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Not to spam with comments but i also seem to recall the Wii being the king of this gen, and being by a great distance the lowest specs of the lot. #33
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I really wish sites that see other, much larger sites have already posted the exact same information, would save time and not reword everything and post it days later for hit, all that happens in these cases is that really poor sites will reaffirm rumors that are just that, only rumors, as if they were facts and in some cases you'll get an editor that doesn't quite know what the hell they're talking about or didn't bother to check over their post where an error was made and ev... #31
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As long as whatever system uses bluray does so with a decent read speed i don't care, the first gen one they put in the ps3 is too slow. #40
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A large majority of PC games these days come pre shipped fully setup to handle the 360 windows controller, complete with button specific indications on screen, what's your problem? #69.2
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Get a wireless 360 controller for pc, and a long hdmi cable and hook it up to your gaming pc, run emulators or the latest games and enjoy resolutions consoles only dream of on that big tv. #69.1
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No they'll just continue to build games on the latest current tech available with resolution and texture detail options to allow the game to run on lower end hardware, just as they always have.

The only time a PC game suffers is when it's a multiplatform game that's been limited because the content is too similar to the console counterpart, but even in those cases the resolution, anti aliasing and ability to be played in 3d still trump the console version.
... #61.1.1
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In this thread, people thinking 3gb of video memory isn't enough when the GTX680, which is a hell of a lot more powerful, only comes in 2gb and 4gb flavors, both of which are more than capable of running virtually all pc games at maximum settings - providing visuals that exceed that of the next generation of consoles that have yet to release yet.

If a pc can do that with 2-4gb of ram, i'm sure 3gb for video memory is more than enough for a console.

Wh... #55
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What's really going to bake the fanboy noodles is when both consoles (ps4/720) launch this holiday period, and we don't have to spend the next 10 years comparing sales data for machines released a year apart in different economic climates. #25
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I would be genuinely interested to know how many of each console are actually still working and being used (offline or online), rather than the sales data, nobody can deny that the failure rate of machines plays a large part in overall sales, too many people with money invested into online services and games libraries to jump ship just because the console breaks.

If we calculate the perceived failure rate of each console and compare it to the sales data, where does that leave... #23
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It amazes me that people still find the need to discuss this, both consoles have been on sale for over 6 years now, if you haven't already bought one then chances are you aren't going to - this gens virtually over. #75
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Will wait till such a thing is announced before wasting time discussing it. #20
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"picking up a 360 controller in the demo", people read in to this too much, most alpha gameplay is running on PC's, and the wireless 360 controller is about the best controller to use on a PC so it makes sense to do that.

I highly doubt backstage was a dev 360 running alpha code. #1.2.2
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I've been playing it for the past two weeks, it doesn't look that good in person. #27
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they haven't reviewed it yet. #1.2.1
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Gears has higher preorders because it's the only game worth preordering for the 360 right now, where-as theres an assload for the PS3 to preorder, and not everyone can afford to buy every single one on preorder, especially not 3 months before release.

Come October 20th, compare the preorders then and you'll see a huge difference. #91
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It has to be said, who in their right mind needs "confirmation" that the PC version of a multi platform game will look superior? it just goes without saying.. #42
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I'd say this year was a tie between Nintendo and Sony with a slight lean more towards Sony because even though we already knew about the NGP and most of us had heared about the name Vita, there was still some nice discoveries about it with regards to games.
Nintendo's console on the other hand is a major home console release, and the way they revealed it just felt like they were not sure if the hardware was going to be or look the same at release time, because they only showed... #96
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It's the games that make a console, not the console that make the games. #37
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I fail to see why this articles needed, we all know full well that every manufacturer has it's rampant fanboys, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, and all of which have their rampant flametards who will badmouth anyone and any thing that supports the "competition".

Pointing out just one instance (i.e. PS3 fanboys reaction to a new IP going multi), is just trolling for fanboy rageviews. #109
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I wouldn't call a bunch of script kiddies that discovered Havij "hackers". #216
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