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You are completely skirting around the point that as a Studio Ghilbi game, it has the pre established base needed for a cult following, by default.

Last week at Tokyo Sky Tree there were people litterally waiting hours in the rain to buy a copy of the game from the Studio Ghilbi store on the 6th floor, just so they could say they bought it there rather than in some other store like Bic Camera

And how would i know that?

Because i was there : ...

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I read the article in full which is why i made the call that the author clearly has not played the game.

Perhaps you should also take in to consideration looking into the game a little deeper before blindly following.
Ni no Kuni is from Studio Ghilbi, one of the most well known and celebrated animation studios in the world, producing well loved and classical films such as Howl moving castle.

Over here in japan the original version of Ni no Kuni for th...

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Article writer doesn't play a game and writes an article about whether or not the game will be forgotten - there's perspective for you.

Here's some constructive criticism for you, Don't cover games you haven't played.

Ultimately your opinion piece is completely obvious, in that games get played then never played again as new games come out, this happens to ALL games without multiplayer, and eventually the multiplayer games die out too, esp...

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multi SKU's are to give people the option to buy a larger sized console without needing to upgrade it themselves (ps3), or giving them pricing options when upgrading yourself isn't a cheap option (360 for a long time).

But hdd wont be a massive issue, because downloadable games wont be huge, i seriously doubt ps4/720 full retail disk games will be downloadable unless they are very, very small.

40gb+ download? not any time soon.

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Who even approved this?

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The futureshop magazine itself says 'and hopefully' in relation to games, was probably written by an overworked, underpaid graphic designer.

Personally, i love how the picture of the magazine states "Yoshi's Land", but then in the "quote" they have written up it magically changes to "Yoshi's Island"

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Looks like an interesting indie game., just wish they toned down the shinyness of the player models skin!

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I think 1up's editor was hoping 'jealous anti-ps3 fanboys' would chime in and say it was a great, fair review, but virtually everyone commenting on the 1up review is calling shenanigans and saying the editor did it for hits, so yeah..

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Not saying anything more than this,

The Last Guardian is now a PS4 Launch title, Naughty Dog have been working on a launch title for the PS4 since June 2012.

I will now promptly disappear and make damn sure i cannot be linked to this comment in any way.

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All three consoles catered to the needs of their respective gamers, REAL gamers owned all three as well as a PC and enjoyed the games each had to offer, all three systems had their fair share of good and bad games.

When thing go to the wire over which is better, ps3 or 360 the most common note brought up is overall sales, because ps3 user dont like being reminded that multiplatform games mostly look worse on their system with a few exceptions, and xbox owners dont like being ...

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As a PC gamer, let me say this.
Oh you have HD now? Welcome to the party, you're only 15 years late to PC gamers and 7 years late to console gamers.

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1) financially, wii, games wise, ps3, performance and quality wise, 360

2) people are speculating because they've had enough of this gen, but the victor will be all about the games, nobody is going to say 'xxx wins because it's a great home media center!' otherwise people would have stuck to their ps3 or xbox 1 with xbmc.

3) they will look better if developers can be bothered to put in the effort, people seem to think that comparing performanc...

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Not to spam with comments but i also seem to recall the Wii being the king of this gen, and being by a great distance the lowest specs of the lot.

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I really wish sites that see other, much larger sites have already posted the exact same information, would save time and not reword everything and post it days later for hit, all that happens in these cases is that really poor sites will reaffirm rumors that are just that, only rumors, as if they were facts and in some cases you'll get an editor that doesn't quite know what the hell they're talking about or didn't bother to check over their post where an error was made and ev...

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As long as whatever system uses bluray does so with a decent read speed i don't care, the first gen one they put in the ps3 is too slow.

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A large majority of PC games these days come pre shipped fully setup to handle the 360 windows controller, complete with button specific indications on screen, what's your problem?

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Get a wireless 360 controller for pc, and a long hdmi cable and hook it up to your gaming pc, run emulators or the latest games and enjoy resolutions consoles only dream of on that big tv.

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No they'll just continue to build games on the latest current tech available with resolution and texture detail options to allow the game to run on lower end hardware, just as they always have.

The only time a PC game suffers is when it's a multiplatform game that's been limited because the content is too similar to the console counterpart, but even in those cases the resolution, anti aliasing and ability to be played in 3d still trump the console version.

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In this thread, people thinking 3gb of video memory isn't enough when the GTX680, which is a hell of a lot more powerful, only comes in 2gb and 4gb flavors, both of which are more than capable of running virtually all pc games at maximum settings - providing visuals that exceed that of the next generation of consoles that have yet to release yet.

If a pc can do that with 2-4gb of ram, i'm sure 3gb for video memory is more than enough for a console.


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What's really going to bake the fanboy noodles is when both consoles (ps4/720) launch this holiday period, and we don't have to spend the next 10 years comparing sales data for machines released a year apart in different economic climates.

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