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"Hello :D"


If you got word direct from Sony why would you need more confirmation?

Talking bullshit based on guesses is a shitty way to establish a site and in the end its only going to reflect badly. #82.2
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I want this to be true and it probably is but I can't shake the feeling that the staff didn't really get confirmation but are just making an educated guess based on tweets and GAF posts for hits, if they're wrong it won't matter they got the hits anyway, if they're right on some level, they get to be all 'see we told you'.

Personally, I don't buy it, many journalists from bigger, well known sites have tried to get in touch with Sony and none ha... #76
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They charge you money to cancel a subscription you paid for? Are you shitting me? (Haven't had XBL gold since 2009) #122.1
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Oh So you guys are fine with the PC version being more popular then? That's cool.
Cant see it helping the Xbox one any though, even if everyone buying or pirating for PC have a legit is license (mol who are you kidding)

Ms fanboys and girls are just salty that PlayStation fanboys and girls have a way of playing Xbox exclusives, in most cases, on hardware they already own, that doesn't help the Xbox one in any way. #126
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Now, you're going to down vote but honestly at least prior to 2008 fish, HD DVD movie quality actually looked better to me due to the different encoding used.
Doesn't anymore because of upgrades but back then... #13
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My HDMI splitter will win the console race, it dies TV, 360, ps3 Xbox one and ps4.

So what if its only passing a signal through, if Xbox one fans can claim their console does TV because of pass through I can claim my splitter does the stuff I pass through it too. #46
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DSO gaming sucks, poor journalism and spam filled add plastered site they clearly claim both Xbox and ps4 use ddr5 in the article when it's ddr3 and gddr5.. terrible #7
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Sorry but given missed console users can set their game info to anything they want, and currently access psn, I'm calling bs on this. #24
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8 reasons why PC fans need to shut the fuck up.
All of them being that the success if the ps4 and Xbox one will lead to better quality PC titles as engines and graphics improve. Are you idiots happy with 360/ps3 sloppy ports or something? #6
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I can totally see steam users dropping it like a hot potato to install Windows 8.1 and play crummy tablet games #2.1
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Yes because anyone is going to listen to claims made in favor of a console and against another by the people who make the one they're in favor of

Just what in the world do people expect, a ps4 dev giving the Xbox one praise and the Xbox team giving Sony praise? Rightttt..

Whenever someone opens their mouth to downplay the competition while boasting about their own, the best thing you can do is ignore it as bullshit propaganda. #110
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psst, its out next month people, your beta/alpha excuses dont work anymore. #54
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All the pro gamers i know use mouse and keyboard for virtually everything except racers and fighters, pro gamers playing racers use wheels, and pro gamers playing fighters use proper fight sticks.

Your move. #1.68
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So he's essentially saying 'oh and while we said you can play Xbox 360 through it too that also won't be a great experience. #23
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To quote microsofts own site.

"Exciting news today from our partners at Toys “R” Us"

"Our partners" being the obvious key point. #58
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Know what else is unannounced? the japanese release date for the actual hardware, way to go microsoft. #23
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Wow the Xbox fan damage control in this thread is almost too cute. #44
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For those in Japan interested, Yodobashi still has them in stock, glad i ordered both value and standard packs :) #26
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Waiting to christmas to decide? idiots wont be playing their chosen consoles. #32
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an NDA would not stop you from saying "we have the most powerful console".
and guess what they arent doing?
instead theyre playing down power and saying "hey everyone the games are more important than specs", would they REALLY say that if their specs were superior? #39.3
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