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I wouldn't call a bunch of script kiddies that discovered Havij "hackers". #216
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I really have to ask what Kojima's games have to do with the success of a console.
MGS4, while a masterpiece in it's own right, just wasn't as big as a hit as Sony fans (and Sony themselves) hoped it would be.
It received heavy criticism for the long cutscenes, installation time and various other aspects.

Konami's refusal to update the title with trophy support saw what could have been an opportunity to maintain it's fanbase pass the by, an... #48
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I'd have to agree with the article, some quality control on who can and cannot approve/report articles would be nice too.

Only last week I submitted an article warning users that their account data was currently at risk on PSN, and all the idiots piled on to call it fake, only for Sony to take the servers down the next day and publicly admit that the exploit existed (as was reported to them by the site I had linked)

So thanks to the idiots that tagged the... #15
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Yeah, because tagging something as "Fake" despite the fact it was true, makes total sense.

Why alert users that their accounts are at risk when you can simply bury your heads in the sand and pretend it's all made up, right? >_> #1.1.2
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Probably just covert trolling and never owned one to begin with. #6.1.1
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I think i'll keep all of mine, and my 360s too, even though 360s are going to be worth absolutely sod-all when they announce the next system soon enough.

Who am I kidding, they're worth next to nothing already, non-slim 360 (ANY version) in UK only has a trade in valid (store credit, which is higher than cash), of £30. #7
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okay then, go to and sign in. #16.1.1
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Tried to warn you all last night, but a pile of people decided it would be the cool thing to report the post as spam/fake >_> #16
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Offered to prove the legitimacy of the exploit directly to the "report" user of this article, Tominc, not received a response yet. #2
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Before reaching for the report button, do yourself a favor and read the article, then head over to twitter and check out Nyleveia's messages to PlayStationEU and PlayStation.

The author has contacted Sony via Hugo Bustillos (Sony UK) and several other Sony staff, the article is intended to assist users on protectng their accounts as best they possibly can.

At this moment in time knowing only the email address used on an account and the date of birth enter... #1
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Sony have now been contacted and we're currently awaiting a response from them #5
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No, you can change the email address a PSN account is using without losing anything at all, you can do this through the account management option while signed in on the PS3 #4.1
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Because if you make up a new email that you haven't used anywhere else, they cannot reset your password, this is of course assuming people who have publicly shared their email on the internet are using the same email for their accounts, or have internet aliases linked across the net that use the same email.

If people are using emails that are not publicly known, then chances are they'll be relatively safe unless the originally stolen information from Sony ends up onli... #3.1.1
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While our site is relatively small compared to the major players, we've been working hard at providing content for gamers, including game reviews of titles provided by major publishers.
We are only recommending you change your linked email addresses for your own security, you do not need to link to this article, we don't care for the hits, we just want people to spread the word and change their linked emails before the hack becomes public and people start losing their accounts. #3
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If every single game was multiplatform, what's the point in having different consoles?, it's not like getting rid of exclusives would end the arguments, it would just mean theres more games for the fanboys to eternally compare and fight over.

If 360 Gamers want Uncharted, they can buy a PS3, If PS3 Gamers want Halo, they can buy a 360.

The world needs to realize that you're not betraying anyone by buying a different console, owning more than one c... #121
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Psst, I have a gaming pc, wii, Xbox + Kinect, PS3 + PsMove, I'm a gamer get it right ;) #41.2
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Tell me something, if "you get what you pay for" is so true, how do you explain ps3 costing almost twice that of the 360 at launch?, does "you get what you pay for" there mean that, since it cost more, it's automatically better?

Now let's move from consoles and to sex, what's better, "free" sex with your partner, or "paid" sex with a prostitute where you could catch just about anything?

Your whole argument w... #41.1
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An AUTOMATED transaction occurs which the user themselves set up and they're complaining about it?, what next, people complaining that Microsoft continue to take yearly payments for XBL Gold accounts even if your 360 is dead?

You can't blame the company for automated payments, at the very least they've stated they're going to extend any currently-active subscriptions by a month (or however long psn is down), so he'll still be getting the play-time he has p... #40
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word, they say sex sells, looks like they're hoping it applies to games too. #20.1
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EA already said that this news is BS #65
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