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"Hello :D"


an NDA would not stop you from saying "we have the most powerful console".
and guess what they arent doing?
instead theyre playing down power and saying "hey everyone the games are more important than specs", would they REALLY say that if their specs were superior? #39.3
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yeah because with all the stick MS is getting about the console and all the negative press, they would totally sit on this and not be shouting it from every rooftop if it were actually true.

Guy in OP cant even get his facts straight about what GPU the xbox ones is based on so why should we believe anything else he says? #52
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Dear commenters, it says "Affection" not "Attention". #17
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Yeah because Microsoft are treating europeans SO much better right? #28.6
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As a brit living in Japan, i am genuinely glad i have no interest in buying an Xbox One, as importing one sounds like a huge hastle when i can just pick up a PS4 after launch..

You know Microsoft have bowed out of the race for Japan when they release multiple statements since the reveal and not a single one mentions Japan, you can say "japan doesnt matter" all you want, but Japan is one of the main reasons why the Xbox 360 is now behind Ps3 in sales.

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anyone that says vita is dead clearly didnt get on the killzone beta, that game is hands down the best FPS on any handheld, ever. #74
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who cares, really? #37
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Dont know about you but my tv has 5 hdmi inputs with automatic switching when i turn one on the devices on, thats all the hdmi in i need. #39
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"Gaikai is a feature/service that none of my buddies even care about because none have internet."

Theyre going to have fun downloading the day1 patch to remove the stupid drm and actually play their games then if they switched to xbone preorders, arent they lol. #4.2.4
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1990 in uk, many parts of europe, including where i lived at the time got the megadrive in december 1991 #1.4.2
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Sonic was a launch title for the pal mrgadrives in europe.... #1.4
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You realize there was a $599.99 console and a $399.99 console, right?, you know, the 40GB SKU at launch...

Ah options, so nice to have. #4.5
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Or he could just, you know, like kratos?, does that automatically mean he isnt going to buy an xbox one or has no intention what so ever of owning own? not at all, you are simply making a judgement call, a bad one at that, on something so meaningless as an avatar, to justify your reaction to it.

He could just as easilly change his avatar to a picture of a gears character, would that then mean he was an xbox fan and give any more credence to his post? no, because that would be... #3.10.2
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Since you decided to PM me bs i have replied, and will reply in public also.

"It should be noted that among other things Kaveri will reportedly support not only DDR3 memory, but also GDDR5 memory, which will be AMD’s secret weapon to fight for high-performance systems. GDDR5 should enable very high performance of integrated graphics sub-system for all-in-one and mobile systems.

Maximum memory bandwidth provided by dual-channel DDR3 memory sub-system at 2... #23.4
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so looking forward to release when the pixel hunters repeatedly prove you wrong. #30.1.1
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the esram is used to compensate for the slower ddr3 being used, ps4 uses gddr5 thus doesnt need to use esram to boost bus bandwidth, now you can go ahead and say the 7970 and 7990 dont have 32mb, if you want to try and twist things into xbox ones favor, but neither of these cards are using ddr3, theyre using... dun dun dunnnn, gddr5. #23.3
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story quality, WTF?!, like this website? no.
Next. #74
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woooowwwww.. delusions.. #3.1
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whats funny as hell is xbox fans are all '50% more power doesnt mean aything the games will look the same" xbox gets a measley 6% boost and suddenly its a major deal, psst, 50 is greater than 6 #36
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whats the betting external usb storage will only allow pics and drm free video and youll need to buy overpriced proprietory hardware to use it as a proper storage expansion #23
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