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"Hello :D"


What is simplified about having to turn on ANOTHER piece of hardware every time you want to watch tv, having it sit there wasting more power, then have yet another thing to turn off when youre done?

are you really suggesting wasting more electricity and having to faf around in the UI switching between tv and game is MORE simple than just pressing a single button on a remote you already have?

Riiiiiight. #31.1.2
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You can, it's called the "input selector" button on your tv remote, just saying.
And if that isn't good enough, why not do picture in picture, or remote play to vita and watch tv on the tv? #31.1
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So let me get this straight,

When Pachter says something you don't like it's
"Yay that means the opposite is going to happen, awesome!"
When Pachter says something you do like, it's
"Yay, Pachter is right!"

Way to be consistent. #35
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@Dude420 - I have been building PC's and high end gaming rigs for the past 15 years, applying an even, thin coating across the die is the proper way to do it, simply putting a blob in the center and slapping the cooler back on is a terrible way of doing it.

You do not see brick layers just slapping mortar down and slapping the brick on top and leaving it at that, they specifically shape it to line up with the wall and have the correct depth, put the brick down, get it lev... #7.1.5
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he doesn't even spread it evenly, he just slaps a blob on then puts it back together. a round blob quashed down does not make a square spread.

Why anyone would assume that is more effective than the default paste i do not know, and he complains that the default paste "is already hard", the paste exposed to air, i.e. the paste not on the die will get hard without it ever being used, its called oxidization, the paste on the die itself will be much thicker than sta... #7.1
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stupid thing is, if a chemist comes forward, tests the paste for signs of lead, (easily done, by the way), and finds none, then the conspirators will just change their tune to "well not every console got sabotaged, only a few". #5
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Just because it is being discussed elsewhere on n4g doesn't make it relevant here.

Would you bring up RROD on 360 in a thread specifically about drive eject issues, because other people on other pages were talking about it, or would you go to those other places and contribute to the actual conversation?

I can only come to the conclusion that you're simply using the loose association to pull in some free hits. #17.1
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Nobody in this comments thread mentioned over-heating. #16.1
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You realize that most of these problems being reported has absolutely nothing to do with heat?, right?
You can't blame overheating when people are experiencing a failure to boot right out of the box, when the console hasn't even been on long enough to get "warm". #15.1
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I would advise contacting the authors of the article, they have stated on the last page they're willing to help people directly. #1.1.1
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To be entirely hypothetical here, currently there stands over 200 verified (people who have at least purchased the console) negative reviews.

If we assumed Microsoft, or a company it hired, such as a reputation management company, were handed a lump of cash to tarnish the competitions reputation, it could cost them just 79,998 usd in order to buy and then review (badly) 200 units, vastly effecting the overall review score - in the grand scheme of things, 80,000 usd is a raind... #5
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It supports wireless N, that can transfer at 37.5mb/s... Just how many people do you think have net connections at home that can top that?, what more do you want reviewer? #26
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American designed the console and its being released in America first and yet people still insist on a Japanese imperial rising sun to pad out their backgrounds. #7
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Indeed, filed a report stating that. #11.1
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Considering he left sony in 2012, i wouldnt really consider this "left sony to work with microsoft" #8
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how is it trolling? i can be playing anything, even ps1, and i can have the tv or any of the other inputs playing, with sound, in any size box that i want, or split screen, so to me this is not a feature that means a damn thing.

it isnt trolling, its fact. #6.1.2
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newsflash, my tv does picture in picture. #6
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Whole lot of Xbox fans piling in as if they know the Xbox one version is for certain stable 60fps, given its basically the same hardware but lower spec what makes you so sure? Because ps4 runs at 1080? If the resolution difference was the issue the drop in frame rate would be consistent at all times.

But hey, go ahead and talk big, you're only going to load the very gun you'll be shot with when the Xbox one reviews roll in and show the same issues. #52
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If you got word direct from Sony why would you need more confirmation?

Talking bullshit based on guesses is a shitty way to establish a site and in the end its only going to reflect badly. #82.2
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I want this to be true and it probably is but I can't shake the feeling that the staff didn't really get confirmation but are just making an educated guess based on tweets and GAF posts for hits, if they're wrong it won't matter they got the hits anyway, if they're right on some level, they get to be all 'see we told you'.

Personally, I don't buy it, many journalists from bigger, well known sites have tried to get in touch with Sony and none ha... #76
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