymous, they didn't do much of anything except some script kiddy attacks that got stopped in their tracks by prolexic (hence why they changed to organizing a sit-in at Sony stores), the settlement has taken the wind out of their sales... #51
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Very doubtful, it claims to be installing 10720 "mB" (I've got the free Halo Reach disk with the new update, too), yet only installs 6.7gb - to those that want to jump in and say that "that's because halo reach is only 6.7gb", I point back towards it telling you it's installing 10720mb to disk, yet doesn't.

I'm assuming that the value represents decimal value and not binary. #31
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Rofl, nevermind seems someone already has xD

Though nobody has joined it yet xD #18.1.1
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At the moment they're asking for help finding Sony stores - so they don't even really know where they're protesting yet, haha.

Additionally, how many "trendies" do you think have clicked "yes I'm attending" to look cool to their friends, when in actual fact they won't be going?, if it's like virtually every other major facebook event on earth, a good 50%. #3.3
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