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I dont buy it, the article claims that he sent the vita off for repair with his charger.. when i had a psp fixed (died during a system update) and when i had a vita with pixel issues, BOTH times i provided my consoles info and they sent a guy out with a pink foam box, with seals either side, the guy at my front door would then break the seals in front of me, open it and take out a brand new device, exchange it for the one i had in my hands and be on his way with the broken device.
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Lets also not forget the new PSeye camera, which adds something previous versions didnt have, a depth camera, combining it with everything else provides ps4 owners with just as much "innovation" over the old hardware as the new kinect does over its predecessor.

People who cant see that... i feel sorry for them #7.1.3
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Im sorry but given that neither the xbox one nor the ps4 are out yet, you are basing everything on pure speculation, if the only reason why you think the xbox one has "more" to offer is the kinect, then you are seriously out of touch with the average gamer, an extremely large portion of once loyal xbox fanbase have been progressively more frustrated with Microsoft since the launch of the original kinect, as Microsofts focus shifted and has been going downhill since.

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1 Please!
2 Please!
3 Please!
4 Please!
5 Please!
6 Please!
7 Please!
8 Please!
9 Please!
10 Please im begging you! #2
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Microsoft are sure getting their moneys worth out of paid posters tonight. #43
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It's 1000 layers per major side i believe, though don't quote me on that I haven't played Forza 4 for a long time. #10.1
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Not to piss on your cornflakes, but Microsoft said "15 exclusive titles within the first year", that is a million miles away from "15 titles at launch", it means "from the date the console is on store shelves to a year later, we hope to release 15 exclusives"

Secondly, despite not actually knowing what most of these 15 games which (just to cement the idea in to your head) won't actually be out at launch, you feel in a position to say whether... #72.1
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insert matrix paragraph here about converting the dead to feed the living all in the name of turning a human being "into this" and instead of human being, put "games console" and instead of holding up a batter, hold up a TV remote.

Xbox One, worlds most expensive TV remote control. #77
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'its not the winning its the taking part that counts' nintendo arent even taking part in the big conferences and the big conferences are what everyone uses to decide who 'won', thus by not holding one nintendo cannot win by default. #5
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the immortal for gensis trumps all of these, its got like 40+ #4
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Oh right, yeah, you mean the original xbox, slapping their cheapest cpu in because they didnt know what else to use at the time? because you certainly can't mean the xbox 360's cpu, since its a PowerPc architecture based Processor, not remotely similar in any way to a PC processor in instruction set or operation?

Might wanna look it up before firing off a few uneducated rounds at innocent bystanders, because claiming the cpu in the 360 is 'like a pc' is like... #1.1.2
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sorry, im not buying in to the hype train and scripted coverage #4
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to everyone saying second son, its just a small part of a 30 page story about playstation 4, not an unannounced game on its own, read what you claim it is before claiming for gods sake #40
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The sony reference is just tacked on the end to encourage fanboy hits -_- worthless #29
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Everyone's a hypocrit, people with capable machines champion graphics as being important, everyone without champions gameplay as more important, but in the end both are just as important as each other, screw one up and the other falls.

So how are they hypocrits?, Well the most vocal "gameplay over graphics" are the nintendo fans, insisting that while the wii was behind majorly graphically, they didn't care because the gameplay was there, yet when a game on t... #78
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'looking at screenshots and pointing out blatantly obvious things everyone that bothered to look at them can see for themselves; #1
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I fear someone is going to say 'look he made the U a capital, bold, and red, it must mean it's coming to the WiiU!'

I really do fear it. #14
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they'll probably delay the wiiu version until sega have paid for borderlands 3, lmao #44
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Oh boy, another "What PS4 needs" article! great, I was starting to worry because I haven't seen one for at least the past 5 minutes. #9
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ita sonya turn to poke fun, or do you all forget microsoft floating a boat past a playstation 3 event with 'welcome to next gen' banners and the xbox 36o logo? #14
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